2019.6.23 发布在 世界看中国 栏目

中国可能再次阻挠印度加入核供应国集团,印度网友:让莫迪颁布禁令 世界看中国-第1张

China likely to foil India’s NSG entry again
BEIJING:China may continue to stonewall Indian efforts for a seat in the Nuclear Suppliers’
Group citing procedural issues,it emerged from the Chinese foreign ministry’s comments on Friday after a meeting of NSG members at Asthana,Kazakhstan.
“There is no blocking by certain members because there are procedures in the NSG andmembers make decisions according to the procedures and proceedings,”Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang said.
Lu also predicted that India was unlikely to get a seat in the 48-member NSG in the next one to two years.Observers say China is making efforts to link India’s claim for membership with Pakistan’s to make sure its close ally gets in as well.

MrBoobs·Right Here·10 hours ago

Doesn”t matter anymore.China will cease to exist in 2-4 years

Indian guru·cow pits·8 hours ago

Let'”s wait fro 2-4 years and see the wisdom of this Indian guru.

Bankrupt Pakistan·10 hours ago

The chinese have gone mad with their love for pakiatan-love is indeed blind One day when the paki muslims will bite them…

Jagdish Chandra·Debai UP·9 hours ago

Media must refrain taunting to Indian administration over this issue,as far as India access to NSG,nation is keeping close very eyes in developing condition.Therefore,India can openly challenges China that it cannot stop India access to NSG;it is only matter of time.

Rajendra Singh.9 hours ago

true but we need to dent them even publicly humiliation as in case of Masood Azhar.

Sanjoy Pandey·Kolkata·10 hours ago

Patriots of India should take a conscious decision to put a ban on all Chinese products.

Shinto James·Location·9 hours ago

Tell CHACHA MODI to ban

mahesh swaroopan·chennai·10 hours ago

soon china will go bankrupt as Trump has imposed ban on Huawei and chinese goods.This is a good chance for Modi to twist china”s arm-one,make china abandon Pakistan and two,stop meddling in India'”s entry into UNSC and NSG

banky Indians·mahesh swaroopan·UK·8 hours ago

talk to farmers in central,midwest,south US and techies in California to see who is going bankrupt.

Mango Man·Corrupted Country·7 hours ago

Why is pappu not saying”Thanks to Neruji”on this topic?It is because of him we are in this position today.

Gurunathan Rajamani·8 hours ago

India should follow example set by President Trump by imposing heavy import duties on products from China as that will affect their economy badly.Also as was done during freedomstruggle,we Indians should boycott Chinese goods though it may be a little cheaper than the alternative products.Hit them hard where it really hurts.

abc·Dilip Chellapa·UK·9 hours ago

slaves are always slaves

Chalu Pande·Earth·10 hours ago

at this point,we as citizens of this country should stop buying anything that is Made in China..
let government play international diplomacy.but we should do our role to protect interest of our country.Jai Hind

Mallikarjun·8 hours ago

China has gained bad guy name.It should retain it’s bad guy name

Shinto James·Location·9 hours ago

China SCARED.ha ha

Krishan Kumar Totlani·Jaipur·6 hours ago

Even after over ten years of lobbying for a seat at the Nuclear Suppliers Group(NSG),India’s wait continues as China Continue to obruct our entry.

Swapnil·7 hours ago

And we gave them permenant member of UN Securoty was a foolish descision ever…

Monica·New Delhi·8 hours ago

Everyone in India knows that China is a conscientious objector to India being in the NSG club!

ARNIAK·7 hours ago


Vishwa Kumar·5 hours ago

As always double standards from China,these cheap tactics may not work for them in the long run.

Anoop·5 hours ago

George Fernendes was right when he said China is our enemy No.1

Manohar Deep·Nagpur·5 hours ago

India must show some guts here.Ban imports of some Chinese products like mobile handsets.
Just one item is good enough.But show some gut…….

Vijay Naidu·Location·6 hours ago

India should withdraw its entry petition into NSG and not cooperate with China on WHO and other international matters involving China.

Valerian Pereira·india·6 hours ago

Should at any cost become the permanenet member of U.N.

Khurshid Malik·7 hours ago

Pak receives 20billon investment from Saudia.21b from Qatar.20b from Russia and from others also.Still modi says Pak isolated.

Binny Rajput·melbourne·7 hours ago

buy tomatoes with those money

Narendra·9 hours ago

I don’t care much about china.

India guru·USA·10 hours ago

Why are Indians so obsessed with NSG?Even not in NSG,India can get all nuclear fuel from US,Canada,Australia.India can contract Russia to build all nuclear power plants it wants.What would India gain by being in NSG?

Vamshee Devulapally·9 hours ago

We lead the world in fission tech but are unable to export.

Praveen Samant.1 hour ago

It is time to show how China’s expansion policy working like slow poison,with all his neighbours.

Praveen Samant·1 hour ago

Take it reverse way now.If India is not entitled,then we are not bound to fence we errected around us.we are not bound to laws of China’s NSG.Now eat the dinner in a new fashion.and show to world that we are also got Independent views and Independent laws defined by us only.Say thanks To China,that they compeled us to go by this way.

Ramana Gove·5 hours ago

In all probability,India does not stand to gain a chance for the entry into the coveted NSG this time too.Way back,attempts were made several times and they were turned down under the pretext that India is not a signatory to NPT.If I am right,about a couple of years back,the US and many other countries supported India’s entry and literally they moved earth and heaven,but China,foiled the attempt citing the NPT clause.No doubt,the condition for membership should be that,the country should have been a signatory to NPT.Though China’s argument that,if India is permitted into NSG,Pakistan,also a non signatory to NPT makes a claim for the membership,holds water,the circumstances are different and all the nuclear installations in India are scrutinized by IAEA and that,India uses the nuclear facilities only for peaceful purposesIs is a well-established fact across the globe,is not to be ignored.All in all,the nation needs two important positions 1.a permanent membership in UNSC and 2.membership in NSG,wWhich are bound to become a reality sooner or later.