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印网友分析为什么中国不能进攻印度(一) 世界看中国-第1张

Why can’t China attack India?
Zhang Cheng,studied at China

Rather India should be treated as an important and respected partner between two countries.China receives a lot from India such as Buddhism,its spreading system of governance,tolerance and the rich of cultural exchanges;and now,also we get their technologies.On the other side,India also gets benefited:they get Chinese investments,their economy grows thanked for China’s supports,and the benefits of being invested from China such as Huawei to metro system;or in the past we helped enrich the relationship of two ancient civilizations
A war between India and China will benefit none.Why should it be?Can Pakistan really help China?I don’t think so.Can Nepal?They will rather stand neutrality.Myanmar?They have been at odd recently with both China and India over military conducts and rebels in Shan and Kachin regions.Sri Lanka is too far,too remote,maybe useless.
Rather a good cooperation between China and India is far more than a planned war for nothing

Mostaque Ahmed, former Student at Alpha Beta Science College Nagaon (2014-2016)

China can attack India and take some of its major land probably by cutting chicken’s neck to take NorthEast but why it is not doing so?
Lets analyse the scenarios
Attacking India would mean MAD(mutually assured destruction) for both countries. There are many reason which is preventing China from direct military invasion these are
1. Strategy of India isn’t what it had been during 1962.
2. The diplomatic relationship of India with other countries isn’t what it had been during 1962.
3. China can’t afford a war with a country which has so much of man power, reserved troops, advanced missiles, interceptors and in a bold word a Nuclear State with second strike capability.
4. China knows that a war with India would collapse its economy and business monopoly might once again go to US. It can’t see its destruction of its cities too.
5. China has many rivalry countries. Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan(ROC), South Korea, Tibet all has been a strong enemy of China and will openly support India apart from it there will be no Allies of China(except Pakistan, North korea) in case of war with India.
6. US will jump into the war due to its own interests to gain reginal dominance, which might be a blow for China.
7. Russia will remain silent and will avoid any involvement ,I amn’t sure when India helped Russia, so Russia might support China but will never do openly. Basically it will sell weapons to both the countries.



China will forever loose its control over south China sea,Do you think it can stand still after direct confronting with Indian nuclear submarines and Aircraft carrier that are just made to create hell on earth?well I didn’t mention about Japan’s helicopter carrier and US’s aircraft carriers.
So I think India may loose more in war with Pakistan than with China because there will be more Allies ready to help India in a war with china to smash it.
Please note-This is a hypothetical scenario,I amn’t related to any war analysis department.I amjust going to appear my 12th final,so don’t judge the answer from the perspective of a military personnel.

Ajay Kumar Verma, former GM at Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited

China can’t commit this harakiri. All i.e. India, China & Pakistan will bleed.
The reason for current conflict is:
* China, along with India, is a big regional Power. China does not like this comparison & feels that it has acquired more bullying power.
* China has border disputes with its every neighboring country including Pakistan.
Unfortunately, Pakistan has surrendered & gave away a portion out of the disputed J&K land to China. CPEC/OBOR is emerging out of that. India has objected to it.
What is the Solution to meet the threat of China & Pakistan:
1.a) Ban all imports from China. Develop alternate sourcing even if it is costlier.
2.b) Keep all friendly countries informed of developments. Develop more friends from Neutral & Opposition Group.
3.c) Don’t blink first in the war of Nerves.
4.d) Talk soft but carry a big stick.
5.e) Be fully prepared to meet any eventuality at the borders.
6.) Don’t fire first bullet. Be always ready for coming to table.
7.g) China & Pakistan Bonhomie will not last long. Pakistan will not like to be ruled by Non believers i.e. Chinese. Already they have killed some Chinese workers.
Above a) is most important. Chinese & Pakistani Nuisance will melt away permanently.


Sourav Goswami,Founder(2012-present)

Because no country wants their civilians or Soldiers die in any event of a war.More or less the price of war is too high for the families of the soldiers.Leaving aside the economic losses!
For the PLA soldiers,they are the only child of their families,in any event of a war casualty the family will lose their entire family line.
And as for Indian soldiers,we all know how they are so young and some are newly weds,some have new born children.Just imagine,in case of any casualty what would happen to their families?
Instead of war,China and India should work together to resolve all the existing issues and havemutual trust for a beneficial partnership for our countries and the people from both the sides.
If they want to have war,then they must work together to eliminate the threat of terrorism which results in severe casualties.

Silphy George Varghese,lives in Aecs Layout

When we look from military point of view China is more powerful than India at the moment.Is it the only deciding factor?Ask any veteran,they would say number of military hardware or military personnel(including soldiers)can never be a factor.You have to see who attacks whom and the defender will always have the upper hand.
That means if India attacks China,India will be defeated and similarly if China attacks,then China will be defeated.In war theory,it is always said that the attacker must have the number at least 3:1 in its favour.Given the tough border condition between India and China,the communist nation will have to deploy army in at least 10:1 ratio that means China has to deploy 10 soldiers for each Indian soldier.The mountainous geographic profile always give advantage to the defender.
In air power sector also,China has limitation.Its fighter planes will have to undertake flightsfrom Tibet whereas the Indian Air Force can take off from very near to border.Similarly,despite China having more submarines and war vessels,India has the advantage of choking all supplies to China.


Some people think that China may also attack India from its western border while allying thePakistani Army.Here the main point to be noted is that the Indian Army is one of the world’s best professional armies,which has better understanding on its geography of borders.On theother hand,the Chinese Army had never fought an war and in a foreign country like Pakistanits army would be useless.They can only increase number but have to depend upon war tactic of Pakistani Generals.Pakistani Generals are no match to Indian General’s war tactic.
India has a very effective cold start doctrine to which Pakistan has no answer till now.The cold start doctrine is to split Pakistan in to two halves in 24-48 hours and severing all communication between two sides of Pakistan.Thus Pakistan will be clueless if such a cold start doctrine is initiated by India.
The above is an established fact as per many veteran Generals if such a conventional war begins.I don’t think there would be any nuclear war.If a nuclear war happens then all the three countries(India,China and Pakistan)will suffer.
Point is simple,attacking another country is not so easy for whichever reason.India is not Afghanistan or Iraq.Thus China will never attack India for any reason.If there will be a war between India and China,then it will be part of world war-IIⅢ.

Karthik Reddy,Passable experience in Indo China relations

I don’t understand why China can’t be content?It is amongst the biggest countries in the world.They already make a lot of money,are almost rivaling the US for world power status.The only inference one can make when it tries to claim new areas as it’s own is”strategic advantage”.It would most likely be for it’s resources or as a bargaining chip in negotiations or for any such arm twisting in future.
This is what happens when there are no internal enemies(parties other that CPP).leaders must create external enimies to make themselves relevant to the Public and give out a impression that the public can’t do without their leadership.
Why can’t countries just care about the well-being of their citizens?Make them rich/happy,build enough deterrence that no one would date raise a finger?

Vishnu Sekhar,28 Years in India..Myths.Ancient.Middle.Modern India.Love them

It’s not like China can’t attack.China can attack India at any time.But they can’t expect things to be the same as in 1962 and their leadership knows that very well.China often use an intimidation methodology to gain upper hand against it’s neighbors,be it India or some other country.The reasons why China will never initiate a war against India is as below

1. The mighty Himalayas. The same mountains which rescued India is 1962 as well. The war of 1962 started on an October and ended in November, the reason was the heavy winter on Himalayas. Chinese forces understood that they will isolated within no matter of time if they continue the war so they backed off leaving the places they took in the war. The same thing will happen now as well, you cannot fight a war on Himalayas, it’s damn deadly.
2. The trading, India and China are heavily interlinked with Global trade. They are the second and third largest economies in the world and holds atleast 10-20% of world population. Both countries have a pie on the other’s growth especially China has a bigger pie on India considering China is the manufacturing capital of world. Chinese government never wants to lock it horns with India in an open war. They might use media to intimidate as told earlier but chances of a war, that’s almost zero.
3. Potential World War, the moment China starts a war on India, it will escalate damn quickly.Various factor will come into play. America will move their Naval fleet to South China sea with assistance from Japan. Considering the American movement, Russia will quickly make their army ‘ ready to go’. North Korea and Pakistan will team up with China and the very moment when North Korea or Pakistan involves, then US involves directly into the war. Europe will mostly stand out of this unless there is a pressure from US to involve. Russia will take a neutral stand initially but can join the war at any time. While India will be facing direct war both from East, West and North sides, China will be facing from South, from South China Sea and probably from North(Russia). Overall, world powers don’t allow this to happen as it will ruin the world economy.
4. Sensible Governments, Majority of the issue is being over projected by media. On a higher level, governments of both countries are highly sensible not to start a war. They knows how to resolve these matters even though it goes out of hand sometimes.
Hope I was able to answer the question properly.. Enjoy Life. Be Altruistic!!


Gunjan Jhamb,Proud Indian.

Let’s assume that you own a shop selling an array of products.Your neighbor is one of your biggest customers,and is also influential enough to shape the opinions of other customers that you have.
You love owning property,so much so that you do not hesitate from forcibly encroaching upon others’land.
Would you my dear friend,fight with one of your largest customers to gain his piece of landand lose the money that you earn from him,for lifetime?The revenues that you earn from him surely outweigh the price of his plot of land.
China is the shopkeeper in the example above.India is it’s neighbor.
Back in 1962,neither was China an economy even remotely as big as it is now,nor was it so heavily dependent on India for sustaining its exports.India had fewer friends back then,now our Prime Minister is at good terms with almost all international leaders.

Madhur Khanna, Believes in India

Ofcourse China can attack India! The real question amongst all nations is simply the question Why?
Why attack India?
1. India has the second largest territorial army after China only. But in addition to this, India has the strategic support of Bhutan and Nepal in the current conflict zone of Doklam tri-junction.
2. India is not an inferior power. India and China both are nuclear states which means that in the event of even initiation of war, other countries will try their level best to inhibit this scenario as it would set up a possible scenario for WW-3.
3. India is very much ready to take on China in the south China sea. The recently conducted India-Japan-USA Malabar Drill in Bay of Bengal is a straight warning signal to China.
4. Pakistan as an ally to China is actually pretty weak on the western Frontier against India, as witnessed in history.
5. China is already in bad terms with Myanmar, Vietnam and Japan which will prove to be non participative in the war, if not an ally for India and will surely try their level best to check the advance of China on all borders.
All these points apart, Yes China can attack India. But it won’t be a prudent option when weighed against diplomacy as a solution. And as our honorable defence minister Arun Jaitley quoted,”We are not the India of 1962″.


Keshev Jaiswal

Simple,deployment is almost impossible,though PLA has around 68 division but it main concern is in east not west.
To defeat India it needs to deploy atlest 45-50 division but that make China an open park for Russian,Mangols,Vietnam and Japan.
And what it get in return just area about 100 to 400 sq km,if it defeat Indian army and force them to retrat.And then it can’t afford to fight even Mangols forget Taiwan and Japan and USA.
The only terrain where India is in disadvantage is SIALKOT sector,Pakistan but for that China has to take its army to Pakistan and would Pakistan agree for that or not and then what consequences it has to face

Adrian Lau,studied Civil Engineering

It is simply not a Chinese way to deal things,frontal assault?fist to fist?showing weakness is allowed as long as you can make it back in later time,furthermore,weapons are not limited to military weapons.
Although it is not a big deal,it is merely a political roadshow,but prolonged standoff where Indian trespassed a psychological red line,operation to 1962 scale might happen.PRC always have tendency to do things out of expectation,at least world expectation.
Military operation always being the last option,because war means losses,at cost of material and lives.
Only weapons that reach your target and achieve desired effects can be called weapons,and weapons are not necessary must claim human lives.
Back to question,it is not they cant,just leaders will start work behind the scenes,before letting you know.If want a deal,negotiate under table;if want to fight,element of surprise,simple.