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What are India’s advantages over China?
Anwesh Pati

Based on my visit to China a couple of years back,I could find the following benefits in India:
1.Free internet.I really struggled to find free and fast internet in China.On top of that,many sites were blocked.And VPN works too slow.Whereas in India I have plenty of opportunities to download anything without any limit or paying anything extra.Mobile data cost is 10 times expensive than India.The rates blowed my mind.
2.Multilingual signs everywhere.In India most places have signs in multiple languages,including English.So a person who is not a local can understand what’s written.Even all products sold in shops and supermarkets use English too.But in China,everything is written in Chinese.It’s difficult to even recognize what product is kept on the shelf.Signs,streets,instructions,everything is in a single language.
3.Cheaper transport services.In India,we can easily take an auto or taxi for short distances.But in China,the cost of personal transport is higher.
4.Cheaper restaurants.Restaurants,fast food,and even packaged water was way cheaper in India.
5.Cheaper commodities.In India,almost every product,be it a perfume,a shirt,or even a smartphone,etc can be bought much cheaper than China.It was a misconception that things are cheaper in China.


Balaji Viswanathan

Overall China has plenty more advantages than India.However,in a few aspects,India has an edge.Tristan Fernandes has already covered a few.
Chaos and Diversity:In India,we were born in chaos.If we were not nimble/adapting,we wouldn’t survive.We had to learn multiple languages,just to cross a state within India.Luckily for us,the world is also chaotic and diverse.Thus,moving to Boston or Barcelona for studies/work is not any more difficult than moving to Delhi/Kolkata.Thus,Indians are extremely comfortable globe-trotters and the ones who are leveraging the recent globalization the most.
Also,what the Indians have been doing with Jugaad[hackingl is what’s needed for programmers,designers,entrepreneurs and any modern worker.In a globalized world with emphasis on entrepreneurship everywhere,Indians have an edge due to the shit our politicians created and our adaptation to deal with the shit.

Sunrise/Sunset Industries:Lot of what China does is what West doesn’t want to do-making toys and shoes.Lot of what India does-software,finance,marketing,pharma,consulting-is what West wants to do.Although China is strong in software and soft-aspects,India has a relatively high share of it as%of GDP and an edge due to its historic strengths.A decade ago,I wrote a blogpost on this,that I believe is still relevant:India and China-A different viewpoint In short,India is going after the right things.
Low hanging fruits:China has gone to a stage where its long hanging development fruits have been plucked and utilized.India has in plenty.700 million Indians don’t have a place to shitproperly and 500 million Indians can’t even write their name.What you see as a problem is an opportunity for me.It is not a rocket science to make someone literate or build a toilet.Every other country has done it and we just have to copy.With simple things like these we can maintain 10%GDP growth rate.

Strategic position:India has a few more strategic advantages than China by virtue of its location.Indian Ocean in a very critical pathway for global energy and other commodities.India is the only major power in the Ocean.Can India Blockade China?China knows this and is building up its bases in Indian Ocean via Pakistan,Myanmar etc.

Shannu Prasad, India is my home

Imagine that suddenly, Prime Minister Modi says that Indians cannot have brothers or sisters.
That the government of India has the right to control people’s family planning. That only Papa Sarkar knows best about how many people you can feed. Imagine relinquishing control of your family to some bureaucrat sitting behind a desk who never even met you.
What will people of India do? We will rebel.
No, not with bullets, but with ballots. Even people who plan on having only one child in their family will protest. Not just them, but widows, widowers, single parents, childless couples and students. We will fight in such a way that the ruling party will never even dare to think about regulating the use of our genitals again.
Just look at how we dealt with Indira Gandhi’ s emergency. Even though trains were running punctually, even though the corruption was somewhat limited, we fought.
From left wing leaders like Jayaprakash Narayan, to right wing leaders like Atal Bihari Vajpayee.
People from all ages, religions and castes. We fought. Hell, even queens like Vijaya Raje Scindia, Gayatri Devi fought.
They might have been from diverse backgrounds, but one thing they all shared is: They all loved freedom.

从左翼领导人Jayaprakash Narayan到右翼领导人Atal Bihari Vajpayee。来自各个年龄、宗教和种姓的人。我们都反抗。见鬼,即使是像维贾亚·拉杰·西英迪亚、加亚特里·德维这样的女王也在抗议。

In short,the advantages Indians have over China cannot be measured in the narrow lens of materialism and utilitarianism.In India it is the government that bows to the people of India and not the other way around.That,in and of itself is an immeasurable advantage.
Abhijit Krishnakumar I’m a mechanical engineer from IIT Roorkee,India and here is an engineer’s perspective:surprisingly we have an edge over china in implementing fully or largely automated Industries reasons:
我是一名来自印度IIT Roorkee的机械工程师,以下是我作为一名工程师的观点:

1.china’s population is highly materialistic and simple minded
2.they will bear with all the atrocities as long as they get opportunities
3.once the opportunities end trouble brews
4.India’s centralist government seems to have a bright future and undivided majority
5.there are very few Industries in India and the arrival of any new industry would be welcomed
6.these automation periods coincide well with India’s population curve.India would have ample population to support the transition and by the time the transition approaches completion we would have gained some degree of population control
7.our red tapes are slowly but steadily vanishing
8.our nature of tolerance towards others

other points include India’s sleeping potential awakening due to diplomacy and revision of outdated administrative systems,trade normalisations,economic integration with several nations and regions and policy shift please upvote if you find my answer interesting and different thank you!

Siddharth Pathak

India can fool the Western world into thinking that it is a westernized country,and is very similar in terms of political setup and lifestyles and ethos.And get a lot of investments and arms by creating the false narratives that it stands for the Anglo Saxon beliefs,and thus is a “natural”partner of the West in opposition to Russia and China.
It is none of those things,and India has its own independent view of the world,but fooling the West and getting it to bootstrap India’s development would be an easy way for the country to deal with the problems of investment.
You can already see this being at play.Ash Carter,US’SecDef is a big supporter of India and railroaded over domestic opposition to greenlight India buying weapons from the US.

Mahesh Singoji,Government affairs

India’s greatest advantage,which no other country has,is its karma philosophy.It is this belief among people that one suffers or gains because of his deeds and not because of useless rulers.Probably,India is the only country in the world,which never witnessed a revolution.
This gives immense stability to its system.And a prerequisite of economic growth is peace and stability.China,whereas,has become too materialist.That’s why,Chinese Communist Party is so-focused on maintaining the growth rate.Otherwise,they will be a revolt.
Parents in China leave their children in villages without proper guardians.These children devoid of proper upbringing may become free radicals.
The success of one or two generations is of no importance to the entire history.Times change.
Nobody knows what happens in the future.Empires,which are considered invincible such as the British,had seen the sunset.


All the world are jealous of China’s successful implementing of”One family,One Child”policy.China has sufficient people in the past,now and also in the future.
India wanted to implement the”birth control”actually in 1950s to 1960s,but failed to be implemented due to the democracy.Whoever wanted to advocate”birth control”,the poor people will vote them down as poor people are the majority.Thus India failed to implement the birth control policy,but India has been doing the birth control secretly for many decades.
India failed the implementation of the policy,then Indian government and people justified that birth control are violating the human right.It is good for Indian to have more people as it is people’s will to have more kids.

There were once a world compaign which were against China for birth control policy:China violate human right,it is human right to have many kids they want.
The facts today are clear:India is the biggest human right violator:allow people to produce more people,but do not let them have education,let people to piss in street,let people to beg in the street as a part of Job..…
shouting freedom in naked,raping people freely in streets,road,school etc.

Jasprit Uppal

One key point to note-Environment degradation.China has been abusing its environment in its race to become the factory of the world.New York Times reported the cost of environmental degradation in China was about $230 billion in 2010,or 3.5 percent of its gross domestic product.
India still has not seen the level of industrialization as China and as such has not been able to abuse its environment up to the same level as China.As India industrializes,it can learn from mistakes and technological advancements of China and Western World.Some people may comment that India’s environment is equally under distress citing incidents such as Delhi’ssmog,Ganga sewer,etc.however I think India is behind China in overall industrialization and hence pollution.Some statistics on this are welcome.

Rishi Rawat,Why does that happen?

India’s strategic relationship with several countries.Almost all the big nations have good relations with India but not with China.
This is one of the main reason that China isn’t attacking India.
Yeah the workforce too.

Laxman Sreekumar,Electrical and electronics engineer

I think u people missed an important point..soft power..
I feel india is ahead of China in terms of soft power.soft power is a major factor which is underrated.systems like ayurveda,yoga,Kamasutra,vedas etc have been influencing the west for long time..and latest entrant is Bollywood..soft power can cultivate a positive attitude towards india among citizens of fellow nations..this is very important in garnering international support during difficult times like war.

Kumar Deepam,studied at ST.Paul’s High School ICSE)Digha

The only advantage India has over China is those aircraft carriers,rest in all aspects,India struggles in front of China.Not only we have lesser fighter jets,tanks and missiles but majority of them are outdated.It will take a long time before India stands up in front of China.
But yes,the situation has drastically improved from the time we last fought with China.I am sure that China won’t dare to indulge in a war with India now,even if it can defeat India,it will itself be at a very huge loss.

Navin Joshi,Founding Member at Antrepriz(2017-present)

Didn’t read all the answers but I know a lot of facts,figures,economy,polity,history,geography etc.has been spoken already.
Being an observer the first thing that came into my mind as an advantage of India over China is that Chinese can’t feel and experience the beauty of Watching the sun going down far into the sea.They can watch it rising from the sea but they can’t watch it setting into the sea.That’s the beauty of India,there’s nothing we dont have here

Dev Choudhury

One more point India has more than 50%of its population below the age of 25 and more than 65%below the age of 35.It is expected that,in 2020,the average age of an Indian will be 29 years,compared to 37 for China and 48 for Japan.


Toilet paper?The use of paper for such hygiene purposes has been recorded in China in the 6th century AD,with specifically manufactured toilet paper being mass-produced in the 14th century.

Jay Desai,studied at Sydenham Institute of Management Studies,Research and Entrepreneurship Education(2019)

Advantages of India over China;
1.Population:We are having young population as compared to Chinese one.Moreover,we will soon overtake them or might have already overtook them.
2.English Speaking Population:We are having more English population than them.It gives us an advantage while we are in foreign nations.
3.IT Sector:Our IT sector is much better than their.In fact Chinese Premier wanted India’s help in IT sector.

Dilshan Hadi

I don’t think only democracy is an advantage for India over China.
In 2004,India had 593 million under 25 years old people with 3.2 fertility rate while China had513 million under 25 years old people with 1.6 fertility rate.
By 2030,India may have 780+million under 25 years old people with 2.1 fertility rate while China may have 410+million people under 25 years old with 1.6 fertility rate.
China’s fertility rate is less than 2 from 1992,while India’s fertility rate will be less than 2 after2035.
India’s young population may be twice than China by 2040 and India’s whole population may be twice than China by 2080.
In 2018,India’s real GDP growth rate is 7.5%and may reach to double digit growth.
In 2018,China’s real GDP growth rate is 6.5%which may drop to 5%.


1.English speaking population.
2.More arable land and water.
3.Two sides coastline.
4.India doesn’t have the curse of being No.2

Thor Soon,B.A from Hust(2011)

I dont know india well.However,one certain advantage inda has is that indian movie is specially popular in China.

Allen Ng,worked at Many Places in USA

Because Indians do not eat Cow or Beef,therefore they are holier.

Bennet Sunder,lives in India

India grows younger,while China grows older

Sushant Ahlawat

I can buy original stuff in india thats made with innovation not like china everything copied.
They copy everything latest i saw they copied range rovers and bmw.