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我们应如何阻止中国成为超级大国?印网友陷深思 世界看中国-第1张

Can India stop China from becoming a superpower?

Kanwalpal Singh Flora,Lived in India(1984-2005)

India can’t do anything,and there is no need to do anything.
Keeping aside annexation of some areas during modern state generation,throughout history both India and China have no record of expansionist endeavors unlike U.K,Japan,USA etc.
There was a reason India was a closed non aligned socialist type economy,Infact it stayed so even 15 years after China started becoming capitalist,India only changed after USSR broke.
So one can say India was even more socialist than China.India was sick of West for colonising India should pay less heed to being projected as an Democratic antidote to Communist China,its mostly propaganda by West.
Because even as a Indian,it’s a joke when India and China are compared right now.It’s not just economy,it’s also extra cocurricular parameters e.g.Olympics.
Yes,India is growing but it will take atleast 50 years to have respectable infrastructure andI do believe in 100 years India will be a world player along with USA and China.
Instead India needs to look back to last 2000 years history and see what worked in the past.
China should be a inspiration more than anything as they have done something never done in history of mankind.
Ofcourse,Military and Nuclear bombs are there if needed but unfortunately that doesn’t make one a developed country.


Shou’en Li,Editor-in-Chief,Reporter(2003-present)

As a Chinese,the first time I knew there is the nation,India,was when I was still a kid back in.the 1980s.A Film projection team brought the movie The Tramp(also,Awara or The Vagabond)to our village.Though the movie was still in black and white due to technology imitations,it left me a very deep impression.I was fascinated by those beautiful dances and melodious songs,and till today,some 30 years have past,I can still hum to the melody of Awaara Hoon,the theme song of the movie
As time passes by,I got to know more about India:its long history,its ancient civilization,its charming historical scenic spots,its vast land,its metropolises including Delhi,Mumbai,Bangalore,etc.,and of course,its Bollywood movies.BTW,the box office of Dangal,the Indian blockbuster here in China in 2017 was RMB1.3 billion(over US$200 million),twice of that in its home nation
作为一个中国人,我第一次知道印度这个国家,是在上世纪80年代,当时我还是个孩子。有一个电影放映团队来我们村子播放电影《流浪汉》。虽然由于技术的限制,这部电影仍然是黑白片,但还是给我留下了非常深刻的印象。我被那些美丽的舞蹈和旋律优美的歌曲所吸引,直到今天,大约30年过去了,我仍然还能哼唱出电影主题曲Awaara Hoon的旋律。

I can’t say I am the representative of China here in Chinese’s attitude to India,but I can quarantee that there were indeed many Chinese had a favorable impression on India,until the India side actively flagged China as its”rivalry.”
My own fancy towards India hasn’t changed even after I knew there was the Sino-India Wan(or Sino-India Border Conflict)in the 1960s,as there is an old Chinese saying,”A far-offrelative is not as helpful as a near neighbor,”even though there might be some quarrels on even fighting between neighbors.Anyway,China and India share a border of about 2,000 kilometers.But.the border disputes were negative legacies mainly due to former British rule to India
The two neighbors are both big nations and major powers in Asia.We Chinese value “harmonious development”and think we should have harmonious relations between human and nature,among nations,among co-workers,among family members.wWhen we call for”win-win”cooperation,we are not just taking it as a slogan,instead,we are really hoping so and inserting efforts to do so.

Then, to the question: As an Indian, how do we stop China from becoming a superpower? Why should Indians “stop China to become a superpower?”If you Indians make a cake with your own ingredients, and we make ours just by ourselves, we can only have two small cakes, but if our two neighbors combine our strengths together, we might make a much bigger cake, which will not only benefit our two nations, but might also give a share to other neighbors in Asia.
India is recently forging closer ties with the US, Japan, and Australia, etc, trying to form a diamond”to contain China’ s development. Compared to the other three nations, India is obviously lagging behind in various aspects. Do Indians, especially those who have a hostile attitude towards China and think it’ s necessary to contain China, really think the “diamond”will work as they wish? Do they have any idea that India is just taken as a “chessman”by others?
So, my suggestion would be: whether China will become a “superpower”or not, both China and India should first focus in their internal issues, to develop a more completed industry system, to catch up with the new waves of technological innovation, to build better infrastructures, to provide better education and social welfare, to create a sounder international environment…. for the two nations and their people. With a solid foundation in both sides, then join hands together, to work for a better bilateral cooperation and to build Asia into al better continent for all its inhabitants.


Sam Arora,Life long student of Chinese history,culture,food,arts

Executive Summary:
1.A country which was run by emotions.First by our uncle:Mr.Nehru was called Chacha,which means”UNCLE”(Please watch our glorious Chacha,in the following videos)(His blunders,Indians can never get out)
2.Then by”Beti”daughter,Mrs.Indra Gandhi.(Beti,also did her damage,which I do not believe,wounds in the community will ever heal)
3.Then by”Beta”son,Mr.Rajiv Gandhi,who was a petty airline pilot,who did not know Jack about politics,made PM,of 1.2 billion people.(Well,his most stupid statement at the time murder of his mother and aftermath of Sikh suffering.No one will ever forget)
4.Then by”Bahu jee”daughter in law,Mrs,Sonia Gandhi.No comment.
5.Then by”Pota”grand son Mr.Rahul Gandhi,and his performance we have seen on the TV.

My understanding is/was how illiterate,semi educated or rural population voted for these family,based on emotions not on qualifications.
First a small story:I was born after a few years of India getting independence or should I say India broke its chains of slavery.I was born in a small town in Punjab region of India but grew up in a large and extraordinarily beautiful city of Punjab.
My primary school teacher used to tell us stories about China that it is beautiful,cultured and peace-loving country.People over there respect Lord Buddha;I vowed that one day I would visit that country As an Indian,how do we stop China from becoming a superpower?
Short answer:Just be their true and loyal friend,I assure you they will make you even bigger star,they are very simple people

Ronald Kimmons,fluent in Mandarin,BA in Chinese,former missionary to Taiwan.

You do not
You only help India to continue to progress such that it can remain(or become)an influential sovereign force in the world regardless of what China becomes.
Right now,in my country,the President is taking what he thinks is a hard stance against China in order to reduce China’s growing powers in the world.
In reality,though,what he is doing is increasing China’s power relative to the USA.This isbecause,by cutting ties with China,he is making China less and less concerned with upsetting us,as it has less and less to lose in doing so.
Another thing he is doing is ruining relations with other countries-again due to his”America First”policy philosophy-and thereby causing those countries to establish closer relations with China.

India does not need to take an approach like this.
If you want to remain China’ s equal, what you need to do is look inward, kill your own corruption, and open your culture and your economy to the world. This will make you vibrant and strong. Whereas if India tries to “protect”itself by closing itself off to the world -to China in particular-what it will do is throttle its own economy while causing its own bad ideas to fester and grow in a closed environment.
Like China, India has amazing potential right now. There is no reason why India and China cannot continue to progress and grow side-by-side. China is doing it by increasingly engaging in the world and being competitive. India should do the same.
I have often told people in my country that war between the USA and China is basically the worst possible thing that could happen in the world today, and that we should take great painsto avoid it. Thinking about it more, though, I think that war between India and China might be even worse than that, This kind of zero-sum thinking could lead to that.
In short, don’ t try to force China to stay down. You won’ t be able to anyway, and it would be devastating for you to try. What you can do is choose to rise with China such that, despite China’ s power, you have nothing to fear. That is what India should be focused on.


Siddarth Prabu,B.E MechanicalEngineering from Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College Coimbatore(2020)

Let’s not work for the fall of China,but for the rise of India
We must work hard to make our country stand top in every field.
Currently India is lagging behind many countries in many fields.some of them include:Defense:Development of new fighter jets,missiles,radars,stealth technology,aircraft carriers,submarines etc.
Artificial intelligence:last year China has surpassed U.S in the number of scientific paperspublished in the field of AL,But we stand no where in the top positions in this race.Few Al startups are budding in India now,but we should make major break throughs by doing more researches.

Basic amenities:we severely lag in this field.Every Indian must get food,water,electricity,access to basic medical aids,sanitation facilities and most importantly good education.These things bring a major change in the standard of living.
Education:Remember,we are the ones who built world’s first University,but today we are struggling to get a spot in the top 200 universities of the world.Today most of us(not everyone)are only interested in earning money than inventing something new.This is where the problem starts.We must innovate tons of new things.We(government)must invest heavily in research
A survey indicates that not even 1%of the top 1%researches done around the world is of Indian origin.I hope this is enough to explain our current scenario
We must give utmost importance to innovation.
Chinese filed 1.1 million patents in 2016 but Indians filed only 45000 patents
We must donate atleast a small part of our income for a good cause.Helping one another may be a catalyst in the process of developing our country.

Girish Bhat, former IT Design, R&D

The only way India may stop China from becoming a Superpower is by India becoming a Superpower.
So, what does it take to make such a transformation?
1. Internal peace, harmony and social stability
2. Absence of political and communal clashes.
3. Not drag identity issues like religion, caste and language into political discourse
4. Envisioning a future, not debating history.
5. Close and intense cooperation/coordination amongst Central, State and Local governments.
6. Detailed planning for the next several decades along with honest, meticulous execution of policies and projects
7. Empowering individuals to achieve their ambitions
8. Focusing on infrastructure, power, mechanization, education, innovation, health, employment generation and so on.


I will stop the enumeration, the list is endless.
Mind you, even if a single line in the above list is ignored, India’s development will come to a grinding halt
Honestly, looking around, you know that plenty of Indians are working against the country’s growth, either willfully or through ignorance
Now, you tell us what can you, as an Indian, do to stop China from becoming a superpower?
I am an Indian. I have nothing against China becoming a superpower. Like people everywhere, Chinese are people too and they deserve to have a good life.
I do wish that China and India have good neighborly relations, but, I also know that the present global disposition is against the two coming together. I doubt there is political will or vision, either in Bejjing or New Delhi, to transform the relationship, because each is not willing to accommodate the other. I am equally skeptical that such a chance will come by in the coming decades. It is not my wish but I expect the opposite. In the geopolitical chess game, the moves are limited.


Jyotipuspa Das

As an Indian first we should think of how to uplift our own country to be a superpower instead of thinking about how to stop any other country to become one
Remember when Pakistan blocked the road going through its territory, and created disturbances in Indian reach to Middle East, What did Indian government do?
It connected it’s path through maritime inaugurated “Chabahar Port”.)
That is called strategy of doing business and moving forward towards development.
My point here is:
China is a country which focuses on manufacture and development applying strict rules on citizens. It is easier to implement rules there than India. Because in India one transformation.would drag even more than a decade to be ratified(including strikes, protests, demands etc)
That is a part of democracy. But at the same time we must remember just because somel people are protesting it doesn’t mean it has valid reason. Anyway Indian government as well as citizen should focus on implementing and following certain strict transformation in order to keep up with development.


As an Indian we should know that our country is one diversified country,so we still need to work on integrity
As an Indian we must utilize our knowledge or resources to establish ease of doing business and more manufacturing products in India
As an Indian we should focus on our safety,trading,exports,development,education and most importantly population control to become a superpower.
China never compromises with anyone when it comes to his countries policy.India should learn that from China.
“Think of your own development instead of blocking other’s.”

Pavan Ch,Being Indian!!

How China became superpower?
China is a great success story.It freed itself from influence of Brits,Americans and Russians.It adopted to a socialist structure with communist leadership and opened it’s countries market and at the same time,used it’s huge workforce to develope.It’s huge natural resources helpedit’s growth and attracted investments.Unlike India,it developed it’s national companies very well and expanded them into international arena.Its national private enterprises overtook american companies and gave tough fight to block capital outflow.It established a powerful military network and economic policy.It rose it’s international stature and established itself as eading developing country.It launched several international organisations and forums to boost it’s country’s radius of influence.It’s OBOR is largest infrastructure project ever taken.
Apart from all these,China is successful in upbringing it’s citizens.Chinese universities developed and research vast areas.Its graduates applied for highest patents.It’s infrastructure grown tremendously and it’s people are getting out of poverty.It’s breakthroughs in agriculture and cheap product manufacture is role model for anvone

Reason for all the development it undergone is it’s strong leadership,great diplomacy,powerful military,huge resources,exploding numbers and hardworking people with faith in nation.
People generally adapted to communist rule.They won’t complain about freedom,democracy,independent media,corruption.Because their government had ensured that they get food,shelter,opportunities,development,employment,health.They get appreciated for their contribution to economy.They believe that their government is developing their country with great speed.They can see how fast the China got well placed in economy,housing,tourism,education,food security,international relations,production,trade,energy,employment,banking system,military,infrastructure,green energy,communication,space technology,etc.
They know that their country will be s future superpower and will have no lagging in any field.
They are happy to play role in their nation’s development.

Coming to question
Why should India stop China’s growth?
If Indian leadership is intelligent,they should focus more on how to develop India on par with world and prove they are powerful enough.India has huge potential unexplored.India is growing but not at required rate.
India’s politicians are busy fighting elections,bureaucrats are busy corrupting government,religious heads are busy communalizing everything,government is busy escaping,media is busy paparazzing actors,youth are busy demanding employment,minorities are busy ordering appeasement,dalits are busy rallying for reservations,RSS busy in playing hindutva,Army is busy boasting,police are busy settling things,kashmir is busy terrorising,employees are busy striking,women are busy condemning atrocities,men are busy earning for family,children are busy playing mobile games,students are busy aspiring.

Can India do this?
Can India develop when nation is full of disturbance?Can India grow safe and steady?Can India get rid of castes and reservations?Can India get freed from left and right?Can India preserve its culture and faith?Can India get people out of poverty and disease?Can India roads broad and pothole free?Can India manufacturer its goods and needs?Can India cultivate its fields and brains?Can India preach equality and freedom?Can India stand harmony and spiritual?Can India bond with neighbors and overseas?Can India help peace and security?Can India ensure progress and prosperity?Can India save it’s women from rape and murder?Can protect it’s minorities from being humiliated and terrorised?Can India assure hindus from their fears and prejudices?Can India say yes for merit and transparency?Can India educate and innovate?Can India defend its borders and rights?Can India redesign its diplomacy and Indian-ness?Can India befriend Pakistan and China?Can India wake it’s ancient glory and service?Can India lead science and people?Can India march for the nation and it’s people?
Can India say again World Is My Family?