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美国制裁华为后,上半年营收仍增长约30%,网友:中国赢了 世界看中国-第1张

Huawei first-half revenue up about 30% despite U.S. ban: Bloomberg


(Reuters) – Huawei Technologies Co Ltd’s revenue grew roughly 30% in the first half after select teams secured critical supplies to keep production going despite U.S. technology export restrictions, Bloomberg reported on Tuesday, citing people familiar with the matter.


The United States has put Huawei on an export blacklist citing national security issues, barring U.S. suppliers from selling to the world’s largest telecommunications equipment maker and No.2 maker of smartphones, without special approval.


Huawei’s revenue growth of 30% in the first half is a slowdown from 39% in first three months of 2019, but is up sharply from 2018, Bloomberg said.


Huawei has so far managed to boost revenue by aggressively securing contracts for fifth-generation networking equipment, Bloomberg said.


Huawei declined to comment on the Bloomberg report.



yorky22 hours ago

Huawei makes the best phones.They hire best scientists and engineers around the world.CEO Ren is very smart.


kh14 hours ago

latest news: Huawei is paying 2019 college graduates $150,000 to $300,000 a year to join.


Moody21 hours ago

It is all a number game — China has a quarter of world population and US has only around 5% of world population. In long term, a company can bypass US market will still have 95% of the world to sell to!! Never in human history, a company can sell to more than a quarter of the world. It is just a fact nothing to do with politics.


Growth12 hours ago

It’s a very hard earned achievement. No idea how Huawei did. They are not in stock market, and money is really earned rather than being lifted in stock market that is often artificial.


David21 hours ago

Looks like free PR helped to Huawei quite bit.


lieNoMore17 hours ago

Bwahahaha Trump is helping their business. Huawei makes good stuff and Dotard is bringing them free advertising.


Anonymous20 hours ago

30%growth, it’s a pretty slow half year. With the United snake smear campaign and embargo against Huawei, it only grow 30%! Wonder what would happen without vicious sabotage from the United snake? 50%




factswelcome13 hours ago

And Huawei has achieved such growth with close to zero presence in the U.S. market.

That is something to ponder. The world is indeed a BIG place.


kevin17 hours ago

One big empire USA picks a fight with a small privately owned company Huawei & loses big.


Bob bobbybear22 hours ago

Trump only cares about Wall St economics!

Huawei makes a great phone that costs half what other comparable phones cost, so its no surprise their business is rising!!



Anonymous22 hours ago

Chinese are extremely resourceful people. They are experts at finding way around restrictions and embargo.


Culverton18 hours ago

One country vs One company,and the country lost…


QaibHmong19 hours ago

I don’t get why so many people are politicizing this. It’s simple business economics. Make something good and price fairly, and people will buy it. The simple truth is Huawei has better phones for a cheaper price, and they are the leader in their field. consumers want the best for their bucks.


Lloyd18 hours ago

great news


John17 hours ago

Sounds like America isn’t Huawei’s main market.


Anonymous18 hours ago

Ban made Huawei great again, but they have to thank Trump for putting them on spot light and getting free advertised.


Matthew19 hours ago

China will win the long game.


Clinton10 hours ago

US sanctions on Huawei is equal to a global advertisement US did on the behalf of Huawei that Huawei is the most advanced Worldwide and much far ahead of US. That’s why Huawei revenue can grow by 30% for the first half of this year. I believe that if without the Sanctions from US, it is impossible for Huawei to grow so largly, but at the most grow only by 8%or 10% . So, Well done, US, Well done, Trump.


realist8 hours ago

The self-proclaimed greatest country in the world picked a fight with a private company, and lost. If this was a boxing match, the US just got punched in the face so hard


Martin22 hours ago

well done,HUAWEI!


Herbert Bail21 hours ago

Isn’t that what the stock markets want? Trump should be happy.


BobL6 hours ago

As long as US companies continue to plant back doors in their products (under US government’s instructions), people in other countries will choose Huawei.


zephyrs20 hours ago

Talking about unintended consequences


heat21 hours ago

US is a 3rd world economy. After Trump.


Alber19 hours ago

Thanks for making Huawei greater!


Honest man8 hours ago

Free advertising by Trump!


Anonymous19 hours ago

Even US thuggery can’t stop Huawei


Anonymous19 hours ago

China wins…