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美国网友热议:美国派军舰通过台湾海峡 世界看中国-第1张

The US military said on Wednesday that a guided-missile cruiser had sailed through the Taiwan Strait iust hours after the Chinese military criticized Washington for”adding complexity to regional security”and warned it to stay clear of the island or else risk war.

Trump’s support for Taiwan,which recently was cleared by Congress to purchase over $2 billion in US weapons,is among a growing number of flashpoints in the U.S-China relationship,which include a trade war,U.S.sanctions and a growing geop.olitical conflict in the South China Sea,where China has been expanding its military presence while the United States con ducts freedom-of-navigation patrols.
The warship sent to the 112-mile-wide Taiwan Strait was identified as the Antietam.”The(ship’s)transit through the Tai wan Strait demonstrates the U.S.commitment to a free and open Indo-Pacific,”Commander Clay Doss,a spokesman for the U.s Navy’s Seventh Fleet,said in a statement.”The U.S.Navy will continue to fly,sail and operate anywhere international law allows,”he added,quoted by Reuters.
The defiant move comes shortly after China warned that it is ready for war if necessary,to prevent any attempts to splitthe island from the mainland,or any push toward Taiwan’s independence,and accusing the United States of undermining glo bal stability and denouncing its arms sales to the self-ruled island.
While the voyage will further escalate tensions with China,it will also be viewed by self-ruled Taiwan as a sign of supp ort from U.S.President Donald Trump’s administration amid growing friction between Taipei and Beiing.
While the United States has no formal ties with Taiwan but is bound by law to help provide the island with the means to defend itself and is its main source of arms.Meanwhile,China has been ramping up pressure to assert its sovereignty oven the island.

On Wednesday,Chinese Defense ministry spokesman WuQian told a news briefing on a defense white paper,the first like it in several years to outline the military’s strategic concerns,that China would make its greatest effort for peaceful reul nification with Taiwan.
“If there are people who dare to try to split Taiwan from the country,China’s military will be ready to go to war to fir mly safeguard national sovereignty,unity and territorial integrity,”he said,in a clear warning to the US.
Commenting on the white paper’s implications,China’s notorious twitter troll,Hu Xiin,editor in chief of the national st Global Times,said”there are few possibilities and necessities for China to possess military power to provoke the US.But if attacked by the US,China must be able to cause um bearable losses to the US.
In recent years,China has repeatedly sent military aircraft and ships to circle Taiwan on exercises-usually around the time US had sent its own ships in the vicinity-and worked to isolate it internationally,whittling down its few remaini ng diplomatic allies.


Time for a good will visit to Quemoy and Matsu islands

But if attacked by the US,China must be able to cause unbearable losses to the US.”Translation:Bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark.If China could actually do anything,it would.We know this because actions speak louder than words.

If they can fight the Korean war with US 70 years ago,why would they be afraid of US today?

America,mind your own business.ALL wars are EVIL,Period.

it is the South China sea Repeat after me:it is the south china sea and not the Indo pacific.Gulf of Mexico should now b e called Gulf of Atlantic,by the same logic.

The U.S. vs. Russia, China, and Iran are ready to challenge the West liberal, consumerism world order. Following series oftrilateral talks involving Russia, Iran and India last November, closer attention is being paid to the International Nor th-South Transportation Corridor (INSTC), a 7,200-km long lane mixing sea and rail routes essentially lixing the Indian Oc ean with the Persian Gulf through Iran and Russia and further on down the road, to Europe. Cargo moving from all over India to the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas, then overland to Bandar Anzali, an Iranian port on the Caspian Sea, and then on to t he Russian southern port of Astrakhan, and after that to Europe by rail. From New Delhi’s point of view, that means shipping costs reduced by up to 40 percent, and Mumbai-to-Moscow in only 20 days. While Washington remains a bipartisan prisoner of RussiaGate and the absurd idea that Israel needs to be protected from the entire Muslim world and China’s Huawei taking over the world, the US is missing the train to Eurasia Trump, in his non-strategic, shambolic way, proposed, at least n theory the return to a social contract in the U.S. In theory this would have translated into jobs, opportunities for sma1l businesses, low taxes and no more foreign wars. But, it seems more illegal wars of choice, lower taxes for rich, fewer job opportunities for the workingman, and giving the key of the US to Israel is all Trump has done. Trump has nostalgic fe t elings for the 1950s and 60s. A time before the Vietnam quagmire and before “Made in the USA”was slowly and deliberate y dismantled. Today what is left are tens of trillions of national debt: a quadrillion in derivatives: the Deep State running amok; and a lot of pumped up fear of evil Russians, devious Chinese, Persian Shia crescent, the troika of tyranny, the Belt and Road, Huawei, illegal aliens, and Israel needing the Us to fight its wars. Therefor the “policy”to counteractsuch “threats”is sanctions, sanctions, and more unilateral sanctions, coupled with an nonstop propaganda campaign of a bsurd and baseless nonsense-such as Russia is aiding and abetting the re-conquest of the Arab world by Persia and that Beijing is an evil communist regimeThe US would thrive if they join the ones in life time business venture-New Silk Road s, or Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), more business instead of more foreign wars. Yet this won’t happen-because Trump’s one wish is to domination the energy market and the world. Therefore, invasion of Venezuela is a viable act by Trump and his small-minded cronies. The journey is just beginning; a new geopolitical and economic era is at hand. And the U.S. isbeing left behind in their Cold War mentality, their fears of communist China and their absurd hatred toward Iran and Russia.


Excellent summary Blue.Its the”charm offensive”.You can also contrast the seriousness of the Iranian/Russia/China group scultures with the comical US.UK.

simply sink one of those old fashioned blik pots.Game over.

What a stupid time for the Chinese to be bellicose.The petrodollar is about to be toast.If China gives US the war it wa nts,the dollar might yet have another life,just like the 7o years of dollar hegemony after WWII(which had been toast af ter the 1929 depression).The moral of the story is:dollar hegemonv is based on the stupidity of other nations like China.

As long as US exists or it’s under Zionists control there will be not peace on earth

“While the United States has no formal ties with Taiwan but is bound by law to help provide the island with the means to defend itself and is its main source of arms.”Really?And what law’would that be?A’real international law or just som e law of Ravtheon’s or the Pentagon?

The USA is not bound by laws.We are the law.

With the potential cannon fodder crossing the border,why not cater to less than 18-year-old illegals to achieve”the Ame rican Dream.”

Trump needs to increase and expand the tariff.The soon China melts down the better off the world will be

If China doesn’t recognize the present time as the perfect moment of opportunity,then they aren’t paying close enough attention.The US is more divided than I’ve ever seen it.We are coming off two theaters of warfare that have been failures He in every way.The people have no respect for Congress and believe nothing that comes from the government,Most of the yourg men are too fat and out of shape to even quality for military duty and the dollar is nearly at the end of its run.And lets face it,Trump is a moron.Isn’t the word for danger also the word for opportunity in Chinese,or did I mix that up?China should seize this opportunity.They will use nukes if needed,If they can’t control Taiwan,they must at least deny t he US the use of it.

Where do Americans think WW3 will be fought?Somewhere else maybe?Boy would you be DEAD wrong It will be fought HERE nd for as much as we are hated for causing trouble everywhere.frankly we deserve what’s coming

right in front of your high lifted noses ie

China,like the US and Russia,has extensive underground military facilities.They could stage quite easily and out of si ght.I hear credible stories of vast underground highways in parts of the US large enough to move military transport airpl anes.I see no reason why China wouldn’t have been doing the same.

china isn’t bankrupt by spending taxpayers bucks this idiotically.

why should they invade a totally rotten country and fully inbecile citizenship?makes no sense


China’s tech is far more advanced than the US

Everybody’s tech is now advanced enough that it won’t make the slightest difference anyhow.

This happens if you have psychopaths in charge.Because of their extreme egotism they have absolutely no sense for reality!

China may be ready for war,but it is really doubtful the U.S.is.Afterall,they are spread out thinly in other areas.1
ike in the Middle East,Afghanistan,in Europe,South Korea.Over a third of their naval ships are in the shipyards for maintenance,1/2 of the F-35s and F-22s are in maintenance too.Both the Army and Marine Corps have critical manpower shorta ges,especially in more technical fields.Any way vou cut it,the U.S.isn’t ready,yet it goes out of its way to pick at ight????How dumb can that be?Remember this:The U.S.was far better armed and ready to go during the days of Vietnam,thi an we are today,yet we still lost that war.And we didn’t win any wars in the Middle east without the help of a coalitionof other nations either.Even General Douglas MacArthur warned president Kennedy in 1061 not to get involved in a land war in Asia,after almost loosing the Korean war himself,back in early 1950s.So,what does the U.S.hope to gain by going to war with China now?Sometimes you have to wonder if Americans are really that stupid.

For example your new secretary of defence is a Raytheon lobbyist.Why do you think they push for war?Its good for their business!

The US ships are in international waters.Sure,that’s a reason to threaten war.The Chinese economy is sinking rapidly;ti me to distract the natives.

The Grace 1 was also in international waters.The US made the UK pirate it anyway

Nobody wants war with China.But Taiwan does not need to be attacked by the PRC.The USN had to do it.

The US cant even handle a minor conflict with Venezuela.How are they thinking of going against Venezuela,Iran,China an d Russia at the same time?Thats some serious megalomania!

The stupid Communist Chinese don’t stand a snowball chance in hell in a war with the U.S.We already have the space plane.So very soon there’s going to actually be nukes orbiting over their*heads.It’s up and flying we have seen it tw ice out here on test in the Mohave desert in the past few months,Like something out of a Sci Fi.

This is like something vou have never seen or could imagine.Really the Gooks and old Soviet Russians are scared shitlessthe United States again is one giant leap ahead.There won’t even be a need real soon for old intercontental missiles.So anything the Russians,Chinese,or some Islamic hell hole has is now obsolete.

When you see the Russians using a old prop job bomber and then see a plane turn up then head off into space withont a sou nd.All you do is laugh knowing your country has the big upper hand.

Are you aware that our principal bomber,the B52,has an air frame that was built no later than 1962?Our principal nuke carrying plane uses an air frame that is 57 years old.Real cutting edge.

does anybody else out there think those missing Pentagon trillions weren’t used to defend America but rather to provide f or the elites after America has lost?

I might remind vou that we are still flving the B-52.You really want to talk about old planes?I also present you the F-15,from the 197os,still in frontline service.And it is a turboprop,just like the C-130

LOL!America kick crowd totally blind to the reality that all that US hubris and indoctrination in power projection is nothing but LIES.The US would LOSE any war with China AND Russia.

So What?CHN can reach TWN by HELICOPTER.Not to mention that CHN have ASAT Capabilities and probably already havea l ubmarines Parked Off Both Coasts of the USA.

What good is any conventional weapon when from space unseen you get a big fucken rock dropped on your fucken head.This i sthe game changer.

Hitler had them too.Special stuff!Must have forgot to use them.

Rand corp did some wargames.The US always looses against China&Russia.

Oh,profits began to fall in the US military-industrial complex,the CIA and the bankers.What a bitter grief.It’s time to start a new”victorious war”(until the last Chinese,both on the mainland and in Taiwan).But the trouble is,now China has become friendly with Russia and this is a whole continent.

There will be a war…America will collapse..it will have served its purpose.that’s the plan…the”parasite”always destroys its host in the end

All wars are bankers’wars,the US is no exception.

NwUn I reckon Taiwan will be the cause of the next wan

Which will be a war between CHICOMs and Chinese who do not want to be CHICOMs.The USA is not going to be the first shooterin that,nor will Taiwan start such a fight Which leaves just a belligerent China who fires first.In which case,they de serve what comes.

ameriKa will not win.It will be yet another e ther embarrassment.

Isn’t an island split from a mainland by definition?

Nope.That is not the definition.

If there’s a war with China and you’re of draft age,get the first flight out.What a stupid cause to die for.

My theory is that because Chinese guys have micro dicks,they get very aggressive over smallike a boat sailing in alake.

The only time I heard someone talk about small It is always the white guy.Which is why so many become serial kille rs.They always love guns and big trucks to up for their inadequacy.

China should stop sending us toasters.

US companies should stop manufacturing them in China

U.S.Military Technology Sold by Israel To China Upsets Asian Power Balance.Israel’s Lavi fighter-bomber was designed to be one of the deadliest weapons in the air.However,it now has been revealed that after Israel discontinued the largely U S.-funded project,it sold China the plans for the Lavi and the associated secret U.S.technology.This has enabled the c hinese to build their own version of this new generation of fighter aircraft.The illegal transfer of plans for the Lavi ai rcraft from Tel Aviv to Beiing first became known by the Pentagon when an American surveillance satellite orbiting over China spotted several new fighter planes on the runway of a Chinese air base traditionally used for the test and uation of prototype aircraft.

By passes do you mean sold? Jews don’t give anything away.

Israel’s support for the Chinese military could harm the United States

China is just going to wait for us to get entangled with Iran,and then make their move on Taiwan

Nah,they’ll be helping Iran too.A lot.The busier the US is committing its usual war crimes and crimes against humanity,the more the world grows to hate the savage,barbaric and rogue Americans,and the more resources need to be dedicated t o attempt to conquer Iran,the more room they will have to build their brick road thingy and start their own Empire.

Trump is a clown and puppet.He follows orders and wishes of his sponsors.The x-22 reportis often off the mark by milesthat said,war with Iran is unlikely due to the inevitable severe disruptions to the oil trade and hence the global econ omy,as well as calamitous blowback to the US in all sorts of ways.US military is not as capable as many brainwashed chic ken hawks here think,especially if Russia and China decide to go in to protect their investment in Iran.

Smashing Iran would require a smallish fraction of the available forces.

The US is just itching for a war.it won’t help anything

US can not win a war in the Taiwan Strait.

What happens when the first aircraft carrier is sunk?You think they’ll keep sending more to be taken out?Well they have 11 of them.

To TumpTARDs,the US threatening,intimidating,bombing,shooting and destroying is”peace”,and someone obxting to that is”anti-American”

Europe has had the longest and most prosperous 7o years in its history.

Yeah,they learned something from two world wars.Too bad the thug Americans didn’t

If the US goes to war with Iran,nobody else will support it.Nobody believes the US BS about Iran.If China goes to war wtith the US over Taiwan,nobody will support China.Nobody buys the Chinese lies about Taiwan.Everybody will support the U Son that one.

We might as well fight China now while we have the mikitary advantage and a leader with the guts to put them down.Can you imagine what would happen if Elizibeth Warren or one of those other faggots gets into office?

Yep.Hate to say it but it may be the easiest route to another 50 years of dominance.NK&Iran will be screwed if wel blow China off the map.Russia will retreat too.It may very well be the best play to continue dollar dominance

It will not be as easy as you think.China has nuclear weapons.They’ve been able to successfully land spacecraft on the far side of the moon.You think they won’t be able to land their nukes on the US mainland if the US provokes them too far?

They stole enough tech and plans to copy what has been done.Without more thievery there’s no Act II.Theyshow off their underpowered jets and ships without knowing how to employ them.

Uh huh,and who is now desperately trying to make hypersonic weapons because China has them?

True,they pretty much lost ALL of their wars throughout history,LOL!

30 years ago they made all-now they have scared the bejesus out of the worlds biggest military.Most of them were l iving poor on bowls of rice in their own lifetime.They are very industrious,they will lift themselves up once again as th ev have done for over 5000 vears-can you say the same for the entitled americans coming through in the next generation?

A lot of innocent people would die.And for what?So the US can dominate?What good is that?