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Will China help us(Northeast India)if we start the fight with India?


The answer is”YES”
I’m from Assam,Northeast.Well I suffered from identity crisis in the past a lot.It is only now l have realized.Now my vision is crystal clear.
Infact India is worst that China,afterall China don’t use AFSPA unlike India.Just visit Tibet and you will realize that their condition is much better than you think
And what has India given to the northeast?”Almost close to Nothing”but what has Northeast given to India?Oil(Black Gold),Coal,Tea,Rubber etc.Everything that we have in our place is what we got after a lot of struggle.And about”Look East Policy”my a**.It works in favour of Indian govt not our people.
Recently BJP govt said they will bring Hindu Bangladeshis here in NE which led to many controversies specially in Assam,Tripura(by the actual Tripuris)and Meghalaya.Why will we accept that?Who does Modi thinks he is to make random decisions for us?If he loves Hindu Bangalis so much why don’t he take him to his homestate Gujrat?Bangalis already invaded Tripura&South Assam&now heading for our entire region.


Well what is Northeast for India?
1. Northeast is a buffer zone to protect India against China.
2.A region to extract resources from.
3. To import a lot of Bangalis (this will help India to have more control over the region).
4. They don’t care about the real indigenous demography but its geographical “area”. India wants to expand its area
During the Indo-China war Chinese forces invaded Arunachal & reached Assam but then the Chinese realized the sovereignty of the inhabitants and withdrew its troops. And what India d d Rawaharlal Nehru was like “Tata bye bye”to our people. He announced those very lines by using radio.
And during the 70s and 80s. The militants were supported by a lot of people but then theIndian govt introduced its “Draconian”law -AFSPA to silent our people, the very law the British used against Indians. Here anyone who tried to raise voice were seen as Anti-Nationalists and were declared as “Terrorists”.


Abdul Ahad M,Knows a thing or two about history

Assuming this question was not created by some*cough*anti-Indian user from one of our neighbors let me answer
Will China help?
Sure it would what kind of’friend”(read enemy)would not want its neighbor to perish!?
So will North-East benefit?
The NE will have huge ports,high living standards,no more ethnic or religious struggles and I completely guarantee that the generous China will let you be Independent!!
1.The reverse will happen if the NE becomes Independent.
2.1 understand the answer is a bit short and needs more facts and links.but I find it insignificant to add much info for such a sick question.
3.And if the reader likes it please upvote and please read my other answers and givel suggestion to this asping witer:)



Yes definitely China will help North East Indians if they start the fight against India.

Zhuang Yan,A China citizen

China and India are divided by a big mountain of 8000 meters high and 3000 kilometers long.This natural barrier prevents China from any full scale war with India.
Although Indians like to pretend to be China’s neighbor,the truth is India is not a reall neighbor of China.They are not Asians,either

Eden Kitchen,Freelance Journalist,Writer at Freelancing(1982-present)

It depend o wht’s init for them.

Zhi Kang Chen

That is actually hard to say.you are the citizen of India,You deserve the right to be one,the castle svetem and Hindu nationalism are bad.but I believe India will change and get better.


Yes,it will.It may supply you the nuclear power too if needed.

Kenri Basar,Belongs to Marli clan of Karko sub-tribe of Galo tribe of Tani tribe of ArPr.

NE is already developing without any aid from China even though it is in a snails pace.
If India opens the border for trade and commerce with China,I see greater benefit and speedier development for the NE region.It won’t ever be in the near future because many mainland Indians fear thinking that our loyalty will move towards China or China may try to influence us culturally since we are ethnically similar race with them so the centre won’t allow it,ever
So for the question,we are already developing with or without help from China.But Chinese products does help the local business indirectly but it is the same for the rest of India because Chinese products are cheap and has greater profit margin for the business people.

Deniel Bori A native of the Northeast India,currently lives in Tezpur Assam

Northeast ndi is well inked wit the miland India.
China is far away from the region because of the hills and is not accessible from China
Also,why would,or why should China come and develop the region.What right they have?The people in the region may look alike them but linguistically and culturally,and even socially,this region is closer to India.India is a melting pot of many cultures.The notion of India is at a much higher pedastel than communist China
The people are more patriotic towards India than China.China is no one for the people.No one knows China.They had no links to China in the past or they never will.They will remain our neighbours but not our land owners.
Inaccessible areas need others support to develop lands that are not near while in Northeast India’s case,all the states are better linked with each other and the mainland India through roads and railways.
The region may have it’s differences with the other areas but that’s an internal issue and China has no right to interfere in our issues.
When you have problems in side your house,do you talk about it with your neighbours?
You only talk with your neighbours if you have some problem with them.And here,there’s no problem or any need to involve China.


Khongkhung Pura,Indian by blood,birth and being…

In what contet is developmnt tereto here?
The socioeconomic development of the NE region can be seen through various perspective and China is also a part of it.is it about developing the NE as a market,transit corridor or the source of economic produce or is it the whole of that?Whichever way you see it,development is beneficial for all.So if development is in the offing the China issue or China itself is not of much concern unless it’s something like a china-india-bangladesh economic corridor.if that’s not the case scenario here,the likes of centre’s economic policy of look east is a very viable option that could open up the NE to the economic opportunities of south-east Asia.And that would be a very beneficial option not only for the NE but the nation as well the rest of south-east Asia.
So,to answer the question in a matter of fact-yes.Northeast India can be developed without the help of China.

Prabhakar Sarma Neoq,lives in India

First of all,let me air my view as a progressive Assamese Indian.I am aware that Assam or theNorth-East India for that matter have been undermined by the national polity in the past(it is gradually changing recently,though),I never ever thought like that(that”India”doesn’t”deserve”Assam)about Assam’s participation in the union of India.We chose to join”India”by our own free will.Before independence the British were about to club Assam with Bangladesh The Assamese leaders like Gopinath Bordoloi faught Against it.Besides,being a naturally richregion,it wouldn’t have been possible for Assam to exist as a sovereign country without being the puppet of powerfull neighbors and world players.We are culturally and politically more close to India than any other country of the regeion,too.
It is true that recently there is more awareness about Assam and North-East in the mainstream Indian discourse and a lot of Indians feel that it had been exploited by”India”and it should be compensated.While true,it is not the right way to look at the matter.However good willed,it is a kind of discremination that might set a bad precedent for India.We have seen a lot of appeasement for minority and the backwards for vote bank politics.Thinking about a particular state”spacially”like that will just open another pandora’s box for the vested interests,as seen in the creation of talengana and other recently divided states.Today Assam,tomorrow another state or unit will seek to be”special”.
Yes,there are many Assamese which might think like that out of ignorance or for political gains.In the extreme case we might find a few fascists,or ultra nationalist in Assam,but surely they are minoraty.
The bottom line is that Assam also wants to grow with the rest of India

首先,让我以一个阿萨姆印度人的身份发表我的观点。我知道阿萨姆邦或印度东北部在这方面过去一直受到国家政治的削弱(尽管最近正在逐渐改变),但我从来没有这样想过(“印度”不配“拥有”阿萨姆邦)阿萨姆邦加入印度联盟。我们自愿加入“印度”。在独立之前,英国人打算把阿萨姆邦和孟加拉国联合起来。Gopinath Bordoloi等阿萨姆邦领导人对此表示反对。此外,作为一个自然资源丰富的地区,如果没有强大邻国或成为世界玩家的傀儡,阿萨姆邦就不可能作为一个主权国家存在。我们在文化和政治上都比印度更接近印度

Anish Debnath,lives in India

I am thinking the answer for a long time but I guess being a north-eastern if I say India doesn’tdeserve NE then that will be rude and non practical.Rather NE is lucky to be a part of India.We can’t say because of the rich resources India is lucky to have us,we wouldn’t even had any other way to explore our resources and become a self sustained country.Because of the diversity in our region we would have perished as a society a long ago.And merging with other neighbour countries like China,Bangladesh or Mayanmar can never be a good idea.So,it’s a win win situation for both of us.Better growing with one of the largest demcracies of the world
Other than just few grievances like AFSPA,Media Attention and transportation we don’t have much hardship with the central government

ejas Venkatesh, from a BILLION member family.

India is not just any country. It’s a Union of many possible countries. It’s a confluence
We need North East strategically and economically. Almost 40% of India’s freshwater is in NE.Many mines and mineral rich areas are here.
Yes culturally the north eastern people are not like mainland or peninsular India. But if you see no region in India is as similar as the other. Also where else do we have such scenic locations and friendly and amazing people.
If you are a North Eastern brother or sister of mine, I apologize for any of the horrific acts that some morons did. In our colleges itself we had maintained a meeting with many NE Univ students for an intellectual change. Many of the things they told moves us. Yes, we have written to the PM for removal of Afspa and better implementation of business for production.Also about the timezone difference
Please don’t blame the herd for a few black sheep. I am very sorry and ashamed myself for all that has happened.
India is like a marble mosaic. Each peice is different. But if one isn’t present, the entire charm fades.


Maumita Sen, Born and brought up in Northeast India

Northeast is very much a part of India. Only thing I feel is that the region has been slightly ignored as compared to other parts of the country since independence. The region is still under-developed and lags behind mainland India in many areas. But I wouldn’t hold the constitution of India entirely responsible for this, the people of this are responsible for this under-development as well
As I was born and brought up in NE India and am now working in mainland India, I would say that the lifestyle of the people of NE region is little laid-back and lazy. People are not that prompt and are reluctant to adap to the latet tehlolgises.
Although there is also a need of little more attention to the region from the centre. I personally feel that NE India is a region which has tremendous potential in terms of tourism especially.
A little more attention from the centre, and a little more participation from the people from NE can make things better for NE and India as a whole


Varun Saggar

It’s a silly question.Might makes right,otherwise there would be no India.While northeast is an interesting piece of real estate,the tribal migrants have poor work ethics and there is a large import of illegal bangladeshi.Hard working Indians are not allowed to buy property in this region,hence the region is hopelessly backward

Asan John,Decolonization enthusiast researching research

Calling the NE people as”Chinky”(i.e.foreigner)says it all.Imposing AFSPA and curtailing the right to life in NE says it all.Divide-and-rule policy of the Government of India says it all.
India does not deserve the Northeast at all.
India used the military hardware left behind by the outgoing British to invade and colonize the NE.This NE colony of India is maintained till today through an army of AFSPA-empowered rapists.
This says it all.

Shngain Lang,Native Khasi from Meghalaya

It is nothing to be surprised because NE was never a part of India or any Indian kingdomsbefore the British came and conquered this whole landmass and now the ones that should be part of India like Bangladesh and Pakistan are independent whereas the ones like Northeast that should be independent are under Indian Union.
Assamese is the only Indo-Aryan language in the north east while the rest are Tibeto-Burman and Khasi is the lone Austro-Asiatic language.
Since there has been not much interaction between the mainlanders or south Asian descent with the north easterners for many centuries differences will be there and this is highly noticeable in terms of traditions,customs,food and beliefs