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Vidushi Rastogi

Some interesting observations in China:
1.When we visited a museum in Beijing,we were amazed to learn how old Chinese traditions were so much like ours.…
-Like how couples who would get married without having seen each other until their wedding night.
-And that Chinese young one have the same sort of rite like our Anna prashana.There is a ceremony that when the babies eat grain for the first time,they are asked to choose from a pen,some money etc.We were shocked when there were paintings in the museum that the guide told us were about the same rite in Chinal!!

2.About Chinese people:
-I saw several places like universities and restaurants that had the same Indian style toilets as ours.
-Also,it seems,that the Chinese keep their toilets as dirty and stinking as we do.And I saw this in restaurants that hosted an international delegation that had been addressed by their premier at the Zhongnanhai!You could say it was heartening to see something that reminded you so much of home,was an embarrassing thing but when you see it elsewhere,you think-“Oh!they are likeustoo-D
-I was surprised when a lot of people had names that sounded western like Jane,Lotus,Ben etc.I was told that Chinese young people have two names.One is their traditional name and they choose another western name for themselves.

-And this is not really new that Chinese people,like Indians are a superstitious lot.However,i feel like remarking on something.Like us tying red threads at a mazaar and making a wish orhanging bells at temples,Chinese people tie locks along the Great Wall which has to do with the belief of locking their love.These locks are a fairly common sight along the wall.And it’s a cute concept.
-Chinese people are also very fashionable and appearance matters a lot to them.All of them,old ones and their kids too,will carry the latest versions of Apple or Samsung flagship phones.
-Before I left for China,I read a travel guide that said that Chinese people are doubtful offoreigners and don’t mix with them.Nothing could be further from the truth in my experience.
We were at a children’s park in Wuhan and there were such cute babies all around.Their grandparents had no problems letting us cradle the infants,photograph them and coo overthem.One really awesome granny even managed to say something like,”Yindu,Yindu-I love.”
And guys would want photographs with you and call you pretty.I felt like I was a white woman visiting India.I guess foreigners are loved everywhere:D

3.About theirloveforindian movie
-Almost allyoung people in China who Italked to have watched 3 ldiots and loved it.Isn’t that awesome?
4.About Google and Facebook in China
I don’t know where I heard that Google doesn’t work in China.It works perfectly well I was surprised that Facebook worked in Shenzhen.May be it is because it is a special economic zone or something.

5.About the pace of development in China:
-It seemed strange to me that educated Chinese still have problems speaking English.Even an English faculty in a university didn’t speak as well as many of us.Communication is an issue.
-Every time you read in newspapers or hear on TV something about BRIC nations,or emerging superpowers-India and China,it somehow pushes a vague idea in your mind about some kind of equivalence between India and China.But this idea is kind of shattered when you visit China.Chinese cities-there is no Indian equivalent to them.In the Chinese embassy in New Delhi,when I asked a Chinese reporter,Lotus,who had been posted to India for some time,about what in India was the most noticeable thing,she said-“India is so dirty.”I was shocked,angered and hurt at her observation.But when I visited China,I understood why she must have said it.All that we saw was clean,beautiful and cities that seemed well cared for.The flowers blooming along the roads,the manicured grounds of public spaces,all so beautiful-they took my breath away.

Originally,we thought,of course,Beijing is the capital,it would look developed.When we visited Wuhan,we saw two parts of it.One part of the city was as developed as Beijing and as breath taking.The other was developing.If you did a 360 degree look around of Wuhan at the time,you could count up to 30 cranes in the horizon,working on high rise buildings.When a friend remarked to a Chinese representative about how Wuhan must be the other Beijing,he heard in response that in all of more than 20 provinces in China,there must be at least 2-3cities at this stage of development.I could not imagine almost 50 such cities like that in a developing country.Of course,I don’t know if really there are 50 such cities or if the Chinese guy was biased.I may be little naive because China is my first and only foreign visit.Just telling it all from an average Indian’s perspective.We visited 3 Chinese cities,and I cannot imagine even 1Indian city that could equal any of those 3,let alone 3 cities like that.I have been so overwhelmed,I think China must be 20 years ahead of us in this arena if not more.

-We also had the pleasure of visiting a sports university in Wuhan where athletes are being trained for the Olympic dream.We were told that there were several of such universities.Members of our Indian delegation,some of whom are medalists at international sports events,told us there’s no such infra-structure in India.And Chinese sports universities have already started yielding results.Their wins at the Olympics and other games are not flukes.

Achal Gautam,lives in India

1.China continues to be in illegal occupation of approximately 38,000 sq.kms.of Jammu and Kashmir.In addition,China claims whole of Arunachal Pradesh as its own territory.
2.There was never an India-China border.China illegally occupied independent country of Tibet in 1950s.Despite being warned by Saradar Patel,Nehru let China occupy Tibet and thus China reached right up to Indian border.
3.Indian GDP(PPP)was greater than that of China till 1985.The GDP(nominal)of China($239billion)&India($222 billion)was almost equal in 1950s.But in 2017,Chinese economy was 4.6times larger thanthatofindia.anta1
4.Chinese growth story has been remarkable without any parallel in history.Never ever in worlc history,so many people have been lifted out of Poverty in such short span of time.

5.China has built infrastructure at amazing pace.And new industrial cities have been literally flourished overnight.
6.China exported goods worth of 2.26 trillion dollar in 2017(no 1 rank in world and 8.2 times that of India).China is accused by Western world of currency manipulation to keep its goods cheap.Chinese foreign reserves is 3.14 trillion USD(7.3 times that of India).
7.We Indians must admire Chinese growth story and we have to learn a lot from China.

Anil Choudhari,Worked as Chief Executive in China and Malaysia

1.Cleanliness and environment
It is said that China is mix of three economies.Developed-East China,developing-central China and underdeveloped-west China.While central and west China is still similar to India asregards cleanliness and have far way to go,east China is almost as clean as developed western countries.
Below is a photograph of the road in front of factory in SEZ where I worked,in Wuxi near Shanghai.I have traveled about 2000 KM in China.Throughout my journey,the roads were identical to this one.I will talk about some things which are no so evident in the photo.(A)The trees seen here are transplanted from the mini forests especially grown for this purpose.Theyensure 90%survival rate.Every tree,after transplantation is kept straight with a tripod(2nd photo)and coir rope wound around the trunk to about 5 feet from ground to prevent lower level branching.Tripod and coir cover is removed when the tree is strong enough to remain straight and survive on its own.(B)The service road seen here is meant for two wheelers,which are not permitted on main road.(C)Everywhere tar roads are seen(better technology)and not concrete and yet devoid of pot holes.

Quora:关于中国,每个印度人应该知道什么? 世界看中国-第1张

2.Chinese names
When foreign companies entered in China,they were faced with the problem of renaming their companies.This was because;most of the Chinese did not understand English.Therefore,different companies adopted different approaches and in some cases turned the problem in to opportunity.Sample these:
1.Phonetically sounding name using existing Chinese words and also having likable Chinese meaning.Example:CocaCola is pronounced as ke kao ke le meaning”delicious,happy”in English.
2.Literal association:Example:Volkswagon is pronounced as da zhong qi che meaning”peoples car”in English.
3.Phonetic translation:Example:McDonald’s is pronounced as mai dan lao and Motorola as mo tuo luo la-No translation
4.IBM continued as IBM com
A.使用现有的、发音相似、意思讨喜的中文单词。可口可乐的发音为ke kao ke le,意思是“美味、快乐”。
C.语音翻译:例如麦当劳发音为mai dan lao,摩托罗拉发音为mo tuo luo la-不带翻译

3.World class infrastructure Photographs tell the story.

Quora:关于中国,每个印度人应该知道什么? 世界看中国-第2张

4.Chinese language
·Dialects:Chinese language has seven main dialects.Out of these,Mandarin is spoken in Main Land China and Cantonese in HK&Macao.
·Reading and writing:Chinese character represents a Chinese word.A well-educated Chinese reader today recognizes approximately 5000 characters;about 3,000 characters are required to read a Chinese news paper.
·Speaking:Chinese is a tonal language.A word spoken in same phonetic way but indifferent tones has totally different meaning.For example:A word”MA”spoken in high level,falling-rising,falling,plain pitch mean mother,horse,scold,question particle respectively.
·Numbers:Number 8″Pa”is similar to-“Fa”meaning rich and is invariably used by VIP rooms in KTVs and on cars registration plates by rich,number 6″Liu”means safe,thus popular for vehicles registration plates,number 4″Si”also means death and therefore many lifts have 3 for third floor and 3A denoting fourth floor and avoiding 4.

5.Many Chinese believe in TCM-Traditional Chinese Medicine.It is similar to Indian Aurveda.
6.Address is many times written opposite,starting from Country,province,town,and then street.
7.China is a mixture of Developed(East),Developing(Central)and underdeveloped(West)economies.
8.There is very little of private medical practice in China.
9.Saline is quite common and many times given in sitting posture.
10.Chinese offer&receive business card with both hands and read it when received

11.Use red envelop for marriage gift and amount ending with”8″like 5008,10008.
12.Use white envelop in case of donating for death and the amounts like 1001,501.
13.Chinese dragons are not real but legendry creatures and symbolize auspicious powers.
14.Spring festival marks beginning of Chinese New Year.It is celebrated with family get together.Sweeping is avoided as it means money moving out.Fire crackers are burnt to keep the devils away.
15.Many Chinese have a separate English name for ease of pronunciation by foreign investors in China.

16.Lastly,if you want to claim that you can speak Chinese then learn only two words.
(1)Ni Hao-Meaning How do you do(Literal meaning You Good)and(2)Xie Xie(Pronounced as She She)-Meaning Thank you.Most of the foreigners start learning Chinese with 1st word,Ni Hao and finish with learning 2nd word:Xie Xie.
(1)你好-意思是你好和(2)谢谢(发音为She She)-意思是谢谢你。大多数外国人从第一个词你好开始学习汉语,然后以第二个单词“谢谢”结束。


Personally,I know in terms of technology,they are too much ahead.
These are the following facts,you have to know

1.In China,C2C is short for”Copy to China”,not”Company to Customer”.
As we all know,the nation of China started from cheap labor force and gained a name of”World Factory”.With economic recession recent years,China hope to finish a transition from labor-driven country to an innovation-driven country,like Japan and United States.Unfortunately,companies in China were not cool.From startups to listed enterprises,most ofthem lack the capacity of innovation.Some big Unicorn startup companies,like Didi,Meituan,Renren,they copied Uber,Groupon and Facebook at their very beginning.Some small companies even didn’t have a R&D department.
1、在中国,C2C是“Copy to China”的缩写,而不是“Company to Customer”。

2.Employees in China Tech field job-hopped every 18 months.
According to a research of Job-finding web,women employee would quit their job in 17months and 29 days,which men are a little bit longer,18 months and 6 days.In China,the job-hopping behavior was recently encouraged in tech area because job-hopping can lead to a wage hike.
Normally,if one programmer choose to stay in one company,his salary would increase 20%annually;but if he choose to quit and find a new job in a new company,he would get a25%wage hike.No wonder employees want to job-hopping.

3.Why Chinese smartphone are so cheap?
Here is the truth:Low labor cost and IP cost.As we said above,China has the name of World Factory,and the cost of a factory labor is 1/10 of USA.During the smartphone manufacture process,many processes need real human to operate.
If you have one Made-in-China smartphone bought in China,you would find that the operatinc system is kind different from the original Google Android System.Yes,they used the free and open-source Android System not the paid Google Android.For example,MlUI from Xiaomi,H2and O2 from OnePlus.
4.China invests more each year in renewable power than any other country on earth
Its already the world’s biggest generator of solar power,doubling it’s output in 2016.This year,China cancelled plans to build 100 coal-fired power station and switched on the world’s largest floating solar farm near the city of Huainan.

(1)Indian GDP(PPP)was greater than that of China till 1985.The GDP(nominal)of China($239billion)&India($222 billion)was almost equal in 1950s.But in 2017,Chinese economy was 4.6
times larger than that of India.
(2)Indian GDP is $10.385 trillon(2018)and Chinese GDP is $25.238 trillon(2018).