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看了中国边防军人的狼牙棒,印网民:我们怎么又没准备好? 世界看中国-第1张

India recovers from the shock of nail-studded clubs,gets ready to get even
After reports of Chinese soldiers using spike-studded clubs to maim and kill Indian Armymenleft the defence establishment shell-shocked,the Army has reportedly begun taking steps to make sure that its men are never again caught in such nasty surprises

According to a report,the Northern Command of the Army has already started to kit its men inlightweight riot gear.In an article in India Today,senior defence reporter Sandeep Unnithan revealed that the new gear is made of padded polycarbonate inserts,and can keep the wearersafe from”sharp objects and stones”-to be precise,the very weapons that reportedly took a severe toll on the Indian side at the heights of Galwan on that fateful June 15 night
根据一份报告,陆军北方司令部已经开始给士兵装备轻型防暴装备。在《今日印度》的一篇文章中高级国防记者Sandeep Unnithan透露,这种新装备由填充的聚碳酸酯衬垫制成,可以保护穿戴者免受“尖锐物体和石头”的伤害。确切的说,就是6月15日晚间在加勒万高地造成印度一方严重伤亡的那武器。
As many as 500 such outfits have already been sent to Leh by a Mumbai company to be given to forward-deployed Indian soldiers,the report said.
Modern war,medieval weapon
The PLA’s choice of weapons-nail-studded clubs and stones-for attacking Indian soldiers is straight out of a World War I battlefield manual.During World War l,both the rival sides(Allied powers and the Central powers)were known to attack each other on occasions with crude medieval weapons.

Such weapons,designed to inflict serious physical damage,included”clubs studded with spikes and barbed wire and trench knives-a long knife with a studded metal handguard”,the India Today report recalls
The PLA reportedly made these crude weapons a regular feature during this series of border standoffs with the Indian Army.According to reports,clubs wrapped with barbed wire were used by the Chinese side in last month’s Pangong Lake scuffles as well,leaving several Indian soldiers seriously injured.
Why sticks and stones
The report also offered an explanation of the likely Chinese thought process behind using such weapons.India-China rules of engagement require that”peace and tranquility”be maintainedat the border,which both sides interpret as”not using firearms”.To that extent,woundingIndian soldiers with nail-studded sticks didn’t violate norms outright,because no shot was fired.

The last time there was firing on the LAC was 45 years ago when the Chinese ambushed and slew four Assam Rifles personnel.Both sides stopped brandishing guns following the boundaryaqreement of 1993;since then,there have been many incidences of fist fights and wrestling,but never a qunfight on the Sino-Indian border.
However,following the entry of sticks and stones into the scene,there is no telling what form border engagements may now take.
Meanwhile,there is also talk of supplying similar spike-studded clubs to the Indian men on the border.India won’t be caught unawares the next time,the report quoted an army officer as saying

Long Street

very sad,angry and upset to see soldiers of fourth largest army in the world getting killed in a barbaric method and its been 48 hours and

Nagar Jadav

If there was an agreement in 1993 banning the fire arms,how can they use nailed clubs to kil our soldiers?It us not the time of NIMBU-MIRCHI RITUAL

Anil Tiwari

IA much start using fire arms for self protection.

Pd 78

We are always Sleeping?Or taking it for granted?still singing chini chini bai,bai!Once An enemy is Always An Enemy!!


Feku is a curse for India.He simply tries to divert public attention away from his mishandling the coronavirus pandemic.In fact,even an old friend like Nepal begins to team up with China in fight against Feku’s expansionism.Unfortunately,even if we kick Feku out of power today,it will still take at least a decade for the next PM to restore relations with all our neighbours.

Jnanindra Dhar

Why is it that we are always taken by surprise?Why cant we we ever ready!!!!


India,as a country,is not aggressive.Our focus is on the defenses.Unless we start giving a surprise to all our enemies,we will keep loosing our brave men.


Why are we always reactive and no proactive?Last time in the 1962 war we thought the Chinese were retreating and we were caught off guard!This time they came with barb wire clubs so the indian think tank is not planning to give them riot ger…next time the Chinesewill come with guns and our soldiers will have sticks with barbed wire!Why not think ahead and give them tanks and missiles now instead of crying about it later.”Slap me once shame on you..slap me twice shame on me”.we have been cheated by the Chinese before and if again we were unprepared it is our fault!Giving just riot gear is inadequate!

Zohmunga Nuhrim

Next time you think they will use the same weapon,?Why they cannot think of something new to surprise the enemy.

Sachin Oza

we cannot believe china,it is possible that next time we went with Rod and knife where as they used Gun.No more trust china

May 155

PM Modi,BJP and allies did big mistake of trusting Chinese.

Sanjay Sinha

Sir:please qive jawans pistols or such weapons.Do not be on defensive mindset please.Chinese will innovate new method.First we would be surprised and then innovate defense.

Murli Krishnan

why its always next time,if we are not aggressors atleast our defense must be impeccable

Ravindran Pranatharthy

Let Modi sarkar prove its bold lament that the scrifice of the soldiers will not go in vain.Hit china very hard.Our Army is capable.If it comes to a crunch,we can annihilate chinese PLA goons with theater nuclear weapons.Lets threaten an ultimate nuclear war.Then only,the snake eaters will come to their senses

Mukul Roy/Power

A well planned evil act of Chinese.India is always back stabbed by Chinese.Now time to respond very very hardest possible way.

Pavan Joshi

China doesn’t appreciate any sort of moral high ground.So ensure you make this battle with China cold,bloody and crue!!


This needs strong retaliation Let us keep faith in the PM and unite in this fight against China

asian highway

dont know how those bilateral agreements were drafted.firearm usage was deemed prohibited yes,but does it mention anything about melee weapons??even simple melee weapons like a knuckle duster can be deadly let alone using iron rods with pointed nails as reported.such iron rods were used intentionally to deal severe damage when hand to hand pushing and shoving didn’t work


Use Spears,Samurai Swords,Clubs etc.Use bullet proof vests and helmets,Use Brains

Nathan Bahirathan

When BJP came to power in 2014 1 was glad that there was a new go nment in place and BJP wouldallocate more or defense preparedness.lt is reallydisappointing to see this situation under BJP rule.Any one with a little bit of defense knowledge would have seen that the cause of 1962 debacle was the lack of preparedness on the border.To be well prepared you have to allocate more for defense and implement the decisions quickly.No point in procuring outdatec arms after 10 years.India need not match China’s spending on defense,but allocatemore than enough to make your enemy think twice before a misadventure

Pavan Joshi

Another worst thing with media in it’s pockets,constantly blowing trumpet almost on all NEWS channels,as if we already won a war.Indira Gandhi was more in control of affairs in her days.

Nathan Bahirathan

How can you get even with China with a very low defense budaet?Why did the BJP go nment continuously reduce the defense budget.In the defense budget actual amount allocated forpurchase of modern arms for the armed forces is very low.How could BJP allocate such low amount for procurement of arms and ammunition?India has to bewell prepared to face two hostile neighbors.

Arvind Chitale

Shame on F.M(who was formerly defence minister)and its top officials who reduced defence budget drastically..Don’t think I will vote again BJP.

SRK Chandrala

Provide Indian Army personnel with long spears(primitive soldier gear).They can keep&attack the chinese soldier from along distance

Badri Krishna Swami

read that about a month back when there was a similar fight,the Chinese used clubs with barbed wires.What beats my logic is why were the Indian soldiers not given the same or simila weapons,when the Army had knowledge of it.My sincere prayers to the departed army men none of whom should have lost their lives in this manner.Jai Hind.

Rakes hupt

Stones,rods and rods with nails,are no less weapon,these shows chinese consider that they cannot do fist fight.But it is a weapon nevertheless and they fired the shot,they cannot get away from this blame and responsibility.

Pradeep Jain

China has back stabbed India and taken advantage of our goodwill.Indian killed almost 43Chinese people even after surprise attach started by Chinese.Imagine what will happen ifIndian are now well prepared to take on Chinese.If they kill 20 we may kill 100 Chinese.

Nuraj Bakshi

All Chinese soldiers should have been arrested and presented in front of army court to give them life imprisonment under the treachery and murder crimes

Nuraj Bakshi

China is making fool of India since 1962,when is India going to learn it’s lessonz

Prof Manohar Lal

If nail spiked sticks&stones costed us 20 valuable lives,by which way we could perish PLAsoldiers?a fact not known.Chinese must be wearing adequate protective gear going by theirpremeditated move of initial aqqression and the possible risk to themselves from the kind of methods adopted by them

Padamnoor Pradeep

Use Guntur chill powder.

Kieran Frank DSouza

first chilli powder then club with spikes

Long Street

and still begging the enemy to move backwards