中国的国家粮食储备多达惊人的 6.5亿吨!足够所有印度人吃饱11年!印网民热议

2021.8.19 发布在 世界看中国 栏目

中国的国家粮食储备多达惊人的 6.5亿吨!足够所有印度人吃饱11年!印网民热议 世界看中国-第1张

china national grain storage surpassing 650 million tons and reaching an advanced levell
China’s grain reserves are stable and sufficient to feed 1.4 billion people,with the national grain storage surpassing 650 million tons and reaching an advanced level,an offi al at the National Food and Strateqic Reserves Administration said
A mature food supply network also helps ensure the country’s preparedness for emergency use.So far,5,448 grain and oil emergency processing firms,2,777 emergency distributioncenters,3,741 emergency storage and transport firms and 43,573 emergency supply networks have formed up China’s food emergency network sy em.
The per capita share of grain in China reached more than 470 kilograms,higher than the globa average level,at 400 kilograms.
According to indian offi al data,Indian Go nment currently has 58.49 million tonnes(MT)of foodarains in the Food Corporation of India(FCI)godowns.Out of which,rice constitutes 30.97 million tonne and wheat 27.52 million tonne
Sources said 58.49 million tonnes of grains Acan enable the distribution of a full year’s quota in advance to all ration card holders and beneficiaries of other welfare schemes.


Vyom Sharma

They are buying rice from India now.

Manish Kantiwal

Everyday may China touch new milestones

Rajan Thevar

China must be starving because it’s talking about food security.

Anu Chaphekar

OMG,china national grain storage surpassing 650 million tons and india only has 58.49 million tonnes(MT)of foodgrains in the Food Corporation of India(FCI)godowns china national grain storage more than enough to feed Indians for 11 years

Mukesh Varma

It takes 30%of china’s population to work in agricultural to feed itself.Yet they still import food.It takes 1%of the US population to feed itself and produce surplus.


China imports a lot of food.

Harish Shettigar

We can learn a lot from Chinese Agriculture,it is zing,God Bless there aqriculture

Bakir Jawadw

They’Il never run out of food.These people eat everything that walks.

Reynold Abraham

China should take back A Pradesh and Nagnd!We are your people,we are utterly being exploited and we live under horrible discrimination under the Indians.

Nilesh Nishai

India is one of the world’s largest food producers.Ironically,the country is also home to the largest population of hungry people and one-third of the world’s malnourished children.The Global Hunger Index ranks India 102nd among 117 countries.This is even dumber

sohail Choudhary

or they could be lying about there numbers There are not so much grain reserves

Ruth Rupawate

China,a great culture when my indian ancestors were stilliving in caves.

Mitul Surendernath

Chinese farmers are inventive.That’s why they can feed so many people with so little land.My respect goes to them.

Harish Shettigar

Creating food reserve is very important in a war.WW3 will last for more than a year

Manish Kantiwal

Food…canot depend on import.Once people cut off you are finished.But still salute China for the achievement.

Harish Shettigar

China has nearly the same population as India.But China has 3 times more food supplies than India,according to the data available on the Internet.And surprisingly,even under this condition,China is importing food and India is exporting.

Samir Ahluwalia

Agriculture is one of the more important facet in China’s development and survival.Therefore it is critical for them to keep researching ways to increase the land area for farming,increase grain,livestock,and fish production.They should also find ways to increase the availability of fresh water supply,improve irrigation and the management of fertilizer Chinese are smart&intelligent people and they are planning well into the future to resolve some of their most challenging problems.I don’t see other forms of go nment well suited to govern this vast Chinaa11ai有

Reynold Abraham

Yuan long is one of the great people in China What he has done for humanity,he deserves the Nobel peace prize.

Rn Midha

6%of the water supply,7%of arable land,feeding 22%of the world’s population china is zing

Vikramjt Singh

The pace and level of development in China is just unfathomable and unknown to indian

Nilesh Gupta

can not compare China and India,China is now a first world,India is still a 3rd world country

Jayashree Bisht

How can they run out of food.They literally eat anything

Nilesh Gupta

I am really impressed by this…China has progressed so much so fast…

Vikas Kumal

Congrats to chinese tremendous achievements in the rising progress.

Udaynath Krishnan

respect from India to guys are doing a great job and there is no shame to admiti twe need to learn from you guys even though we Indians are blessed by Nature to have the world’s largest arable land amounted for 52.8%which is number 1 in the world but we need to learn from china

Pragnesh Shah

15%of China’s land is for agriculture while 20%are deserts.If the Chinese can turn deserts into productive farmlands with modern technology and drip irrigation..voila!

Pradip Thacker

chinese are so productive!!

Rakesh Sharma

The entire world will experience a food crisis eventually brought to you bythe approachingrand slr miumum

Sharad Vishwanath

China cannot quarantee food safety.That said,no go nment can guarantee it 100%

Reynold Abraham

Huge respect for the Chinese,for the work they have from india.

Jayant Dunakhe

China really has done well to ensure food security to its huge population,good medical facilities,bring millions out of poverty,education for all children,ensure safety,equal s for women at the grass root level.Chinese people have worked hard in the direction to get China to this powerful position.Hope India learns from China to bring millions of Indians out ot poverty and hunger

Sagar khanna

Amazing!China has been once the most advanced country in the world when Europe was in dark ages.I believe,it’s on its way to become once more the most advanced country in the world.Hats off to them,especially if they can help the world to become more efficient.