2021.9.11 发布在 世界看中国 栏目

RCEP效应,上半年中国和东盟贸易额高达4107亿美元,印网民:中国在下一盘大棋 世界看中国-第1张

China opens purse to seduce Asean after building new rail&road links
China is unleashing its buying power to lure Myanmar,Singapore and the rest of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations(Asean)to its side within two weeks of inauqurating rail and road linkages with Myanmar
“China will import more distinctive products from Asean,expand mutual investment,deeper the industrial supply chain and prome Lancang-Mekong cooperation,”Chinese vice-presi nt Wang Qishan said,referring to the economic corridor with Southeast Asia.He was speaking at the China-Asean Business and Investment Summit in Nanning city
For India,the rail and road linkage through Mvanmar is both a strategic and a trade challenge.
Trains make it easy to transport extremely heavy military equipment.The new link connects China to Myanmar’s Yangon port and qives it easy access to the market in Southeast Asia.
The first cargo train brought goods from Singapore to Yangon port.
Trade volume between the 10-member Asean and China arew 6.7%to $684.6 billion in 2020 despite the impact of the coronavir s outbreak.As the pandemic challenge receded,the trade volume jumped 38%to $410.7 billion in the first six months of 2021 from a vear before


funny cows

Indians contribute over 50 billion $ to China purse.Of course,China loves it and strangely Indians also love it as they enjoy their China made smart phones and all kinds of stuff but all of them pretend to be patriotic by shouting boycott China,ban China.Very funny indeed

lost Indians

Despite boasts and brags by India of its QUAD alliance,Eastward Policy,all those empty talk rubbish,there is nothing India can do to stop China from encircling India from all sides.China built railroads in ASEAN countries,bullet trains in Indonesia,India can’t build even toilets for Indians.Indian compete with China?

ronny b

Economic growth is never sustainable in third world country like India because of rampant co ption practiced by po itical and bureaucratic class.While China,Vietnam,Singapore are today success stories because they have clear goal without opposition pulling them down.Good to see Myanmar is also following the same suit of development


Blaming opposition always is d biggest problem here..Modi has 300 seats y can’t he bring economic change,he can’t as he is busy with Communal flare ups…we need a true leader who works

Now Then

Your city roads r not potholes free and you want to cry about international connections.Over crowded roads,no proper lanes or sidewalks.Zero infurstructure improvement in many partsand around the country.You wont stand a chance even if you tried.We are held back by our own.

bodh ramdeo

China buys five cents worth of stuff from you,and turns around and sell you $1.00 worth of stuff..bu the guy selling his 5 cents worth of stuff,thinks he got a real bargain.

Need More

Build our own connections to Burma


Ansar And sell what

User Singh

Only tme will reveal the real objectives of China’s actions.

Ming Muyiyang

I live in Chengdu.I like Myanmar and Burmese.They are more hyqienic and polite than Indians.
Chengdu is a backward city in China.The subway is only more than 500 kilometers.In 2020,Chengdu’s GDP was only 1.8 trillion yuan,ranking tenth in China.This is China.Short sighted Indians don’t understand

SB SBIndian

“The link has been funded by China,putting the country in de t”is the key to this whole report…and the trade will increase but on one side more and the other side only fractionally…
after all these have to think of what they would offer in exchange?Minerals,natural resources and get value added products made out of the same?

Mohammed Ansar

Unless we become a big consumer(easy)or a big manufacturer(needs work)we simply cannot compete with China on infra.Also with depleted incomes we r finding 8t difficult to even spend


china master plan!

Nayan Kumar

China has been fleng muscles in many countries in the whole World

Anand Mirle

China knows very well that West,especially US will start moving supply chains out of China Chinese are smart.They are saying that we will move the supply chains ourselves to these vassal countries to keep them under Chinese influence with this BRI network and that will keep our business going irrespective what US and the West does to US.
This sort of independence from influence of US and West quarantees that if they invade T or engage in such activities,it will still be able to withstand the shock.And Chinese will impose their currency Yuan to down play Dollar or Euro.
If we really look at it now,India is the only country pretty much in theentire Asia that is not under the”influence”of China.


Bharat should not become a slee giant.Burmah is dlosure to India than China.There should have been several rail road links between Bharat and Burma

MOhammed Ansar

Road and Rail and sell what…tell me 1 finished product which we can sell in Burma which China cant

Indian mo

China may open its purse,India will counter with wide open biq Indian mouth.Indian mouth always wins.

Indian Sharma

On November 15 in 2020,15 countries including China,ASEAN,Japan,South Korea,Australia and New Zend signed RCEP u.Colore And the trade volume jumped 38%to $410.7 billion in the first six months of 2021 from a year before.This is the result of the RCEP agreement signed by China and ASEAN


India must send back the Rohangia to parent country.

Rvenkates Covin

China 3 times bigger than us,an ancient civilization like us,5 times richer than us,member of P5 in UNSC,if I were Chinese I wouldn’t treat India as equal and this is a fact.As a nation we should work on ourselves as Chinese hegemony is a challenge to our civilization.

Bhensaram Pujari

First of all,India needs to learn that it has to grow to be a 9-10 trillion dollar GDP economy inthe next ten years.This is imperative for India’s national security.Everything else will fall in place.

A singh

One day our country india will definitely occupy the highest place in the world

Varun Suresh

It’s all abt ur economy!All other things will fall in place if we have a high growth rate for10-15 yrs

ravi kumar

India should be more aqgressive when it come china matter I mean real aqgressive

Anjaneyulu Jsutram

India must focus on ASEAN nations as it is a big market and has great opportunities for bilateral trade relations but now the major disadvantage is our underdeveloped infrastructure which puts very much limits our pential thus it surely is difficult to compete with china

Ramki Indian

We are huge market and huge economy,a group like ASEAN must respond to our demands


India is still a develo nation and we have lot to achieve hope some day in future atleast India will also be in Asia’s top


You know mutual respect among people is another important thing.We should respect Chinese people and they should do the same to Indians


India with ASEAN It’s the only way to stop china

Asok Datta

China Always Wanted To Destroy Indian Market..Directly or Indirectly

B Srinivasan

India should export fighter jets to tiwan now.

Tera Muh K

We Indians make all equal,by”Cher cost of living”I’m sure we’ll overcome all difficulties and be THE BEST in the world very soon

Ashish lain

China did not become a superpower overnight.It is the result of long term planning and 40 years of compounded growth.India’s growth model has been different.We still haven’t grown out of the agricultural economy.Only a high quality education can pull the economio engine.Nevertheless,China is now a middle income country and recent policy changes are meant to address growing disparities within its population.So don’t get overawed but do what is good for India and it’s people.

Modis Mirror

Planning before doing something is very important.India need not appease any country.We need to do everything that is needed,that can benefit equally for our own and to other trading partners

Ashish Jain

India asean countries have to strengthen there military ties also to counter dragon…India should not wait to sell brahmos to Vietnam…