2021.9.20 发布在 世界看中国 栏目

因为疫情,越南制造业正重新回到中国,还是回到中国更好,真是太疯狂了,印网民热议 世界看中国-第1张 A Vietnamese military personnel (R) checks the travel documents of a motorist at a checkpoint in Ho Chi Minh City on August 23, 2021, after the government imposed a stricter lockdown until September 16 to stop the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. (Photo by Pham THO / AFP)

Vietnam’s Covid outbreak is pushing manufacturing back into China
Companies have spent the past several years moving manufacturing out of China and into neighboring southeast Asian nations,both to exploit cher labor in other countries and to dodae tariffs imposed during the Trump administration’s trade war with China.Vietnam hasbeen one of the most popular destinations for US companies opening up new factories,along with Cambodia,Indonesia,Myanmar,and Mysia.
Now,companies are scrap those efforts and moving their factories back to China after a punishing wave of Covid-19 infections has shuttered factories across Vietnam.After three months of lockdowns,the Vietnamese go nment is only just begng to gradually ease restrictions.Earnings calls are resounding with executives’worries over their lost manufacturing capacity
“I talked to one CEO who shared with me that he had six years of supply chain work they undid in six days,”said Roger Rawlins,CEO of the footwear and accessory conglomerate Designer Brands,according to a FactSet transcript of a Sept.14 management conference.”And when you think about the amount of effort everyone was putting into getting out of China,and now one of the places where you can get goods is China-it really is crazy,the rollercoaster that everybody s been on.”
在越南长达数月的疫情封控后,跨国公司高管们的担忧正在公司财报电话会议中回响。“一名首席执行官CEO告诉我,他花了6年在越南打造的供应链,6天内就被放弃了”,美国鞋业集团Designer Brands的CEO罗林斯说,“想想大家为离开中国付出了多少努力,可如今你能获得商品的(为数不多的)地方之一就是中国。这真是太疯狂了,好像每个人都在坐过山车”


Harikesh A

I’m Indian but I love Vietnam and Vietnamese people,they are so generous and kind-hearted

Lalit Gulati

If we are thinking there is an alternative to Chinese manufacturing,then it’s wrong.I have seen Chinese industrial areas,and they are huge,we can fit many small countries into those areas.

Harikesh A

moving supply chains from China to Vietnam is not easy as people think.Yes,you will see small manufacturers moving out of China,but these are low end products.China is very qood making things more efficient,cher,and quicker.Plus china got the people resource and materials.Not easy to replicate.

Bchandran Nair

India and Vietnam are brothers forever

Harikesh A

India and Vietnam will attract more manufacturing companies.

Mahendra Snt

Well how about India?Narendra Modi is enticing investments.

Bchandran Nair

the eidemic is not hurting China that much

Jagdesh Pandey Dr.

The fact that Vietnam prospers only shows that Chinese models work

Dinesh Sskar

Vietnam have stable Govt&only One one nation just like china that’s why they have advantage on decision making here in india one decision leads to prests

Mahendra Snt

China fears that India and Vietnam are good friends.

Jagdish Madan

Perhaps the tune has now changed at G.P that China is now a major global power

guru klr

Vietnam’s rise is important for the stability of South-East Asian region and hegemony of China in South China sea.As an Indian,I do feel bad for my country,but we will get there,we don’t have that infrastructure yet.It will take us next 10-15 years to complete all the infrastructure given the sheer size of the country and po itical environment.We will rise too.Till 2040,oul GDP will surpass US gdp becoming the second biggest economy in the world


As an Indian,I feel Vietnam deserves more foriegn investment which wants to leave China,than India or Meco

Subodh Mishra

India is not the alternate of China It is more than that!

Rahul Malhotra

Bottom line,China will dominate the global supply chain for years to come.Deal with it

Uday Gohi

China zero Covid policy It has greatly attracted foreign investment

Manohar Sharma

when i see the extreme efforts needed to control the epidemic i think there might be hope for the future of China

pm platinumman

China zero covid strategy It’s like killing a fly with a hand granade and then cheering becouse the fly is dead

sanjeey suri

This should send a message to manufacturers-diversify geographically.Do not become dependent on one country

Ram Dularay Verma

Cant underestimate Vietnam after the USA war


India is big and has a lot of internal conflicts.Need to solve those first.


Vietnam and India are working very closely to provide an alternative to china.Its Vietnam now but India is ready to rocket.Com-on India

Balhans Jayaswal

The manufacturing industry in Vietnam is terrible Ya i think world needs alternative and India would be best

V For Vendetta

Now would be a great time to start a war with China…if anything…weken it further

Sarveshwar Singh

Nah,it is a stress test for the rest of the world in terms of China supply chain.Pretty smart people in Chinese go nment,with great deal of discipline in many successful decision making

Sangeet Kumar

Jain k India i believe,will benefit most from this.Problem with India is that the population and sub cultures vary by region.

Madan Mohan

I think so india will attract the companies more as india has the most manpower in wor d.also their sry per hour is less than china and Meco…

Asok Datta

it would not be easy for India to replace china.India is still at the early stage of being manufacturing hub where as china is exporting high end manufactured products

User kathirvel

Im indian but i love vietnam Vietnam send yur goods to india

Anik Debnath

What’s affecting China’s economy is they’ve run out of computer chips,not epidemic

Sanjoy Pandey

keep rising Vietnam

Rajesh T

There is a limit to which Vietnam and other small countries can rise.There is no limit to which India and China can rise.Look at Japan,once an economic powerhouse,still a very technologically advance county has not been able to grow bevond 2%each vear for the last 30 years
I am not living in a dream,I talk what I see on the ground.India will become a military superpower till 2030,and an economic powerhouse till 2050.
If you are in so much hurry to develop,go settle in other countries.India will grow at it’s pace.

Ankush Jagga

Vietnam has always been a great friend of India and we Indians have great respect for you.I hope Vietnam prosper into a developed country in coming decades.India has developed a lot of SEZ in past decade.Most of it is occupied by software companies.