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中国发布海军成立73周年航母主题宣传片,暗示003即将到来!外国网友:印度还是不要和中国比了! 世界看中国-第1张


Lee Kh

Well donel Next will be type 4,5,6 and on.Continue on,don’t stop.

True Faith

Cant wait to witness china’s srd advanced aireraft carrier with electric magnetic catalpult capabilities.

Toubee Young

Awesome China well done and keeping up and continuing on for the new technology to protect China and the Asia Pacific Oce an now and the future


Probably should be anchored at the west of Taiwan or Japan

George Washington

Or in Gulf of Mexico.

Just Me

China is CONFIDENT,China doesn’t do those childish things like others!


Well done China our Iron friend….Good wishes from Pakistan to our Iron friend China

soan wah

Over Chinese is sincerely waiting for the third carrier launch.

Raymond Tay

Well done China New Superpower Carrier with New Technologes.Built by China.

Ignatius Wisnuwidya

Now this is what I’ve been waiting for…!!!

Charles Alexander

Tops navy rank:USA>China>Russia.
But i think the gap between Russia’s navy and the top2 is widening.

Jurgen Angler

No,Russia still posseses huge amount of submarine number even exceed the number of US subs.China need to build more sub marine specially strategic and sophisticated one


America still the greatest military and still best country on earth


Dude,please share the stuff you’re smoking!

Calvin Blue

Best country?????Best in what?


@G KLOL I will beg him to share what he smokes


America still the gayiest military in the universe.

Philemon Chan

Good job China for coming up with your third aircraft carrier.Hope it will be a good one with the latest technology on b oard.

Yen River

Once upon a time China had the largest fleet in the world!Welcome back China!Chinese from overseas loves our motherland

Kiighalu Müülatonu

God bless China.Asia is safer and secure.

james teh

Long live the Chinese Mighty Dragons and PLA

Santosh binod Thapa

Great work China More powerful are coming in days


At the Shanghai Shipyard,you can see that China’s third aircraft carrier is under construction through Google Maps,and you can clearly see the catapult.

Kishwar Fatema

when will launch type 004?

Gabriel RR

I am more keen on the laun ching of the 004,though the oo3 is already a great news to me.

Leehin Thian

CHINA should have 6 aircraft carriers to balance its power against US carriers in time of war likewise WW3 not in the dis tant future.

BOY Rachmaninofia

Can’t wait to see more advance tech from China!Chia you!

Mark Andoyo

The Attack Aircraft Carrier can be the most worthiest sea tactical fleet ever imagined by mostly the US Naval Fleet hegem ony,although it may be soon become a concerns of obsolete military hardware due to the new source of long range anti-ship missiles on its eligibiltiy of unpredictable potential course even with Brahmos Supersonic Cruise Missiles are moderately considers Naval fleet threat by a huge chances

Just Me

cannot stop building a particular weapon because it may be obsolete someday,build what you need today,deal with tomorro w,tomorrow….

Salvador Vizcarra

You should try to understand a little about Chinese style democracy which has made China more efficient and become the 1s teconomy of the world.By the way,I don’t think the western democracy is real democracy.In some western countries likethe US,people say a lot of things and the US government barely listens.And what is worse is that the western democracy allows villians to speak freely which is a big mistake.

Kendo Pa

I’m waiting for Typeo%.

James L.O.H.

Why no one build a catamaran mega Carrier design,you build z in 1 carrier and get an additional third flight deck space.

Harry Kuehb

I like to see at least 45 type 55 class destroyers each 112 VLS launch tubes.I think will make a greater impact for now than aireraft carrier program.That would be about 5500 cruise missiles each would either be supersonic or even hypersonic

Sammy Chow

American aerospace engineers are mostly Chinese and Indian!

Gab Abad

Chinese is a fan of U.SNimitz class.Hahhaa.Took a picture.Copy paste


really as easy as you say to make an aircraft carrier??

Gandhi Kumar

Low quality one compared to India’e vikrant.

Philip Tanny

This oo3 type has an electromagnetic catapult system.The usa has many aircraft carrier from the znd ww,old junks and outdated.China builds more medium range amphibious carriers with stealth capability for operations near shores and beaches which is much more useful than large aireraft carriers which are easy target for hypersonic missiles,above-and under wat er drones.

Quetzalcoatl the Feathered Serpent

Your lying.The US currently does not have carriers from ww2 in active service.
New Super carrier entering service or being built..
FORD Class.
USS Gerald R.Ford 2017 In service.
USS John F.Kennedy launched 2019 to be commissioned in 2024
USS ENTERPRISE to be launched in be commissioned in 2028.
USS Doris Miller.To be launched in 2032-commissioned in 2036
all the ford class will have the electromagnetic catapult system.
Current US carriers in service.
USS Nimitz built 1975 overhauled in 2001.
USS Dwight D.Eisenhower 1977 overhauled in 2005
USS Carl Vinson 1982 Overhauled in 2009
USS Theodore Roosevelt 1986 overhauled in 2013
USS Abraham Lincoln 1989 overhauled in 2017
USS George Washington 1992 currently going overhaul from 2017
USS John C.Stennis 1995 currently entering overhaul from 2021USS Harry S.Truman 1998 currently in original configuration..
USS Ronald Reagan 2003 currently in original configuration…
USS George H.W.Bush 2009 currently in original configuration…Last Carrier of the Nimitz class to be built.
These carriers use the Steam Catapult.However it must be noted the only thing about the catapult system replacement is t hat the steam is heavier,and a little rougher on aircraft frames and isn’t able to launch heavier aircraft than what’s currently in service.Performance wise its loads better however given that the US currently is having teething problems with the technology its likely the Chinese will suffer the same issues.
No WW2 or early Cold War carriers exist in the current US navy.Most were scrapped or became museum ships.

Francis Keny

once it’s in Action and the 004 coming up it’s going to push the U S A far away for those who really on them it’s game ov er because they too have to worry about themselves.

Azhar Idris

the US has 11 aircraft carrier huh..i’ve heard they can’t even afford to give some of them a lick of paint let alone upg rade their electronic to the Chinese 5G level.the US is basically’all fur coat and no knickers’

Lawrence Chin

Great achievement,but still far behind compared with USA…which has 11.

Tyt Xlx

An aircraft carrier is as good as your ability to save them.
USA can save it’s carriers in open oceans.Can China save it’s?If not,there is no point in getting 11 of them,only to lose them within the first hours of war..

Arch Angel

@Tyt Xlx Give them some more time perhaps till 2050.

Modi WhinyThePoor

Poor Indian znd hand Russian carrier still cant sail top-speed.
It doesnt has defence weapons on board.
No money to buy.

Aviation enthusiasts association

India has money and can buy American aircraft carriers.

james teh

Great Mighty Dragons.Keep it up and put American navy to shame


Indian haven’t decided what jets to use cuz jets don’t fit in elevator.Jet deals and altering elevator will be another d ecade.


Why there is no satellite image or news on western or US military development?


because they don’t.

Wtf Moment

Air craft carriers is obsolete.waste money and Life

Fan of Hedges,Privets are best

Build well,and build fast.But most of all,build them deadly to the enemies and bullies.The Liaoning was bought as a training ship.It was ridiculed.But it was merely the start.


Type 004 will be real game changer

Global Defense Forum

With nuclear power?!

Marco Zolo

004 will have at least 3 built taking the total aircraft carrier count to 6.005 will be the real game changer

Mein Fräulein

covid is the game changer


your 5 carrier is equivalent to 1 Ford nuclear power CVN.

Tom Suh

China don’t need more than 6 of these because its not the world policeman.Its very expensive to operate one carrier.,Le tthe US built hundreds of them and she will bankrupt her treasury and the Navy will have to make drastic cuts.


It took the US,UK,and Japan,prior to WWII,over a decade to train not only the aviators who fly the aircraft on board but the crews that maintain and arm those same aircraft.Then they had the experience of actually using them in WWII to se e what actually worked and what didn’t.
Sure,the Chinese are learning from the previous experience of other nations,especially the United States,on how to dep loy aircraft carriers.But until they actually use them operationally,the PLAN will not have the capability to use them e ffectively for decades to come.

Tony V

despite ur words are rational,i nver wanna see that day will come,cause that measn WWIII

Just Me

strength = peace


Yeah,if you’re the only bad boy on the bloc.If you’re going up against anther super power…things are a bit differen


In my memory the standard comment by chinese military officers when a new US carrier was announced was”It’s a very big a nd easy target for our missiles”.
Now they are racing to build such targets.


it’s just cos american doesn’t have same missile capability lol

Darryl Muse

We all know”Made in China”

Tom Suh

That’s what they all say all the time and you know what iss shocker?Alot of US military hardware contains made-in-China sub-contractor parts sold to the main American Cotractors because of the lowest bid government procurement requirement.T herefore,US military planes are also made-in-China to some degree!

Adam Brown

i dont think the Type oo3 is as capable as the US carriers

Muhammad Asim

Fact is,the type oo3 is more capable then most of US carriers,except Ford Class

Zar Zar Binks

U.S.Nimitz Class Super-carriers are the best the world has to offer.Chinese military tech are based off of U.S,and Sov iet tech.Ifyou keep copying something,you’ll always be behind.
I don’t think theyre trying to outgun the U.S.though-they will never catch up since the U.S.spends a lot more on thei rmilitary.China just wan to power project and take Taiwan.


you think so?its the learn process,when you get it,you can inovate,not before you get a hold of the know how its main purpose is to protect the chinese waters,not to invade other nations,it can be supported by land missiles and aircrafts.

Bruce G

@Zar Zar Binks if u just copysomeone’s work,yes u will always be behind.However,if u also learn from it,that’s a dif ferent story.

William N

003 will be better the QE class but not Ford class.

Krell Dragon

Capability are similar,onboard aireraft maybe not as good.J-15 is not as good as F-35C but better than F/A-18.The problem with US carrier is that most carrier can’t operate F-35C including the newly commissioned Ford carrier.After commiss ion modification is needed for the carrier to operate F-35C.

William N

Definitely Ford is still number one,even after o04,but oos it’s hard to say,most probably the power will change since 005.

Sappho’s Place

Fewer aircraft,not nearly as fast,needs refueling regularly,fewer catapults,fewer elevators,and it’s still reliant o n out-of-date fighters.That’s compared to the Nimitz,not Ford.


It will take China a decade to get the electro magnetic launch system to work properly.

Frank Sun

Rumour was their electromagnetic catapult beat the steam one in a competition.I suspect that it’s pretty reliable at th is point cuz it does use DC instead of AC like the ones on Ford.Since it’s their first baby step towards catapult launched carrier,they want it to work,that’s the most important thing for them.Americans can afford to have a carrier failin gon them,Chinese can’t.Especially when the Liao Ning is really just meant for training and testing.

Regular Montana

Can’t China build 3 aircraft carrier at once??

Tor Bai

We don’t know.But dry dock is never the bottleneck.China has 34 dry docks that are suitable for Ford-like super carrier,according to 2016 data.

Sophisticated Thumb

china can build 5 aircraft carriers at once but china wants to upgrade the technology

Alex Huh

it also means they will retire at same time several decades later

Regular Montana

@Alex Huh yeah the best answer ever…Much love bro you can make a good general


The US should sell a few carriers to Japan and Taiwan

FooBar Maximus

Well,now that they’re learning how to build them,it should only take another so years or so to learn how to defend them lol

Omega Paul

China is still 10 years behind the US navy in Carrier capabilities.


All speculation…time will tell and I seriously doubt it…All the CCP wants is to be equal or better then the USNavy

Michael L

Just so you know.No one stays at the top forever.

Mc C

When Chinese Ming empire sailed Amanda fleet with 24000 troops around the world,the European can only build shrimb boat Chinese ship building industry is the top of the world now.Without Chinese made shipyard crane Americans can not build i ts aireraft carrier.

Dinky Buck

Indian navy is better by quality

Edward Martin

@Dinky Buck You are right,Chinese ships are all made by plastic and paper,India Navy could tear them into pieces by 20m m gun.


@Dinky Buck Sure!There were cow dungs on board for their crew’s consumption!

Dinky Buck

@Sendoh Akira because their carrier is a cheap Chinese knock off.And their carrier aircraft J-15 is utter trash compared to the Indian navy’s MiG29k and 4.5 gen Tejas.

Sendoh Akira

@Dinky Buck Lmao D Tejas a patchwork fighter,don’t show it to shameONo one thinks it is a qualified 4th generation fig hter except Indians.
Mig-29 vs J15(Su-33),it depends mainly on The Russian fighter,su-33 is better than MIG-29 in terms of performance As for aircraft carriers,Made in China is a far cry from the US,but at least it is afar cry from the unreliable Made i n Indiat I don’t see any reason to compare India to China at all They are not in the same league.

Sendoh Akira

@Dinky Buck I think the British and Russian aircraft carriers should be compared to The Chinese aircraft carriers.The sa me class comparison makes sense.
USA is too strong and India is too weak.There is no need to compare

Dinky Buck

@Sendoh Akira India undoubtedly has more experience than China when it comes to aircraft carriers.

Sendoh Akira

@Dinky Buck I don’t think really have experience advantage,India seems to be the Indian army exist serious problem on arms control ability,aircraft crash,the warship on fire,even the Russian nuclear submarine can get scrap on loan,Indias hould be number one in the world in non-combat losses.Honestly India should really improve the training of its army.


According to Defence upxe Channel the plan of chinese nuclear power aircraft carrier the type oo5 and oo6 was cancel beca use of 3 reason ist,to operate nuclear power carrier is very costly,and,china have no proper naval fighter,3rd powerin g carrier with nuclear reactor is too technical for chinese enginer

Global Defense Forum

Defense upxe is a well reputed&Credible channel on YouTube.However,China didn’t cancelled their scheduled plans ofbuilding Type 005&Type oo6 aireraft carriers.Becz building a strong Navy led by Multiple aircraft carriers is now a necessity for China,as they are surrounded by strong regional powers having close ties with Washington.They need at east 6 aircraft carriers to maintain naval and air dominance in the and Island Chain.
As far as carrier based fighter is concerned;so J-31 is a sth gen carrier based fighter aircraft,it is already in seria I production and will be available in enough numbers by the end of 2022.

Just Me

indian government should ban cooking curry on their only carrier,curry fire hazard,too many fires already.

Cody We

Just remember…MADE IN CHINA.


Future fish habitat.

Michael McClellan

A terrible waste of time and money by China if it’s trying to compete with the US Navy…also it takes more than a big a ircraft carrier to make a naval power….it takes global naval bases and leadership


@Michael McClellan
Please be patient and give them more time,okay?Americans also needed some years to establish themselves as the globalp ower after the US surpassed the UK for the first time.No reason to worry.

Simon Yap

China,I m proud of you.From poor to one of the superpower.

Faris Khan Lodhi

Our all weather friend&ally

Marabi ofitsial’nyу кан ал

chinese airforce and navy and army!!u guys are strong and shouldnt be un derestimated they’ll only know your true power o nce war has began

Aze Corporal

No one is care China if you Restrong go and start thewar in u see what happens next India army far bater than you Who is proud and who is doing gimmicks,you do all this gimmick,in real war,you guys get torn,that’s why they don’t ev en tell the number of their dead soldier in galwan


lego aircraft carrier


It’s a model are your eyes bad?


@Exoels the aircraft carrier is made out of lego pieces,your eyes are bad


Best video ever,it also serve as a warning to the USA/EU slavers.

jim smith

I like the blue digital camo

Sara K

what are the Western countries doing?Pandering to the Chinese and fighting about gender…We are SCREWED if we don’t wa ke up soon.


You are your own worst enemies,not China.

John Irby

I’m happy that China has done so much to improve it’s navy!I still believe China is going to need more than one aireraft carrier and a lot more than a few dozen ships to be successful.Remember…Japan had the largest,most advanced navy int he world in WW2 and yet lost 4 fleet carriers,1 heavy cruiser,1 heavy cruiser damaged,248 aireraft destroyed at Midway in one battle.

Patrick Gill

with tensions rising and aggression escaliting,I am glad the Chinese are showing that they can defend their territories by conventional means.
As someone on the other side of the world,I don’t take sides in the various disputes,I would love the future to be peac eful,secure and prosperous for all;but if any countries are pushed to the point where they retaliate with force,I would be happy if they weren’t pushed to the point of nuclear war because I don’t know if the human race could survive.


Do you research first.China has two aircraft carrier in service,third one is soon to be lauched and fourth one is in co nstruction.Can’t you google?

Aidan Standish

We need to eradicate this threat immediately.

Shitanshu Roy

India’s defence budget is too low.$120-150 billion is a must.


China had make a few good decision,they purchase the un-finish Varyag from Ukraine at 20 million with 40 tones of Carrier’s blueprint.And China get to learn how to build carrier from refitting it,every dollar spent on refitting goes back to Chinese industry,and learn the much needed experience in Carrier Engineering Technologies Indian spent near a billion dollar to buy the Carrier from Russia.


Although the decision seems simple,trying to accomplish such a decision is based on a strong shipbuilding industry.Chin a dared to buy a half-finished aireraft carrier because it already had one of the largest shipbuilding industries in the world at that time.The Indian shipbuilding industry,on the other hand,was launching less than 5%of China’s tonnage each year,and even if India had bought the Varyag at that time,they would not have been able to finish that ship by themselv es.The shipbuilding industry relies on building a lot of civilian ships to gain experience and improve technology.


Not just ship building but china also has all the relevant domestic industries to build all the electronics and missiles and radars and jets and enfinss and helicopters that will go on the carrier.
The carrier shell isn’t eve that hard,building all the high tech engines and electronics is even harder.
Basiclly india doesn’t have the required tech or sufficient funds to to launch and run a real modern carrier battle group

Gaurav K.Pal

I am happy to inform you that ins Vikrant has started the sea trials and can be induced by the end of 2022.

Vitamin Protein

From 1969,india using aircraft carriers with much experience….India won 1971 bangladesh liberation war because of ind ia’s english made aireraft carrier where bombed the Pakistanis Karachi port by sea harriers docked at pakistani waters…
Chinese are very fast in construct of aircraft carrier but still indian govt don’t want to invest on aircraft carrier because they are sitting ducks in front fastest supersonic or hypersonic cruise missiles…Indian govt wants to spend more on nuclear powered submarines,anti submarine warfare assets like P8I,ASW corvette,frigates,supersonic torpedo launc her missiles….China cannot challenge india at sea because of QUAD nations agreement from US,JAPAN,AUSTRALIA even fra ce,UK willing to joint this Asian NATO..
从1969年开始,印度使用航母的经验丰富印度赢得了1971年孟加拉国解放战争,因为印度停靠在巴基斯坦水域的英制航母,用海鹰轰炸了巴基斯坦的卡拉奇港口…中国人建造航母的速度非常快,但印度政府仍然不想投资航母,因为航母在最快的超音速或高超音速巡航导弹面前是个活靶子。印度政府希望在核动力潜艇、反潜战装备如P81、反潜护卫舰、护卫舰、超音速鱼雷发射导弹上投入更多资金 中国无法在海上挑战印度,因为四方会谈国家协议,美国、日本、澳大利亚,甚至法国、英国都愿意加入这个亚洲北约

K Khalifah

Unfair comparison,if you ask me–India simply does not have the industrial might&development capacity of China.
China has been relentless in its technological development and absolutely ferocious in its production of military hardwar

Aryan Yadav

India doesn’t has enemies compared to China

Nikola Tasev

China has a great advantage in budgets and manufacturing experience,but operational and combat experience are extremely important.India has not only operated an aircraft carrier for decades,but also used it in a war.
China don’t even know what they don’t know.The last war they fought was 40 years ago.This is not a bad thing,they havea far more peaceful foreign polities compared to US or Russia.But in the case of a conflict I’m not sure they could turn their material advantage into a victory.

Sean Teh

Carriers are for rich countries that either projecting power and or under siege by other countries.India should help its at least 300 million impoverished peoplen no country wants to conquer n feed 14 billion people.

Animal lover

India is behind in everything

Indian Tech&Traveler

India allready used air craft carrier from very old times For aircraft carrier indian nevy is very experience than Chinese nevy…

Lin Kames

stupid thought

Indian Tech&Traveler

@Lin Kames it’s not stupid thought is real things you don’t on google.

Lin Kames

@Indian Tech&Traveler So you have no doult on Google,do you
Can a man with 100 years of knife experience beat a man with 1 year of gun experience?The Chinese have always been commi tted to building stronger guns,rather than talking about the so-called bullshit experience,which is the self consolation of the weak
In the past,the aircraft carriers owned by India were all second-hand rubbish with small displacement.What’s your so-ca Iled experience?Is it tractor towing aircraft on deck?

Dany Dash

@Lin Kames did china won against vietnam?Did US won against vietnam?What was the commonality between china and US in etnam.It was lack of experience in jungle gurilla warfare.Experience matters a lot,china couldn’t defeat the US not because of gear but because of them having the most experienced Military on earth,doesn’t you think indian military knows th at it is inferior to china atleast we have brains but why do we still have the balls to confront you?It is because india has the world’s largest and most experienced mountain warfare troops and guess where a war between india china will be fought?It will be in the Himalayas where in the mountains infantry was never supposed to be mechanized only light infantry goes into combat with artillery and air support so major chinese guns(”equipment”)cannot be deployed in those battlefield sand even if you defeat world’s most experienced mountain forces then you have to come down to Indian side where your mil itary will be with only a bunch of light tanks due to himalayas up against thousands of Indian main armour.
Also a fact india has lost the most number of peace keeping forces under UN mission so you can have an idea of combat exp erience india has which is pretty kuch non existing in chinese PLA.

Jason lin

frankly speaking
the steel of vikrant was imported from Russia
and the aircrafts are not to mention

Dany Dash

India doesn’t need to import steel from russia we are already second largest steel producers then your own comment is eno ugh to show that India has the capability to maintain and grow their power china doesn’t have the ability to contest in in dian ocean against indian navy.

Sendoh Akira

This is the first time in India to build an aircraft carrier,one of the biggest problems is the lack of adequate ship ma nufacturing capability,but also the lack of other form a complete set of equipment manufacturing capacity,such as the design is completed with the help of the French and Italian,radar is in Italy,the engine is in the United States,ship-bor ne weapons is Italy,and Israel.
The advantage is that India has money and other countries are willing to sell arms to India considering India’s weak weap ons manufacturing capability.So India can buy the weapons it wants China’s greatest strength is its shipbuilding capability,with half of the world’s ships at sea built in China every year.They also have the capability to manufacture their own weapons such as radar and missiles.The disadvantage is that thes e weapons are far inferior to the US in terms of performance and quality


India is definitely not lacking behind the Chinese.Chandrayaan I was CRUSHED into the moon as a legacy of India’s prowess.Chandrayaan II did even better:it burrowed into the lunar surface.The Chinese was sneaky about it.They claimed they jettisoned to the far side but who can prove that?As for our Vikrant,we did it all ourselves while the Chinese had to bu yit from the Ukrainians.
Like Vietnam,we are ahead of China in every aspect of technology,science,and engineering one can think of.Indians mak es cool Indian tea from out of the pristine waters of the Ganges.Vietnam makes cool civet cat coffee.The Chinese made no thing.They never made anything Everything they have are stolen technology,even the bomb is stolen technology.Nothing isever Chinese.The moon landings are fake,The Mars landings are fake,ISS de la Sinensis is fake,Its as fake as…as..Oh well,it’s fake.India is number one.Vietnam is the other number one–she beat the Americans using millions of Vie tnamese lived as a weapon.India and Vietuam are great countries.
No one can ever be ahead of the Indians cuz it’s just not possible.


Impressed by your imagination

leonard wilcox

Just having doesn’t mean you know how to use it.


hard to use something you haven’t got.You can always ask srd world Russia how to make a carrier.

Dung Tran Military

Since the fall of the Soviet unx,Finance has always been an issue for Russia to maintain fleets.Before that,the Soviet shipbuilding industry mainly thrived in Ukraine.

Nikola Tasev

Russia can’t build new large dry docks,they just don’t have the money for it They had,for a few years,when the oil pr ice was through the roof,and you can see now the products that were developed in that time.Now that the price has fallen they are barely sustaining their current programs.
As for the”made in china”bashing-this might have been true 20 years ago,but is not true now.The Chinese launched a man to space,they can make quality things.Sure,you can still buy crap for almost free,but you can get well made things as well