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中国的人均已经达到14000,即将成为一个高收入国家了!印度网友:印度整体社会的失败是主因! 世界看中国-第1张

While we are stuck at 2000 dollar per capita income,China is about to become a high income country.


Charles F.Lee

Today,there are ONLY two things holding India back from being a Great Nation.There are:
Freedom of Speech
Because of democracy,the leaders of India cannot articulate long term developmental plans for India because,no matter h ow good it is,there will be someone attacking it.Therefore,they play it safe,and NOT do anything consequential.
With freedom of speech,media companies,political leaders find that they can divert attention to themselves and win powe r and attention by harnessing hatred.This caused great division within Indian society where everyone hate the other perso n-Hindu hate Muslim,Higher Caste Indian hate lower Case Indians,Darker Skin Indian hate fairer skin Indians and vice v ersa.Externally,they are unable to resolve disputes with their neighbours.
There is no ambiguity that some of smartest and hardest working people are Indians.If Indians can overcome their shortco mings than there is no reason why they should not be a Great Nation like the India of yesteryear.
Having said this,China is NOT the benchmark.The benchmark should be the full potential of India itself.


Bruh you are talking as if China doesr have reservation there.FYI Chinese govt does provide reservations to minorities a nd other under privileged classes.They even give reservation in government official posts let alone universities.I wonde r how tf you got this many upvotes.People think reservation is something unique to India but sorry to burst your bubble is t’s not.Don’t blame the incompetence of the govt,politicians and bureaucracy on the people who need help.


Your Nation is as strong as the brains and strength of the one leading it.And just so you know China doesn’t gives reservation.Not at a scale of 50%.And the man who introduced Reservations himself had a plan of action of about 10-20 years.not 70 years.And when someone incompetent gets a underserving position,it’s the nation which pays the price.Example:-i lliterate teachers teaching students will cost the nation it’s future!And one who’s competition and does the work of a te acher well will make the future shine.


Yeah I agree with you I’m just saying reservation alone isn’t the reason.People are forgetting that we had many chances to catch up to China.We were offered a security coumcil seat we were also offered to set up fabs here even before China inspite of all that we still fuqed up.I still think that while reservation is an issue and we should bring down it’s scale the main issue with India is not that We don’t know how to place capable people at the right places and take opportuniti es.China places its elite in CCP.CCP is built upon meritocracy.It is made up of well educated individuals unlike whatpeople may think.It has people like scientist’s scientist’s engineers to academicians and army Generals.They know how to assign jobs and who to assign those jobs and they get the job done.There is healthy competition between provinces and dep artments there too.None of which we can see here in India.


You see that’s the difference.Who do think robbed India of it’s chance to win against China before 1962?Who do you think Gave the position China is in today?You see the First choice of Indians in 1947 was Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.If hewas made the first prime minister of India,(he was an IAS officer).The world would be different today if He was the prim e minister.Now if he was made the prime minister,There would’ve been no partition.The second choice was Sardar Vallabhbh ai Patel.Now you see the man the had the strength to Build the nation as one also had the strength and votes to Propel it into a world power.These were 2 deserving candidates at that time.But Gandhi Gave him reservation to become the prime minister(the working committee who was governing the nation at that time had 14 members,Of which 12 gave votes to Sardar P atel,2 gave votes to kriplani and o votes were given to Nehru.).One who gave Permanent seat of UNSC to China,one who g ave Tibet to China,one who robbed Indian army off it’s dignity.One who intentionally made India lose a war.One who Choke d the future of the India economic strength.Now you see the consequences,then A competition leader emerged after Nehru.
That was Lal Bahadur Shastri ji.One who was deserving.Nehru’s daughter sold the nation to become the prime minister of In dia.Resulting in more incompetence of nation.You see when Bring a knife to a gun fight who do you think will die?Now im agine bringing a missile to a gun fight.That’s the difference that reservation vs deserving makes.


I am myself general so pretty much myself a victim of reservation but blaming reservation for this is so lame.I think w e literally fuk…..d up so hard


What else is the reason besides bad teaching?


I said it’s one of the reason


That’s what I’m asking what’re the other reasons?


It’s overall a failure from govt


You people drag reservation into everything Imao.First of all unlike China we are not autocratic country,however it be China’s autocracy helped in its fast development.
Major industries in India are government based.India can see a fast growth if it become economically right,but transition will be very hard.Our policies are almost socialist.We give tins of subsidies.And we aren’t yet urbanised fully.We haven’t had a industrial revolution yet.
India did a good job by giving reservation after independence or else the kinda of reparations agitation you see in Ameri ca,you’d have seen it here and it would have been far worse here.Don’t unnecessarily whine about stuff if you don’t have proper knowledge about subject.


You people drag reservation into everything Imao Because it is in everything lmao


If GDP grows,GDP per capita grows Our this year’s GDP growth rate is the highest among all the countries in the world(more than 8%)
We need to continue this if we want to increase GDP per capita rapidly


I think one more important part is the rate of population growth and india currently has 1 percent growth while china has0.3


Yepp and the education too


this year’s GDP growth rate is the highest among all the countries in the world(more than 8%
Which year?


Fy 2022
It is predicted by imf or world bank idk i forgot


However for this to work denominator should not grow.Sadly,it is growing offseting the numerator.
For your logic to work,population should be constant.If we kill 99 percent of the population,our gdp per capita will b e the highest.But that’s not happening.
Slowing down the population will create a lot of old people overtaking young in future.
We are living in a paradox.Sadly,no government have solved this problem successfully.

Ok Bandicooti975

I will rather take 200 units of electricity for free and have 5 ruppes discount on fuel


Let’s build some more statues

legend 479

honestly in all seriousness that could be a good thing to do(alongside to promote and advertise them as such)as India has one the largest Tourism economy and the shear amount to tourist spots,their diversity is mind blowing It would a long term investment,a short term loss,sure but in the long run it could stimulate growth in area where the yare build
also they become a symbol of place their are build in(take for example Gujrat and SOU,it has become a proud symbol of gujrat as we see in ongoing IPL)


India already has lots of tourist spots,many of them are in dire need of maintenance,at times many spots are inaccessib le bcoz of poor quality of roads,many tourist spots don’t have good infra.Even if half the money was spent on the mainte nance of the pre-existing tourist spots,it would have reaped 1000 times more revenue.


that is True but when my idea was to build not small scale monuments(we have enough of those)instead i was talking of m aking large scale tourism hubs as we see in himachal pradesh or in ongoing site development in SOU.We need more efforts f rom the state and that is for sure but the idea is to create something so magnificent that world cannot simply ignore ita nd this scale in a way forces the government/state to invest in that project.(Only example i could think of this is SOU b ut that is under progress.i hope we are able to tap our huge unexplored tourism sector)


We might get trapped in the low middle income trap


We went from manufacturing based economy straight to skill based economy.People below poverty line and low literacy can’t do jobs.We need to focus more on manufacturing now for all inclusive gdp per capita development.


Slave labour helps.It got Europe rich.Then it got America rich.

Jaideep Singh Gill

China became free in 1949 while india became free in 1947.Yet China has put india to shame it is ten times better than india

Jai Kumar Ramachandran

Great analysis.China took the difficult route with a lot a pain and sacrifice.India on the other had took a rather easy way.It is less stressful but it will be a long and slow progress.Everything in life has a price.

Subramanya Gupta

I did not understand how far ahead China has progressed until a short trip.The little of China I saw left me impressed.
India too has made progress.Although much more slowly and we have a non-functional political system that has become more and more self-serving there have been visionary few individuals who have managed to keep India on the way forward.
The future is full of hope for both the countries.Maybe,we will become friends someday too.

Ramakrishnan CM

Yes India has taken and is continuing to take many wrong turns.
In the name of freedom and liberty,responsibility,accountability,and hard work have been shunned.

Rajat Verma

Liberty,freedom,current form of democracy are all luxuries which can only be afforded after a country has achieved the status of at least being semi-developed.And people talk as if people in China are caged by their govt and they are not allowed to take their life decisions.Women in China wear more Western/modern cloths than women can only imagine in India.AIso Chinese cities are among the safest in the world and people can go out even at midnight without any fear of getting ro bbed.People in China have more career options than Indians have.
When people speak of lack of freedom crap in China is what they actually mean is people are not allowed to be bribed and misled by enemy countries and overthrow their government which is hostile to enemy countries.

Akhil Golikeri

Appreciate your efforts to highlight the difficulties and hardships you Chinese people had to go through and continue to go through even today to reach where you are.It was no cake walk for you guys either and history has been hard on you guy stoo as much as for us.Like in the case of humans,We often see the hunky dory aspect of successful countries often igno ring the struggles,hardships,difficulties and challenges they have faced to achieve their moments of glory on the intern ational stage.We Indians had our own share of troubles,we can take a few lessons from you guys and you guys can take af ew lessons from us too on how to overcome our shortcomings,defeat all odds and rise as a great nation.
India and China can cooperate and collaborate as well as compete with each other in a healthy manner.We should be partne rs and not rivals.

Mihir Kadam

As an Asian China and India are our crowns Peace to all!!Asians are rising!!


Zhou,as much I loved your informative post,the’India being lucky’one is where I beg to differ.India suffered a horrible trauma of partition of which she took quite a long time to come out We lost men,wealth,spirit-everything and evennow a huge portion of our budget gets allocated to protect ourselves against your all-weather-ally which otherwise could’ve been used to uplift the masses.However,the good thing is-we’ve started catching up.
China’s success story is inspiring,I hope someday my nation too takes its own due position in the world.

Jay Maheshwari

This is hands down the best revolution that took place in history and the guide to build better and prosperous society.

Navroze Enduro

All answers hurt our feelings..the most important that kept us behind and still does our caste system,feudal mindset,r eligious bigotry and genetic laziness Sourabh Er.
hats off to the chinese progress;its truly commendable feat itruly appreciate your view and feel enlightened by your thoughts but i feel one cannot judge others condition merely over a net or PC.
though India made a slow growth but certainly things are changing i dont believe in defending and justifying things but truth to be told India do have the capabilities to shine.

Suraj Biradar

I agree with you as an indian…i know india didn’t focus on the basics…even in india you can see the clear difference india’s southern,western states and bengal all prospered due to earlier social reformers in those state….on the contrar ysome northern states which didn’t had radical social reforms those same states are backward in all indicators.
作为一个印度人,我同意你的观点我知道印度并不注重基础甚至在印度你都可以看到明显的区别,印度的南部、西部各州和孟加拉都由于这些州早期的社会改革者而繁荣起来 相反,一些没有进行激进社会改革的北部各州,这些州在所有指标上都很落后。