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中国女孩加入韩国籍后,在Quora问自己是中国人还是韩国人?其他华裔:以后就是棒子了! 世界看中国-第1张

I grew up in China and moved to South Korea when I was 17.I don’t like China’s government and have changed my nationalit y to Korea.Now when I introduce myself to people,should I say I’m Chinese,or Korean?


KokHin Lim

I am a Singaporean of Chinese origin.I was born in Malaysia,and lives in Philippines for 5 years and travelled all over South East Asia.In fact I one of the very few persons in the world that played golf in every capital city of the entire 10 South East Asia countries.
I speak very little mandarin and cannot read or write.At 17,I was ignorant and infactuated with the west.How wrong I w as.My late mum used to scold me in Hokkien,Chinese that to me even”the fart of the westerners smell better”
That is how much the media,movies,books,magazines sold the west,till I began to see light.I now know most of the ill s of the world today comes from the west and particularly the US.
Today at 65 years old I try my little part to make others see light.Actually I understood why the west hate China,I waslike them.Think about this,an average person were drilled with a barrage of western propoganda with clear narratives to demonised China for and entire 73 years since 1949.
They hear slurs in school,at work,at home,in country clubs,in books,on telly,on radio,at movies and on 24/7 news network.So westerners are totally ignorant of the real China.Some westerners living there says the world about China but hate consumes most westerners.
Now at my ripe old age I tell people who I really am.I am born in South East Asia,educated and fooled by the west and g rew up and mature in this region and now knows as clear as daylight,US is the real evil,and its accomplice the Anglo nations wanted a world what the 95%of the world need to be enslaved and will always be subservient and submissive to the wes To that,I say fat dreams.The world and I grew up and I hope you do too.Sure Japan,Korea and Germany are vassal states of US it had no say but for me all these nations are beginning to turn around too.
You my friend are what you are.A Chinese origin of Korean nationality and you should be highly ingrained like me of Conf ucianism ethics.We are world citizens.I do not hate or wish harm to westerners but I sure hope they see light and change

David Han

As a Chinese,I am deeply aware that the propaganda in China has not succeeded in brainwashing the people,but the free m edia in the West has done so.
Chinese people are trying to understand the West,but the West has only arrogance and prejudice towards China.

Darius Wright

The west hates each other,and they only know hatred!

Kevin Smith

Agreed.I lived in the USA all my life and I started to see that too.They are very racist as well.White supremacy and w hite men owns all the important things in the USA.There is no freedom and no human rights.It was all built on a lie.Only the wealthy white men have freedom in the USA.Everyone else?You need to be asleep and blind to think that you have fre edom.

Harry Young

I am a Chinese Indonesian.I was born and grew up in West Kalimantan province where the Chinese community is quite dominant.I was born in the 1970’s when Suharto was in power.Everything related to China and Chinese were forbidden by the law then.We were encouraged to speak Indonesian in our daily lives instead of Chinese languages.But we rejected.The local govemment did not force us strictly either,so in West Kalimantan Hakka/ and Teochiu/aH dialects are ver ywell preserved until now.
But written Chinese was another matter.There was absolutely no Chinese characters in the streets except a very few in te mples.We were not allowed to learn how to write and read Chinese characters at all!I had to learn it secretly at home wi th the help of my parents.Had we been caught by the police,we would have gone to jail!We were very very envious of the Chinese Malaysians who could go to Chinese schools.
Several years ago I traveled to Australia and New Zealand.I was shocked to see the living conditions of the Aborigines.
I had learned that the indigenous people of Australia were discriminated against before,but I did not expect the conditio n be so cruel.The Maoris in New Zealand are much better though.
Whenever I travel abroad people often ask me if I am a Chinese.My answer is YES!I am proud of my Chinese ethnicity.

Musan Lu

The experience of Indonesian Chinese,if it happens to any ethnic minority in China,will be defined as genocide by the U nited States.However,the language and culture of any ethnic minority in China can be well preserved.They still have many privileges that the Han people do not have,which I strongly obxt to.Why are overseas Chinese discriminated against and the main ethnic groups in Chinese mainland can not be given equal rights?


“the language and culture of any ethnic minority in China can be well preserved”
Many regional languages,whether belonging to ethnic minorities or Han people are definitely dying out in China,not being preserved.Also,it totally depends on which ethnic group you’re talking about.There are 55 of them,after all.The Chaoxian Korean ethnicity still speak Korean,but Manchus don’t speak Manchu and for a long time they were heavily discoura ged from doing so.
“They still have many privileges that the Han people do not have,which I strongly obxt to.”
Can you name one besides extra points on gaokao and the freedom to have more children?Also,you should know that,about the gaokao,not every ethnic minority gets extra points,it’s mostly just ethnic minority groups who are generally poorer or more rural than other groups.A Mongol in Beijing doing the gaokao is not going to get extra points for being Mongol.
A Zhuang in rural Sichuan is a different story.
“Why are overseas Chinese discriminated against and the main ethnic groups in Chinese mainland can not be given equal ri ghts?”All East/Southeast Asians are discrim inated overseas lately,Chinese or not.Racists don’t care which country you come from.It’s what you look like,first of all.Secondly,Han Chinese in China aren’t not being given equal rights.P lease name an industry,city,or province where ethnic minorities have a higher status in education or economy than Han Ch inese.
You either need to travel around China more,talk to a wider variety of ethnic groups or simply spend more time reading u pon how these policies are employed and the actual results of them.The first two might be a bit difficult,but Baidu is free,my friend.

Yumuwenda Zhang

It is true that every country has problems,but compared with other countries,China’s approach is impeccable when it com es to taking care of ethnic minorities.If the same support policy is implemented for every ethnic group,what do you think this policy is?Does it still work?The government’s resources are limited.Of course,it is to help those groups with the smallest number of people first,so that their population and education level can develop to a state sufficient to supp ort sustainable development.I think there is no problem with this policy.
Finally,I hope that people will go through the actual problems in China by understanding the actual problems on the grou nd,rather than just listening to the propaganda of some Western media to echo the so-called problems they find.Because a ccording to the angle and method of Western media’s propaganda towards China in recent years,in the eyes of the Chinese,their free and democratic media propaganda is a joke!But thanks to their false propaganda for making a lot of jokes in ou rlives!


Well,in this comment section,I wasn’t comparing China to any other country.I was talking about China with in the conte xt of China itself,which I think is fair since 1)It’s the topic and 2)I’ve only lived two countries in my life and Ch ina is the one I live in now.
I never said the government of China is doing a shitty job with the minorities.What I pointed out is that there are hole sin the system and it’s below the level of”impeccable”(which is a really strong word btw).The only people who hail it as a perfect system are usually urban Han people who totally out of touch with with ethnic minorities throughout the co untry.
Totally agree with the last bit about how absurd western media coverage of China is.It would be funny if it didn’t have so many horrible consequences.

Chiang Seng Erh

I have the same experience like yours.The western ill-propaganda poisoned me too until I was in my 30s.I am now 68 and I stand by you and your statements.

Khengchat Ng

You’re lucky.Most of us were in their sixties before we woke up.Can’t blame thew West entirely.Our teachers were avowed Anglophiles.We read Beano and Dandy,followed by Enid Blyton and then Time magazine.Thankfully Trump did what oth failed before him.Single handedly blew his trumpet(pun intended)and woke us all up.
你很幸运。我们大多数人在醒悟之前都已经60多岁了。这不能完全归咎于西方。我们的老师是公认的亲英派。我们读了Beano和Dandy,接着是Enid Blyton,然后是《时代》杂志。谢天谢地,特朗普做到了这之前很多人都失败了的事情。他单枪匹马地吹响喇叭(双关),把我们都吵醒了。

Chiang Seng Erh

I was actually half awake just before the Iraq WMD lie and that erased all previous trust and confirmed all future disbel ieve with the west.

Clearest Clarity

The West sound like an organized criminal gang strengthened by lies and propanganda against willing scapegoats.What woul d happen if China just stops trading with them?

Khengchat Ng

The fart of Westerners did smell better.Is it because of the quality of the coffee that they drank?Now,due to Starbuck s,our farts all smell the same.

David Ng

Khengkat,actually smell from Westerners are real foulty.I remember our principal his whole body smelt like sheep dungs,very unbearable.

KokHin Lim

Ha haha

Peter Yip

No.Ours smell better because are now able to drink Luwak coffee,the best in the world.

TC Quah

Hi Mr Lim,so glad to hear your story,partly because it’s similar to mine.
I’m 72(born year of Tiger).
Born in Penang,Malaysia.Primary school Chinese.Secondary school largely English.Then came to Singapore to study medic ine(no scholarship in Malaysia even though I was top student in Penang state).
Used to read Newsweek,Time,then Economist-looked down on China.
Now I know better…
Glad we have traveled the same route in our life journey,and learned the truth about the world….

Peter Yip

Being 71,I am third in line to share the same story of our lives.I stand proud of my race and nationality as a Chinese Singaporean and wave my passport proudly when I visit my daughter in Australia.

Terry Wong

Look in the mirror closely and decide if you are proud of who you are.The outside world see you like you see yourself inthe mirror.If you are ashamed of your skin or nationality go hide.Life has done you an injustice by not giving you comm on sense.

KY Wong

If you’re over 6os&hd studied in English medium school during your younger age,you probably hd not learnt much of the Chinese history comparing to those students studied in the Chinese medium.I was educated in Chinese medium since my p rimary school days.We learned&studied Chinese history&cultures.Therefore,our understanding&perception of China is different and more positive.For over 200 yrs,the Western power hd hv been colonising the poor,weak&un der developed countries.They hv exploited the ppl of these weak countries and taken away their precious natural resources&assets.

KokHin Lim

You are right,up till around 20 we think that the good guys are the west and the bad guys are everyone else!I know bett er now.

Kevin Smith

Well every country label the other as a bad guy when you look at the bigger picture.India and Pakitstan or North and Sou th Korea or any other country that don’t like eachother.

Kamren Lee

An excellent brief of what every Chinese should know and must know.To those Chinese who were not born in China,they MUS T KNOW that although China was not the land of their birth,it should be a country for which they should hold the greatest affection,regardless.
An UPVOTE for an article well presented,particularly with regard to Western propanganda.

Lees Fam

As Deng xiaping said,”No matter if it is a white cat or a black cat;as long as it can catch mice,it is a good cat.”I am okay with ANY government,as long as it cares about the lives of everyone.Every Lives Matter!If Western society is so good,why so much killings and deaths in the name of freedom?
If you identify yourself as a Korean and live yourself as a Korean,be a Korean!

Vincent Ng

mr lim’s narrative resonates throughout SE Asia,from the colonial British empire to the current US hegemony.We the ave rage joes under the Anglo-American narrative are the brainwashed victims,worshipping the false gods of their imperialist obxtives.We were the colonial subjects who were only educated in the English stream,hence only reading and watching west ern news,books,movies,and mass media.
I recalled as a child,watching the Hollywood westerns,depicting red Indians as evil cruel savages,happily clapping as the cavalry and cowboys rode in to massacre them.Only later as I read more,I realize the opposite.The red Indians were systematically murdered or driven into reservations with poor land.What irony,how Hollywood can shape the opinions of nat ive people.
Much like the current Russian Ukraine conflict,we only read about the wicked Russians in the western mass media,but notthe neonazis in Ukraine or the massacre of Russian-speaking Donbas residents at the hand of Azov battalions,or how the U Splotted the conflict.
Much of the western media on china is to paint China as an evil empire.Only those of us who have been to China or lived there for some time can testify that much of what is written in the western mass media is total BS.
China’s rise is through blood,sweat,and tears as it increased its wealth cent by cent.Throughout history,empires ris e by invasion,colonization,and pillage.Look into the British Museum and see how many treasures have Britain took away f rom its invasions.
The past 150 years have been cruel to china,its people died from wars,invasions,poverty,famine,and other deprivation s.Millions of its people scattered like the wind,in SE Asia and other parts of the world as indentured laborers.
Just as it improves the lives of its people and pull the country back to prosperity,the jealous anglo Americans,start their campaign to stifle china.They would not allow China to rise.
How should the rest of the world look at this??

Pak Wong

Smallpox was the first biological weapon used by the white Americans against the Indians living in what is now called Nor th America,to steal their land,resulting in decimating the Indian population by 90%.America became land for free( nd of the free)for white settlers,after killing off the braves.

Jon Lua

Nationality comes first then ethnicity.I am a Chinese of Malaysian nationality,so I would call myself Malaysians.If anyone wants to drill further into details,then I would say Malaysian Chinese,rather than Chinese Malaysian.Not that I a m not proud of being a Chinese.In fact,I do.Just that I hold the passport of Malaysia to travel around the world,how could I not take the nationality as the higher priority?Not to mention that I was born and brought up in Malaysia.If I happen to be a in a country having a civil unrest outbreak,definitely the Malaysia Embassy is the only place I could seek for protection.Any way,I know English,Chinese and Malay,western educated to make a living but also well versed into Chinese culture.Used to know French but I am trying to forget it so as to make brain space for me to pick up Koreans and Tag alog.Should I forget English?No way,I still need that to fuck Anglo racism while most of them can’t use any Asian lang uage to fuck me,so it’s my advantage.Any way,English is easy to pick up.
Sorry,just can’t help from not using the world fuck whenever I use English to communicate.

Mali Xu

We are so different,I was born in China but I don’t see the west as evil as you perceive.How could you say the west is evil if the west shaped the current modern world society?All the knowledge we learnt from our school came from west academics.Our culture changed leaving behind our old traditions especially in China’s Cultural Revolution.We adapted west i deologies especially in politics.Our clothing became western,our technologies are from western inventions and innovation s,our pop culture are of west’s influence.


So according to your posts-your life shows you are easily brainwashed and go emotionally overboard losing all perspecti ve,facts and nuance?
That does ring true throughout your posting.
Carrying around too much stress is often the real problem.Please do all you can to get better

Khengchat Ng

It is not brainwashed as per CIA style,more of a Western education whereby the Western viewpoint was all prevailing in our everyday education.I do notice that a lot of pro-China postings are by Western educated Chinese(judging by the prose)who may be compensating for their Western leanings in the past.

Joe Louis

According to his post,it happened to alot of people of Chinese descendants who has lived majority of their life or born in western countries,or influenced by western media and culture.
I trust the western media when they report local news.Because verifying facts on local news is easier.You cannot fabric ate lies easily.But when western media reports news from foreign countries,spe cially the ones that US have an imosity tow ards them,then I don’t trust a bit.The western media becomes as an activist for the Western governments.In that case,they put aside their job as true journalism,to please the western governments.
The western mainstream media are lethal


We agree that most western media is not even news.
The cable players and much of print have learned that you can get people addicted to watching by getting them anxious,ra nking everything as urgent,critical and dire.They are form of entertainment for some people.
It certainly requires checking more sources to be a current,balanced and educated person.
Politically,Fox News and MSNBC and often the NYTimes are far off average and they are just reciting what right or left a dvocates are shrieking about.

Hong Hwa Lee

I am a bit concerned that you are curious.It would be OK if you are proud of Chinese side–despite your anti-CCP feeling s–but definitely not if the Korean society let’s you feel like a stranger.
I hope you are going to be very comfortable calling yourself Chinese-Korean if you want to emphasize your Chinese side..

Adeline Ma

It was only recently that its become taboo to hold wedding celebrations at former plantation estates in the US South.Whi te americans never thought about how these places were actually forced labour camps for enslaved blacks.

Darius Wright

The people in the Western world today,are going backwards!I believe you truly have hope for them,but that’s a long tim eaway!

Darius Wright

American brainwashing and propaganda,is a helluva drug!

KokH in Lim

What you repeat is western narratives,if anything most of the death are caused by the US blockade and sanctions.Grow up and ignore western media.It makes a fool of you,just like it does to me when I was young.

Michael Koh

Like you I thought highly of the US and I thought it was a force for good.Until I seriously started to compare what it says and did;and until I saw serious double standards and shameless hypocrisy that seriously harmed countries and peoples everywhere in the world.I now believe in a multi polar world where the based on true adherence to the UN principles.

May Yang

I’m born and raised in Thailand.I really love Thailand,my country.But I’m so proud to say that half of me is Chinese ethnicity.

David Ng

Hi,Lim,Just like you my closed friend has been misled by western propaganda and education since he was very young.He speaks no mandarin and not a word of written Chinese,except his own mother tongue Hakka and most of the time makes conv rsation in English which he thought the highest form of civilisation.He refuses to be with other Asian people openly and he said that is a Chinese ghetto.He denies he is a Chinese but wishes others to call him an Australian.Well.Unfortunatel yhe could not devoid himself from eating asian foods;every day must have rice as his staple meals.I always emphasis birds of same feather flock together.Despite of his efforts he could not manage even to have one single real white Aussiefriend at age 8o.On his birthday party his friends together to good wish him a happy birthday were all Asians.Poor him a she still has not waken up till now.You are better as you finally woke up and realise what you are,and light is bright upfront you,congratulations.

Wong Kon Fah

I totally agree on all the comments here.All are very very true and right on the dot.Well done gentleman.I hope many a ble to read this column.

Lee Limsung

I am now in my sixties.I do had the same feeling when young.

Orange Trade Enterprise

You lost your identity already,you are not Chinese nor Korean.

Jinseok Hwang

If you will living korea forever
You must be change your mind
Who is you are
If you say your national is korea but real your identity feels chinese then
Really hard to living in korea
Any other country will be okay
But you know right?
We will keep an eyes on
So most chinese need to caution
When in rome,do as the romans do

FookSin Ong

You can call yourself what you like,but the fact that you are of Chinese origin will never change.Pls grow up!

The Ping

If you chose to be a Korean,you are a Korean.


Feel sad for you to have such thinking to be honest..

Eamon Dan

But you’d better skip the grew up part when you introduce yourself to Chinese.

Al Kohol

you can’t even tell a lie.
i think you are just some non-Chinese trying to demonise the great Chinese race.

Gary Tam

Hey Miss,when you curious whether you introduce yourself as Chinese or Korean?Obviously Korean don’t see you as a Korean
Even though you had forfeited your PROC Passport,naturalize and hold a Korea Passport,doesn’t mean anything to the loca Is,you must learn and adapt their culture.
You may look the same,dress the same,but Korean can tell by your accent and your behavior that you are a foreigner.
Can you bow to the elderly,your senior colleagues,your clients or even strangers like Korean do?
Can you follow orders like Korean do without question?
Can you kneel on your knee in front of a person asking for help or forgiven ess?
Can you accept Korean Society has different social classes?Unless you belong to the upper ones,you are doomed anyway?
Being a female,can you spend the rest of your life in the shadow of Men?Will you accept Men are more superior and allow them to dominance your daily life?


Will you quit your job,stay home nursing your kids and look after the grannies in law?
Korea has military services,will you send your son back to China before he turn 18?
Deep inside your Chinese mind,(your 17 years of life in China)you remember everyone respects each other,you can speak out,question any unfairness,but in Korean hierarchy society,none of these are accepted!
Your age,your profession,your family background determine your Korean social status.
The moment you decide to”Speak Out”in Quora,deep inside you already feel awkward,you start questioning?
Aren’t you?
Especially your middle plus class background in China.You are the very few Chinese who receive Trilingual Education,you r family must be rich and well educated too.Do you have a nanny at home taking care of you?Probably do,you had never to uched any housework on your entire home life,do you?Really?
So why do you go to Korea”abuse”yourself.
You could marry someone in China with similar background,hire yourself a nanny and living like a queen.You really make the Western girls envious.
Honestly how do your parents think of you sitting,eating and sleeping on the floor like the Korean do,did they c_y?You sure you can live with their culture?
Tell us the Quora readers,what are the differences between your life in China and Korea?

James Gordon

I highly doubt this question is serious at all,there is an flood of similar questions like yours which is dishonesty at best,anti intellectual at worse.

Sunny Heo

Well your final nationality is what makes you who you are.Just say you’re Korean.
If you want to explain more specifically,just say you’re Chinese-Korean(like spanish-American or Whatever…)

Sekiguchi Masanori

That is up to you.I would say I am Korean of Chinese heritage,but that would be only if they ask.
Why should people in Asia do this?In the US people don’t tell everyone”I’m Greek American or French American”etc.
So why should this be the case in Asia?
Time for us to get over this”ethnicity/race equals nationality”nonsense.

Trinh Nguyen

I think you can say you are Korean if people ask,but if you go deeper,you can say you grew up in China.However,what i syour ethnicity?Like in my case,I was born and raised in America so I introduce myself as American or Asian/Vietnamese American.It just depends on how you feel and what you identify as.
My friend’s dad is Chinese but born and raised in Korea.But he still considers himself Chinese although he speaks Korea n and absorbed Korean culture.I think he should say he is Chinese Korean as he grew up Korean but is Chinese by ethnicity

Kkrish Arora

Since you have become Korean National after changing ur nationality,off course you now Korean National(of Chinese ori gin)….