2022.5.19 发布在 世界看中国 栏目

中国正在研究新型高超音速导弹,可以击中移动中的汽车!美国网友:这个消息绝对震惊世界! 世界看中国-第1张
Researchers say their breakthroughs will achieve split second pinpoint accuracy over long distances
‘Important progress’has been made towards 2025 deadline to come up with solutions to the missile technology’s challenges
China is developing a heat-seeking hypersonic weapon that will be able to hit a moving car at five times the speed of sound,according to scientists involved in the project.
The research team,led by Yang Xiaogang from the PLA Rocket Force University of Engineering in Xian,said”important progress”had been made towards solving the main problem of how to pinpoint a moving target at extreme speeds.


Raymond L.

Nice.Plenty of juicy targets for super accurate hypersonic missiles-all those military bases,command and communication centres that threaten China’s security.Military bases in Japan,Korea,Australia and Guam,Hawaii,and of course,the imperial capital,Washington DC.

Daniel G.

@Raymond L.Hawaii should not be target,independence forces should be supported for the occupied Hawaiian nation.
@Raymond L.夏威夷不应该成为攻击目标,应该帮助被占领的夏威夷民族扶持独立力量。

Boba T.

What happens in 2025?The carriage turns into a pumpkin?

Jeffrey T.

@Boba T.And the story ends with Cinderella becoming the princess.Wonderful ending.
@Boba T.而且故事将以灰姑娘变成公主结束。美好的结局。

Jean W.

Will that help to finally beat Ukraine?

Wee M.

@Jean W.The war is between Russia and Ukraine.China is not a party to the war.You need to be more sophisticated to smear China.
@Jean W.这场战争发生在俄罗斯和乌克兰之间。中国不是战争的参与方。要想抹黑中国,你得更老练些。

Jean W.

@Wee M.Between Russia and Ukraine…Right…Nato and China ain’t got nothing to do with it…Well noted genius Wee!!
@Wee M.在俄罗斯和乌克兰之间对吧北约和中国与此无关好吧,你是个天才!


@Jean W.For an unsophiscated poster,NATO has everything to do with the Ukraine war,China has nothing to do with it.
Wake Up.
@Jean W.简单说一下,北约与乌克兰战争有很大关系,而中国与之毫无关系。醒醒吧。

Jean W.

@Robert P.For a foul mouth that can’t say anything without insulting others,it’s always china’s fault LOL
@Robert P.对于一个一张嘴只会骂人的臭嘴来说,任何事情都是中国的错,lol


@Wee M.Russia and NATO really.Ukraine is just a pawn to attempt to weaken Russia as the Rand Corp advised the US
@Wee M.其实是俄罗斯和北约。正如兰德公司向美国建议的那样,乌克兰只是试图削弱俄罗斯的一个卒子。

Michael W.

That should put some fear in the evil empire military,waging wars with impunity.Now there’s immediate retribution

Boba T.

For a moving target,unless there is proximity sensing enabled,it would have to rely on some sort of GPS like guidance.
Inertial guidance won’t work if the target moves.So any defense against the GPS type signals would also block the attack?

Jeffrey T.

@Boba T.No wonder US cannot come up with a workable hypersonic missile.They are still using GPS guiding system and proximity sensors.These are obsolete as far as the Chinese scientists are concerned.
@Boba T.难怪美国研制不出高超音速导弹。他们仍然使用GPS导航系统和近距离传感器。对中国科学家来说,这些都过时了。

Simon H.

@Boba T.There is some time delay with GPS communication which causes calculation errors in position great than the length of a vehicle.Very likely,it is using machine autonomous 3-D obxt identification techniques at the last stage of targeting.
@Boba T.GPS通信存在一定的延时,导致位置计算误差大于车辆的长度。很有可能,在描准的最后阶段,将使用机器自主三维目标识别技术

Albert C.

Mike Pompeo,your days of riding car is numbered.Better get used to travelling thru the underground sewage network.

Dennis T.

@Albert C.I think he will be a lot safer taking the trains although I’m not sure if he ever taken in the first place
@Albert C.我认为他坐火车会安全得多,但我不确定他是否坐过火车。

Red Panda

Meanwhile,the US is still trying to figure out how to make a regular one that works.


@Red panda:.Add armed US kids
@Red panda:还有让美国儿童持枪。

Jeffrey T.

Using a moving car as a target doesn’t mean China is developing a hypersonic to hit cars.Ordinary missiles from a drone can do the job more cost effectively.It just to prove the pin point accuracy.The key points in this article is’long distance,heat seeking,and high speed.’It means the missiles can hit warships,aircrafts and incoming missiles.Those F35 pilots don’t even have time to react to this type of hypersonic anti aircraft missiles.Currently there must be thousands of scientists and engineers working on such project in China-the”missile challenge”Keep it up kudoes to those scientists and engineers.

Philip C.

A gift for US aircraft carrier and warship at Pacific.Hoping these weapon only used for US only because they are a trouble maker.

Jeffrey T.

@Philip C.You can bet on it.
@Philip C.你可以指望它。


It would be a waste for the hypersonic missile to hit a vehicle,of course.It’s too expensive!The primary target for such a pinpoint missile is not moving vehicles,it will be the moving carriers,destroyers and other war ships.Think,if China’s hypersonic missile could heat seek a moving vehicle and destroy it,it will be a piece of cake to heat seek a carrier/destroyer and bomb them to Seventh Heaven!

Robert F.

@Robert P.Can it find and hit a moving bicycle?
@Robert P.它能找到并打击一辆移动中的自行车吗?


@Robert P.True but it’s just a demonstration that if the tech could technically hit a car it would hit almost anything
@Robert P.没错,但这只是一个说明的方式,如果这项技术能击中一辆汽车,那么它就能击中几乎任何东西。


People may not appreciate the complexity of this technology.When the hypersonic missile enters its final stage it is flying at its maximum speed and its nose is going to be heated up to thousands of degrees.To find the heat from a moving vehicle under this condition,is like to find the light of a match when it is put against the Sun!China already has a 30 Mach windtunnel for testing hypersonic missiles under controlled conditions and the US doesn’t.This gives China a leg up to quickly find a solution to pinpoint the light from the match against the Sun.You can NOT do such tests on a Hypersonic Missile that is flying though the atmosphere at 5x the speed of sound!!

lan L.

Well done China.

Alex X.

Next week,the US will sail ONE like literally ONE cruiser through the Taiwan Strait as a show of strength!!!

John C.

China figuring out how to use hypersonic missiles is like China figuring out covid.Always multiple years behind.Let’s pat ourselves on the back on a splendid job well done.

True G.

@John C.Who’s the one with millions’covid death?Talk about light year behind indeed.
@John C.哪个国家因为新冠死了一百万人?某国确实落后了几光年。

Morris M.

Careful,US have much more scarier weapon.It’s called the”crazy mass shooters”

Alba H.

Well that’s what the world needs….how about doing something honorable like feeding your elderly rather than looking them up with out food or care.

True G.

@Alba H.Why don’t you preached that to every country that has a defense industry?
@Alba H.你怎么不去指教每一个拥有国防工业的国家?

Tan T.

Biden n later trump–where are u going to hide all yr ships esp the aircraft carrier??


Very good,very good,clap clap clap.That is all I can and need to say.

Zizi M.

China should have another model that make a huge mess of the target and surroundings just like American missiles..

True G.

The only way the US Seventh Fleet can avoid getting it is by converting to manual power.Ask the marines and the F-35 pilots to get hold of a pair of oars and start rowing!

John C.

@True G.1 plane had a mishap-and you attribute it to the the whole fleet.
@True G.只有一架飞机出了一次事故,你就说的是整支舰队出了事故一样。

True G.

@John C.Correct me if I am wrong.Are you sure there has only been one mishap by the US navy?
@John C.如果我说错了请纠正。你确定美国海军只出了一次事故?

Barry M.

After their government threatening everyone with its hypersonic missiles Chinese scientists indirectly revealed that their missiles have no targetting capabilities.What China has are d umb bombs that could move fast.

True G.

@Barry M.Which part of the article did you infer that the missiles have no targeting capabilities?You can hit a car hundreds of kilometers away without targeting?Using the Jedi force?
@Barry M.你从文章的哪一部分推断出中国导弹没有描准能力的?你能在不瞄准的情况下击中几百公里外的一辆车吗?用绝地的力量?


@Barry M.Jealousy simpl
@Barry M.嫉妒的笨蛋。


@Barry M.The US will armed their teen-agers to defend the land of the free
@Barry M.美国会把他们的十几岁小孩都武装起来,来保卫那片“自由之地”

Sukses B.

This news will definitely shock military leaders across the globe.Well done,China.

Nh P.

This project is huge if this announcement is not meant to scare the roach out of Morrison.

Philip J.

A hypersonic missile that can hit a car…bahahahaha.What a joke.The U.S.has hypersonic missiles that can hit cities that include tens of thousands of cars!!!Now that’s how you conduct war.

True G.

@Philip J.What we have here is a missile that have pinpoint accuracy,and there you go rambling off on WMD.
@Philip J.我们说的是一种拥有瞬间精确能力的导弹,你却在鬼扯什么大规模杀伤性武器。


@Philip J.Geez..What a statement you just made.Now,go think about it if you can.
@Philip J.天你说的什么屁话。现在,好好想想吧,如果你能思考的话。

Philip J.

@True G.No,what you have is decades old technology and an inability to understand sarcasm.Perhaps if you take a course in verbal dexterity you can develop a sense of humor.Anyway we have been using precision munitions for decades.
@True G.不,你们拥有的是几十年的老旧技术,而且无法理解讽刺。也许你如果参加一个语言技巧的课程,还可以培养一点幽默感。不管怎么说,我们使用精确弹药已经几十年了。

True G.

@Philip J.Sarcasm only works when one meant the opposite of what they say.In your particular case,you meant what you say.Or otherwise,your sarcasm just isn’tup to par.Don’t give up.Practice makes perfect.
@Philip J.只有当一个人的意思与说的话相反的时候,讽刺才管用。而你这个例子中,你的话就是你想说的。如果不是这样,那你的讽刺还不到位。别放弃,多练练。

Cheng Z.

@Philip just show you know nothing about hypersonic missile.
@Philip J.你只证明了你对超高音速导弹一无所知。

Jin Xiang L.

US Pentagon has openly admitted their hypersonic missile tests all failed(thatz 100%).Where did your’US hypersonic missiles’come from?In your dream?

Gary M.

There are images come out from Taklamakan Desert,that PLA have been practicing large obxt similar to real size carrierusing hypersonic missiles mounted on land or plane.The success rate of shooting down a target is quite amazing.The US has been spying on this development via private Al enterprise is increasingly prominent.Image has been shown to mirror a harbor with frigates and other attacking vessels were present however,months later the site was demolished indicating the practice was over and the target aim was achieved.PLA has come a long way to develop these capability with accuracy is eye boggling investmnet even the US has now raised his eyebrows.