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美国人眼中的长津湖战役——一个残酷、冰冷的地狱,却帮助中国人在世界站稳了脚跟! 世界看中国-第1张



My dad was just 18 years old when he fought in this battle,he was one of the few thousand U.S.Army soldiers who was there.He died just last month and I had no idea he had fought in this battle until a family friend brought it up during his memorial.

Siliang S

I’ve seen the documentary made by China about this battle.The situation for the Chinese army was even tougher.Basic supplies such as foods/clothes/ammo were in shortage.Chinese army did not have tanks/planes even vehicles for transportation purpose.Soldiers from both sides are respectable.
World peace.

Jordan Wilson

As the US and South Korean soldiers retreated they left behind wounded,gear,and there dead.The marines picked up as many of the dead as they could,they aided the wounded and they fought.They were surrounded and cut off from the coast the source of supplies.Below freezing temperatures,snow coming down,and running out of supplies they fought.This battle was one of the darkest moments in USMC history.It is also one of the most well remembered.Every marine can tell you about the Chosin Reservoir.

Arch Angel

Most importantly it taught them not to underestimate thier enemy.Contrary to popular belief the PVA numbered about even to the the whole UN,US forces combined.And all those media portrayal of human waves is just stupid propaganda.
The PVA had no air support,heavy artillery,armored vehicles,winter clothings etc.As thier supply lines were stretched out thin they had insufficient food supply as well.They literally had to drag everthing by foot for hundreds of miles across rivers and mountains covered with snow and mud.But they still managed to slow the retreat of the entire Western Front force.

Joey Mortrude-Daniel

My father,James.Mortrude,a 2nd Lt.at the time,was a survivor of this battle,who narrowly escaped alive!

Freedom by Me

The marines are glorious,but it was the US Army 31st and 32nd Infantry,abandoned and cut off by over 50k Chinese,that fought until they were literally out of ammunition,who suffered over 95%casualties.
There is a documentary called Task Force faith that tells their tale.It is incomprehensible what these men went through.
有一部叫《Task Force Faith》的纪录片讲述的就是他们的故事。这些人的遭遇真是令人震惊。(这部纪录片于2014年拍摄,讲述的是北极熊团的故事)

John Troup

Forgotten heros…

John Wise

The Marines get the glory because they were the ones who took on the Chinese army and lived another day.Make no mistake,a lot of Marines shed blood there.My dad was there with the 1st Marine Brigade up around Yudam-ni.They were the first ones hit.He came home with Chinese metal in his body,minus his best friends.Too many good men died in that frozen hell!


My grandfather lost his soul there.His body was always present but I had been told he was never the same.

Bill Buttlicker

What?I thought the US troops retreat was nice and easy

Troy B.

My father was there,he stated almost 90%of this group were wiped out,He was a Marine,He always wonder why he lived and so many others died.

Robin Meng

Great great great thanks to US Marines and US,from Korea.We are able to exist today because of you guys.We will remember US Marines forever,who fought for us at Changjinho(Chosin Lake).Thank you.

Troy B.

My Dad Henry Marvin Brownrigg was in that battle.It haunted him the rest of his life.His feet were like mutilated from the frost bite.He always wondered why he lived and so many other of his friends died.He was like 17 years old at the time.He hardly ever talked about that war.

Minjie Chen

Obviously Soviet unx won this war~ Great loss for both China and U.S.(and of course also for the two Koreas),but it indeed helped China to stand up firmly in the world