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印度网友热议:世界少了中国的稀土就跟缺了水一样 世界看中国-第1张

Rare earths:The latest weapon in the US-China trade war
BEUING:They are used in everything from lightbulbs to guided missiles,but with China controlling 95 per cent of the world’s supply of rare earth metals,they are also a potentially powerful weapon in Beijing’s trade war with Washington.
The bedrock of electrical manufacturing,rare earths are 17 elements that serve as key components in devices ranging from hi-tech smartphones and cameras to flat-screen televisions and computers.
China dominates the global supply chain–and Washington relies heavily on the Asian superpower to access the metals.So much so that the commodities have not been subject to the tarif increases imposed by Donald Trump’s administration on Chinese goods.

印度网友热议:世界少了中国的稀土就跟缺了水一样 世界看中国-第2张
But Chinese state media is now suggesting that rare earth exports to the US could be cut in retaliation for American measures,sparking fear among manufacturers.

Simply put,rare earths give Beijing tremendous political and economic leverage in its spat with the United States.
The US this month threatened to cut supplies of US technology to Chinese telecom giant Huawei,citing security concerns and intensifying a trade spat that has seen both countries slap tit-for-tat tariffs on each other.

Scl·India·21 hours ago

Nothing in this world is indispensable.Industry would sure find newer alternative Substitutes tc the so called rare earth’s.

Scl Premi·18 hours ago

It'”s not alu but rare earth.

Scl Premi·13 hours ago

US and China playing psychological war for global supremacy,if it threat to stop the rare earth,the business lobby will pursuad Mr.Trump to negotiation table.The Chinese won'”t actually stop the rare earth.


Substitutes takes time.First to research,then to finance and establish a supply chain.What until then?

Jnknws·Timbaktu·18 hours ago

Africa is full of it.In fact lot of it is even taken over b Chinese.How long it would take the Americans to just convince these despots to sell them mining rights and even reverse some of them from Chinese and start mining it?Chinese will shoot their own foot for short term gain.They will find that the rare earths which is valued a fortune becomes a dud in a short while later.

R·12657·Jnknws·17 hours ago

Plus rare earth are hard to store.They are unstable.And in time lose value.

Ashish Jain·Guwahati,India·14 hours ago

You need to know who wage trade war first.To contain China technological progress,USA disturb global supply chain where China is the dominating position now.

Citizen·4362·Ashish Jain·14 hours ago

You are chewtiya.If China really developed by stealing,why don'”t you do the same and become billionaire!

Adi Roi·17 hours ago

simple enough if China stops rare earth,US will stop oil flow and declare war on China,either way us wins,US is a giantwar machine?

Adi Roi·Land of Cannabis Indica·15 hours ago

Chinese account for 80%of the rare earth minerals mining.

Smoking Kills Weed Doesnt·Guwahati,India·14 hours ago

Idiotic American think tank must give up cold war mentality and warmonger attitude.

Adi Roi·Guwahati,India·14 hours ago

USA will be collapsed.Trade war is last breadth of American hegemony in the world.

Bala Srinivasan·saginaw USA·17 hours ago

USA has fully woken up to defy CHINESE SHENANIGANS.

santa Bala Srinivasan·Guwahati,India·14 hours ago

USA despotic rule over the world is over when China emerge as saviour of world.

Adi Roi·2559·Hector Sopariwala·17 hours ago

there is no alternative to US as a superpower for next 100 years.

Uncle Talking·Guwahati,India·14 hours ago

It is better to stop USA unilateral trade war against China.Unethical law are imposed just to contain global leaders companies of China.Hypocrites of West need to be discarded.

Ricky Infosmart·18 hours ago

China exports to US is $400 Billions and US exports to China is $150 Billons.See here how china dominating the USA.Trump must do something

Mithilesh Kumar·18 hours ago

China will definitely take decision to stop supply of metals if cornered by US.But US must be ready for the alternatives in case China dares to do that.

Adi Roi-2559·Mithilesh Kumar·17 hours ago

US is ready for space mining.

Dinesh·Patna·22 hours ago

If a cartel by petroleum producing countries is justified.If sanctions are justified as trade weapons,why China’s willingness to control the supply of rare earth elements to fight the sanction against it can be termed unjustifiable.

Dinesh Roy·17 hours ago

It’s not that much of a potential weapon as made out to be.The US will find alternatives.

Ekdesi·USA·17 hours ago

China used this”rare earths”weapon on Japan in the past and Japan found alternative sources and is not dependent on China now.It will be a short term problem.US has those materials on its soil,but imports from China because of the cost to mine them.Sure,it is a short term squeeze,but in the long run,world will not depend on China.

Ekdesi·Guwahati,India·14 hours ago

World without China is world without water.

Srinivasan Jayaram·Guwahati,India·14 hours ago

Myanmar and Afghanistan has large deposit of REM.Indian mine can”t be opened due to environmental concern.

Nitesh Kaushik·17 hours ago

This is just a bargaining chip for China.If this does not work then as last resort china has to sell the US debt which in turn will make this trade war nuclear.As that would result in more colossal damages to both US and China.

Adi Roi·2559·Nitesh Kaushik·17 hours ago

US treasury or other countries will buy the debt,it does not make any diff to US

AdiRoi-2s59.Nitesh Kaushk.17hours ago

the total amount of US debt owed by China is less than what CitiBank itself got in bail out from US Treasury.

Guru·17 hours ago

In US other than babies everything is manufactured in China and imported to US.

Anis Shaikh·21 hours ago

China will ruine the US

Gaana User·14 hours ago

The trade war should get ended quickly

Dravidian·Toronto·15 hours ago

china also controls Indian fast food market

Tol·Noida·11 hours ago

Rare earths”are found abundantly across the globe”
what’s rare then?smh