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“鸿蒙”即将横空出世,外国网友感慨:华为有站起来的实力 世界看中国-第1张

Huawei’s operating system to replace Android expected to launch in June,report says
Huawei’s own operating system that’s expected to replace the Android system amid the Google ban is set to launch in June,a report said.
The Chinese company’s self-designed operating system–code-named”Hongmeng”but rumored to debut as”Ark OS”–has been in the works as a backup plan in case access to the Android system stopped,Alaa EIshimy,Huawei Enterprise Business Group Middle East’s managing director and vice president,told TechRadar on Tuesday.Google announced last week it was banning Huawei from accessing some of the Android operating system’s elements and other proprietary services in conjunction with President Trump’s executive order.
“Huawei knew this was coming and was preparing.The OS was ready in January 2018 and thiswas our’Plan B,”Elshimy told TechRadar.”We did not want to bring the OS to the market as we had a strong relationship with Google and others and did not want to ruin the relationship.Now,we are rolling it out next month.”

“鸿蒙”即将横空出世,外国网友感慨:华为有站起来的实力 世界看中国-第2张

Huawei was granted a trademark for”Hongmeng”last week,though the company had also been working on the project under the code name”Project Z,”The Wall Street Journal reported.
Elshimy said the new system is expected to work with all the apps that operated under Android and will be compatible with devices including smartphones,tablets,TVs and smartwatches.It’s unclear if all the apps in Google’s Play Store,the company’s app store,will also be available on Hongmeng.
埃尔希米说,新系统预计将与所有安卓系统内的应用程序兼容,并将兼容智能手机、平板电脑、电视和智能手表等设备。目前还不清楚谷歌的应用商店Play Store(该公司的应用商店)中的所有应用程序是否也能在鸿蒙上使用。
“The US sanctions won’t affect the company’s operating system and the chipsets in any way as we are self-reliant in many aspects,”Elshimy said.
The expected rollout of Hongmeng comes two months before Google is expected to officially cut ties with Huawei.Shortly after announcing the ban,Google said it was halting its plan after the U.S.Commerce Department granted a 90-day license for companies and Internet providers to coordinate with the Chinese tech giant in an effort to help existing customers.

Google will have until Aug.19 to launch software updates and other tasks.


li15 hours ago

Huawei CEO said that the company has hired 800 math and 800 physics,700 chemistry experts and including 60000 engineers for more than 10 years.

HenryJ21 hours ago

If Ark OS is indeed fully compatible with all Android apps,then it simply means that they developed it based on Android source codes.Not that this is a bad thing,it may be so heavilymodified and customized a la Amazon Fire OS that it no longer resembles Android.As for apps,this compatibility would make it so that all app makers have to do is to give Huawei permission to carry their apks in a Huawei app store.
如果方舟系统真的能与所有安卓应用程序完全兼容,那么这就意味着他们是基于安卓源代码开发的。这并不一定是件坏事,如果像Amazon Fire操作系统那样经过了大量修改和定制,就不再像安卓了。


Thanks President Trump.You inspire Huawei to replace the Android system.I really enjoy read articles on Yahoo.
My favorite part is write my comment.


I am confident of Huawei.I like their user interface better than LG and better than Samsung.Plus their text-to-speech is the best around.I hear their cameras these days are great too.


Serious business needs serious plans;I am glad that Huawei made that decisions long time ago in advance!Honestly,who needs the Americans when they change their words and deals like seasons does.?

Lou Myesterday

The spy thing is a hoax like the WMD in Iraq.The US came out with that lie cause Huawei was selling more phones worldwide than any company and they are more advanced than US counterparts when it comes to the 5G technology.


I have a feeling,this trade war will spur them to new heights and faster and better.In other words,what would have taken somewhat longer will now just happen quicker and faster.


US companies act according to the US government but it’s a problem if the Chinese companies does the same?


hongmeng will succeed at least in China.with China secure,huawei won’t have BIG problems.Europe is an important market for Huawei,may it succeed in this market too!

Jordan17 hours ago

The US government’s behaviors toward a big tech competitor like Huawei may be harmful to long term US interests.Japanese,Korean and German companies will probably transition to non-US suppliers to avoid the same fate one day.

ZT16 hours ago

Believe or not,after 10 years,US chip makers may bankrupt since Trump’s ban will accelerate China’s chip industry.Currently China is the biggest chip market of US chip makers.


They knew what is coming to them.They know the next move based on the book the”Art of the Deal”co-authored by President Donald Trump.They are prepared with or without Google but they do want want to be intimidated by a”stable genius”

Lee17 hours ago

Android is a dead 32 bit OS that is not optimum on today’s 64 bit processors.Google has been struggling to try to replace it with no success.If the Hongmeng OS is a 64 bit OS,then Huawei will not only replace Android,but jump way ahead of Google.Wonder if they will start selling their os to others in competition with Google?Today only Apple has a 64 bit OS for smart phones.


if americans are just coming to open the network.I thought it was no doubt civilians would adopt it.
Truth cannot be shown unless the full list of pact is published.

At least now China would not accept us on taking policy control of chinese companies.
So is america.
So sit down and talk.
I bet things are far beyond imagination of civilians.Keep an eye and not get hurt is to the best civilians can do.

Anonymous20 hours ago

Imagine if banking and trading is done in other currency than dollar?What will happen to US Banking system.
Will US be able to influence unilateral bans or sanctions?

Rex19 hours ago

That is a result of bonehead moves.Just like Congress refusing to give China more shares in the World Bank.They create the AlB.Now we block Android,they create their own OS.Banning entities is not the way to go.They will find other partners or make their own.

Youngyer22 hours ago

Now China(Huawei)is ready to shut down Google.
They have their capacity for stand up.Who will be the biggest lost dial?

Vincent15 hours ago

I plan to go to Shanghai to work this summer.And i will buy Huawei.Cheaper and better then Iphone.Let Apple gouge you


chris17 hours ago

Looks like Android will be going out of business.I wouldn’t buy that stock if my life depended on it.I forsee Apple stock going through the roof..

Vincent15 hours ago

Chinese sales of Iphones are way down because the Chinese are boycotting American goods.And can you blame them?

Anonymous21 hours ago

Don’t know if the spy thing is truth or a hoax.If it is truth,then it could mean that USA andallies cannot use the 5G technology for their spying channels whereas China and allies may be able to.
If it is a HOAX,then it could be a lie promoted like the Iraq WMD!


Thing is it won’t make a difference in most western countries.Android is king because besides being free it comes bundled with tons of very useful goodies that Huaweii’s OS won’t have access to AND the biggest thing is that Developers will NOT be bothering to make apps compatible for it either besides Chinese or specific Huawei app makers.Think of the annoyance without being able to use your linked gmail,gmaps,and gplay among other favorited google free apps.Further your favorite western made games,apps,and especially bank/financial apps will NOT make a version for Huawei as well.This will signal an instant downfall for Huawei’s OS outside China.I work in SE Asia as an American abroad and over here even more stores are canceling Huawei orders or at least freezing them while waiting to see if Huawei gets past these restrictions and regains full android access.Its widely known over here in SE Asia that Huawei will become a brand of mobile device to not touch.I’ve even seen one local major cellstore put up a sign saying NO Refunds or Exchanges period in light of Huawei’s issues and totake it up with Huawei directly as they are already expecting people trying to return phones they expect to lose gplay access.


So the OS was developed all the way back in Jan 2008 and they knew the ban was coming.So they knew they were up to no good way prior to 2008.If you were clean and always has been,why would you predict that something terrible will be happening to you.


well,not sure which one is accurate.what i read in chinese is that”ark os”has just officially registered as trademark but would not debut until android ban taking effect.

vincent r21hours ago

AWESOME!I will be switching to Huwawei in June!Finally the NSA and CIA will not have Google to give them backdoors to hack our phones!!


Who think’s app makers are going to jump into Huawei’s new OS to make compatible version’s of their apps?That game all your friends are playing on gplay and appstore won’t be available to you as a Huawei customer.That app that helps with managing all your things together…no accessible.That bank/financial app you use to watch,manage,and make money..also NO access.Even in SE Asia cell shops are canceling Huawei orders because of this.

Anonymous21 hours ago

Trump knows how to bankrupt the companies..Look at his own companies and university.Bully is never a good thing.Too bad android rushing to ban Huawei.If ever Huawei OS becomea big thing,it will screw android OS big time since most of the big handphone company from China such as Oppo and Vivo.Oh and wait Wait until China ban export rare earth to USA.