2019.6.3 发布在 世界看中国 栏目

若中国封杀苹果,苹果利润或暴跌逾四分之一,外国网友:可怜的苹果将如何生存 世界看中国-第1张

Apple’s profits could plunge more than a quarter if China bans iPhone in retaliation for US restrictions on Huawei,analyst says
Alice Rosemary,Thousand Oaks,United States,2 days ago

At least America and Apple make products that don’t explode or fall apart after six months.

JJdang3r,Coldwater Ohio,United States,2 days ago

Apple products are made in China.

Alice Rosemary,Thousand Oaks,United States,2 days ago

Jdang3r,they assemble California-designed products under the direction and supervision of an American company.

Left.and.uphill,Hampshire,United Kingdom,1 day ago

Hahaha.American manufacturing is not something you should be proud off.Look at your awful cars and motorbikes.Also.your planes are awful.Boeing’s are falling out the sky at the moment.

SecondChance,Las Vegas,United States,2 days ago

Apple loves making poor people build their products.Their products are overpriced.

Balls of Iron,Vienna,Austria,2 days ago

Cut China loose-full trade embargo-then watch them squirm!

CenterRight,San Francisco,United States,2 days ago

iim fine with that.Apple has been hoarding cash by charging inflated prices for its products,while keeping its manufacturing low by using cheap labor in china.The game is up..

Jock Mcdougall,downthroat Scotland,United Kingdom,2 days ago

They have $300 Billion stashed around the Globe.

RVXI,San Diego,United States Minor Outlying Islands,2 days ago

So what if their profits are $8 billion instead of $10 billion?So what?

Voice of Reason IⅢ,TAMPA FL,United States,2 days ago

More likely your IPhone is going to sell at $2000 iso $1000 making it a truly elitist device.

jbmn,No,United States,2 days ago

Poor Apple.How will they survive

CenterRight,San Francisco,United States,2 days ago

Iim not seeing a lot of sympathy for Apple.…

OftenCensored,Galtville,United States,2 days ago

And what happens if the US bans all imports from China?Where are the iPhones made again?

Auckland4seasons,Dubai,UAE,2 days ago

Lol the irony is that they are already OVERPRICED manufacturing in China and making hugemargins.They cannot go up in price anymore if they are forced elsewhere.”rock and a hard place”…Good!Time to break their monopoly.

Luxferro,New York,United States,2 days ago

Apple is the only company who can manufacture the iPhone.Foxconn and china aren’t the only places that can manufacture things.

worship me,malibu,United States,2 days ago

Make them HERE.Apple can afford it.They are so greedy.Their profits are crazy high.

AmyZz,USA,United States,2 days ago

Apple can afford it no more than any other cellphone company.In case you haven’t noticedNO cellphones are made here anymore.Most electronics and appliances can’t afford to stay competitive if they stay in the US.

Benny Arnold,Moosetail Minnesota,United States,2 days ago

A world with a decrease in iPhones isn’t a bad idea.

hundoblastr,Apoplectia,United States,2 days ago

Fire that factory up in Wisconsin.

StellaL,Los Angeles,United States,2 days ago

Good.Big tech will be fine.

SportyM16,Herndon,United States,2 days ago

China relies on the iPhone to keep their workers in the rural areas with jobs.5%of their population survives by iPhones.We have nothing to worry about.The media is simply trying to scare us.Pathetic.

wchenchou,new york,2 days ago

China can’t live without iPhone.

MikeN,Peterborough,United Kingdom,2 days ago

Nor can the USA

joe max,Rochester,United States,2 days ago

You mean they may have to build their phones in U.S.??????

dujma,Zagreb,Croatia,2 days ago

Vietnam or Singapore

So.Cal.NY1,Palo Alto,United States,2 days ago

How about we start manufacturing the apple I phone right here in the good ol US of A!

Daniel711,Columbus,United States,2 days ago

Its already $1500 with Chinese slave labor.

Chillenout,Sunny SoCal,United States,2 days ago

$1500 isnit $2000,so who will pay $2000 for an iPhone?

me here,s shields,2 days ago

Aren’t Apples made in China,won’t Chinese workers suffer if restrictions are placed on Apple.

Curry C,Burlington,United States,2 days ago

Dont think apple cares.been thru it all before!

HairyHuevos2019,Dallas,United States,2 days ago

Apple has had many chances over the last 10 years to move production to North America and they resisted.This drama with China was bound to happen eventually

Right Foot,A.MUANG,Thailand,2 days ago

Can’t stand Apple.Closing it down is fine by me.

DH2016,Around,United States,2 days ago

Hmm.Then you’re left with Google as the sole os on cell phones.Uh,no thanks.I don’t care for Apple but Google has proven time and time again that it can’t be trusted.

Alpine38,Zurich,Switzerland,2 days ago

Fight fire with fire and hope that nobody gets burned

Grimupnorth111,Liverpool,United Kingdom,1 day ago

Apple is basically a Chinese company.Poor quality products sold at vastly inflated prices to sheep around the world.Most other large phone companies make far superior products.

Miaguy,London New York,United Kingdom,1 day ago

Like Huawei?

Immortal Technique,rich mans world,United States,2 days ago

Daily Mail isn’t even reporting what’s already happened.In China,Apple is seen as an aspirational brand like Louis Vuitton or Gucci.Such was the craze about Apple that they had fa ke Apple stores that fooled even the western tourists.Now,middle class and rich Chinese are proud to flaunt their flagship Huawei phones.doing so they display their patriotism and frown on those using Apple.What are the results of the Trump tariffs and ban of Huawei?American farmers reporting record losses in hog,soybeans and other foods.Apple sales plummeting.
Small manufacturers importing raw materials from China having to raise their prices.Huawei mustering courage to roll out its own operating system and being the number 2 smartphone maker,it will have major implications.

Elisheba,London,United Kingdom,2 days ago

No great loss these days methinks!

Truth Doctor,Liberals Idolize Karl Marx,United States,2 days ago

Liberal icon Tim Cook would be very upset.He enjoys China’s 15%corporate tax rate,and cheap labor.

tjaba,Akureyri,Iceland,2 days ago

Apple’s higher prices than others are pure greed,go-ahead China,ban it!

Missionaccomplished,Dallas,United States,2 days ago

Over 1/4 of the earths population lives in China.Thatis a lot of buying power.

PastorRighteous,Hollywood,United States,2 days ago

Couldn’t happen to a more deserving company.Apple has abused consumers for more than a decade with its phone.

NyNY10017,New York,United States,2 days ago

Good,hopefully iPhone prices will go down

Cogitator,Whitney,United States,2 days ago

If it happens,at least Apple will no longer have a pact with the Devil.

e,Glasgow,2 days ago

Apple should simply move those manufacturing jobs to a more civilised law abiding country.

Roberbyrd,EI Cajon,United States,2 days ago

That would be awesome

Wowthisissomething,Los Angeles,United States,2 days ago

You ban our products,then will ban your products.It’s that simple!But then again,we’ve got simpleton as our so-called president running the show.

Nicholas Herr,Boulder City Nevada,United States,2 days ago

China already outfarms manufacturing it can to cheaper labor countries.

Pat Nowak,Sherwood,United States,2 days ago

Apple is basically a China company now.

Erin Dean,Grass Valley,United States,2 days ago

They should ban Apple.They don’t deserve nice phones

MonkeyBidness,New City,United States,1 day ago

let’s put Apple’s profits above everyone else,all jobs gone to China.Apples makes a killing as-is,they are not going bankrupt if they make 25%less.How did Apple survived before they are selling in China?

Christian Lee,Sacramento,United States,2 days ago

Make them in Mexico

CJSpew,Walnut Creek,United States,1 day ago

Apple hasn’t innovated anything since Nerd Jesus kicked the bucket