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中国禁运美国大豆,美国农民:“我们非常无助” 世界看中国-第1张

“We’re pretty helpless:American farmers react to China’s latest trade war play

China is a massive customer of American agricultural products,and soybeans in particular are a key lever in the ongoing trade war.
Beijing basically stopped importing U.S.soybeans in 2018 and promised to ramp purchases in 2019 as negotiations moved forward in early 2019.But China has now reportedly put a hold on buying U.S.soybeans as talks sour,and the pain is being felt once again in the U.S.heartland.

中国禁运美国大豆,美国农民:“我们非常无助” 世界看中国-第2张
“We’re pretty helpless out here,”Glenn Brunkow,a Kansas-based farmer who grows corn and soybeans,told Yahoo Finance.”We just hope that this will resolve in the near future and it will benefit the U.S.and some of the trade imbalances.We’re cautiously optimistic but..…our patience is running thin.”

A 3 days ago

the USDA announced last week that it will be providing $16 billion to help American farmers affected by tariffs in the U.S.-China trade war-after previous aid totaling $7.7 billion…..…

Lee Gary3 days ago

In the meantime,China is helping Brazil develop soy bean production along with other countries.If American farmers think China will be dependent on them for soy bean production in the future they are mistaken.China will control purchase of soy beans and other agricultural products from the an enticement for trade negotiations now and in the future.Farmers best try and find alternate international options or switch to other products for production in the future.

Beihai2 days ago

They put a huge premium on saving face and will happily go without soybeans if to save face.

Robert3 days ago

The tariff trade war is not just about the major commodities like corn and soy.In 2018 25%of the cranberry crop was dumped or used as animal feed due to the Trump

Randy3 days ago

But,WHY are we giving money to farmers?A whole lot of people are getting hurt with this trade war.Selective aid?For people that voted for this guy?We’re all paying more for imported goods.I don’t think I want my tax money going for welfare for these able bodied individuals.

Aunty Diluvian3 days ago

The corporate farmers can wait it out but the real victims are the small family farms who live year-to-year on 200 acres of crops.I hope they wake up and vote accordingly in 2020.

Stephen D.3 days ago

Recognizing how volatile Trump is,and how he makes policies on a whim,China has already turned to countries like Brazil and Russia as alternative suppliers and there is no guarantee that U.S.agribusiness will get that lost market share back.China may like to pretend to be communist,but they are shrewd businessmen and they do not want to deal with an unreliable supplier for something as important as food.

GARY3 days ago

$23billion in aid,our tax dollars,then we get to pay higher prices from China.Taxpayers have to pay twice,for Trumps mistakes.How is this helping?

Talib-DinM3 days ago

Farmers were well aware of the economic and financial risks early in life.Rather than accepting WELFARE they should enter a more stable employment sector.

koneill09293 days ago

China has made trade deals with other countries and they are not going to come back.The farmers voted for trump and deserve what is happening.Maybe they should all just go bankrupt because according to Trump,going bankrupt is a normal part of doing business.

Bob3 days ago

Before he is finished Trump will have turned the world against the US.Neither our friends nor our enemies will trust us or be willing to work with us if they have an alternative.

jobycat3 days ago

So They Voted for a guy that cut their income in half?Then The rest of the country has to pay these farmers off?They get paid for not growing crops?Who pays for that?

van voorthuizen3 days ago

Russia thanks to western sanctions over the last years has rapidly developed their agriculture sector.Soybean exports from Russia to China has quadrupled in the last 2 years

JDoe3 days ago

And if you believe Trump’s $19 billion in SOCIALIST handouts are going to the family farmers rather than the huge agricultural corporations,dream on.

Riting2 days ago

To be VERY clear,the 12 billon in relief will NOT go to family’s going to corporate farms.Again,trump only tells us part of the story.

Deb3 days ago

No worries farmers,trump will keep the welfare payments coming.At least until after the 2020election.

DOGE3 days ago

don’t wory trump will buy your loyalty with welfare

MY2CENTS3 days ago

Trump just opened the soybean market for Brazil and Argentina.China will not come back to the US,thank you Trump!

Terry2 days ago

Guaranteed Farmer Welfare Payments until November 2020.

SwineFlew23 days ago

The Great Depression:1930 Smoot Hawley tariffs worsened the recession that started in October 1929 stock crashes which had been just a paper loss initially.
The Trump Depression is coming,because Trump has just announced more tariffs.Democrats have a shot at the White House 2020.

Austin2 days ago

Money that could be going to repair bridges and roads is instead being given as welfare to farmers.This is pure socialism.NO MORE FARMER WELFARE.They made the choice to vote for Trump and they can live with the consequences.

SwineFlew23 days ago

It’s America consumers and businesses that will pay the tariffs.When they pay,they are in fact paying for Trump’s tax cut for the rich(December 2017).Trump’s tariff on China is in fact a tax increase on Americans.

paul3 days ago

Grow something else farmers,or find another line of work.The taxpayers are tired of subsidizing you.

Anonymous3 days ago

what good is a tariff if we subsidize payments back to the farmers.

Aardvark3 days ago

Trump is the single cause of the farmers’plight.Remember that at the polls.

SwineFlew23 days ago

These farmers voted for Trump 2016.
Elections have consequences.

Harvestmoon3 days ago

So,why do farmers vote Republican????

james3 days ago

How many years can we provide release payments to farmers?China has new contracts to buy soybeans from Brazil,Argentina,and Russia.Even after the trade war is over,the market for US soybeans may be gone or greatly reduced.

Paul3 days ago

Helpless?What are farmers talking about?They had the power of the vote!They elected him to do these things!

Jade3 days ago

I know that you brave,patriotic farmers are going to be too proud to take any of the socialist welfare money that Trump will send to you,right?

Herry3 days ago

Ukrainian farmers be like:”Thanks to our hard working President Trump,we go all our soybeans,corn and sunflower seeds sold for 10 years in advance.Thank you again President Trump for taking us on account and providing us with such an opportunity?”

NotRed3 days ago

Sad part is all these farmers will vote for Trump again.They could lose every penny and be in a homeless shelter and would still get out the vote for”the great American”Donny Trump.
America First,LOL!

sheliaw3days ago

Just keep putting your confidence in a businessman who lost a billion dollars in 10 years,made stiffing his contractors standard operating procedure and had 6 bankruptcies.

Roy2 days ago

Farmers are now some of the biggest welfare recipients in the country

Eric13 days ago

Sorry farmers,but YOU voted for Trump,and now you are in THIS’situation.Try to be a bit more’clear-headed’in 2020.

Darrell3 days ago

Corporate farms will win,all family farms will go we see the pattern yet?