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中印开战谁会赢?看印度网友热议(一) 世界看中国-第1张

If China and India fight,which side will win?
Shivam Singla,B.Tech from Dr.B.R.Ambedkar National Institute of Technoloay,Jalandhar(2020)
Originally Answered:Who will win if India and China fighted each other

We cannot say who will win Since China is much stronger and also pakistan is there,they both fight against India Now,talking about Russia,it will definitely come into war but the question is that will Russia fiaht from Indian side or Pak-Chinese Another factor is that,if Russia is fighting now role of USA comes into picture,it will fight from side against Russians Now NATO and EU WILL fight from their respective member’s side.
Whoever fight from which side doesn’t matter for Japan,Vietnam,France,Israel,Bhutan.
Bangladesh,UK.They all support India under all circumstances.
South Korea allow USA to make bases on their land.
Arabic countries and Muslim majority countries except Afghanistan(May be saudi too)will help China-Pak side in their best way because of two reason:
1.Because of pakistan is Muslim majority nation
2.Israel will support India and Muslim countries are against him.
So it will not be a war between two countries.it will be world war.

But still China’s side will be a little heavy.
As arms and power cannot decide the result of war,as we have seen many times in past;for example in case of Vietnam-America war.
So it is impossible to say who will win…..

Ashutosh Srivastava, former Self Employed at Business

Originally Answered: Who will win India vs. China?

Despite the attention many Fortune 500CEOs have paid to India since the election of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2014, China’ s growth will continue to rival its Asian neighbor even as investors worry that its economy is slowina down. U.S. headlines have called China’ seconomy the “Doomed Dragon,”predicting it is headed for disaster. This sentiment is too negative. China’ s fundamental strengths mean that even if growth slows in the short-term, it will likely keep growing at an annual rate of between 6% and 7% in a few vears; rates the U.S.
would only dream of. Asia’ s other rising giant, India, will also grow quickly, but is unlikely to perform quite as well as its popular Prime Minister Modi hopes. India’ s decentralized political system means that no matter how well-meanina, the Modi government cannot achieve change nearly as quickly as the Chinese Nonetheless, the economic weight of the world has already shifted in China and India’ s direction. It will continue to do so as their economic reforms move forward. By 2030, China and India, respectively, are expected to be the first and third largest economies in the world, withthe largest middle classes that U.S. companies will wish to sell to. They will lead the world in demand for natural resources and eneray, and be its largest carbon emitters The limits of “socialism with Chinese characteristics,”the economic system established by Deng Xiaoping in the 1980s, are now becoming clear. Over-investment, inefficient state-owned enterprises, mounting government debt and growing inequality are unsustainable. However, several factors weiah in China’ s favor. The economy is large with plenty of natural resources, labor and capital. Its high savings rate means that China doesn’ t have to rely on fickle externa capital. In spite of its rapidly aging population, China will still have surplus labor for at least the next few decades. Moreover, the government is raising artificially low retirement ages andrelaxed its one-child policy. With more than 1.3 billion consumers, China’ s large interna market makes it less sensitive to external economic shock


Jayant Aggarwal, studied at National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra Originally Answered: Who will win if India and China fight?

If all countries except the Belligerents stay strictly neutral(including Pakistan) There will be two theatres of War, One of the current Aksai Chin and Other in North East part of India.
Whole Chinese might will rely on breaking into Arunachal Pradesh, Ladakh and Sikkim because everywhere else it will be disastrous for them to Engage.
In all of these places, the terrain is slightly lower in elevation or comparitively plain as compared to other parts of Sino Indian border, but even at this terrain fighting a tank based battle will be next to impossible so most of the warfare will boil down to heavy airstrikes and rapid troop movements, which China can’ t sustain for long period of time owing to huge size of on ground troops and large amount of distance from from its core.
India can easily mobilize resources owing to closeness of frontier to its core and can create deeper incursions into Western Chinese territory with much ease due to its sparse population density.
It will be a war of almost equals because The Geographical position of both countries make it difficult for them for any large scale Land or Sea battle and Air strikes will form the basis of all the campaign. In the end, Indian Eastern frontier and cities of East especially Kolkata, Gauhat and Shillong and of the North including Jammu, Srinagar, Leh, Amritsar and Chandigarh wil face biqqest brunts and Same with Chinese Western frontier cities but territorial gains made by any of the countries will be very difficult to maintain for any of them.


Swapnil Mulay, B. Com from Bhonsala Military College (2020)
Originally Answered: Who will win India vs. China?

In terms of population, China wins In term of youth population, India wins (world’s youngest country)
In terms of military power, China wins In terms of economic growth. India wins.
In aspect of giving civil rights, India wins (in China various events have taken place where peoples civil rights get compromise)
In terms of production of goods, China wins.
In terms of social infrastructure, China wins (India is working on this but China is way more ahead in this In terms of influence on international politics, China wins (China has veto power in UNO. They are member of NSG. India is trying to get permanent membership in these organisations.)
In terms of International business and trade, China wins (India’s export in not as much as of China)
India is democratic country while China is communist country, you decide which is better.
Now, if there is a war between both countries, firstly China will have a upper hand but then India will come with his reserve military forces. War will end into a treaty between both countries as no country can win against each other. Thank you.


Ripon Handique
Originally Answered: Who will win India vs. China?

In the short term or long term? If the past 70-odd years are an indication, then there’s no guessing required In the long term from now? Depends on: 1) who manages to integrate, exploit and dominate the international system, as it is2) who manages her relation better with the US 3) how it’s system-political , economical, social-copes or evolves.
China has an advantage in all 3. But it is also for the same reason that it is handicapped-the more integrated you are with the world, the more you become affected through them.(Not to say that india is not, or will not be affected.) And her relation with the US is still sensitive-for all her development and progress, and for all her DF missiles and stealth J planes her leaders know that they are still not a match even for Russia, military-wise. The question, then, is how her leaders continue to make the best of what she has till now managed to, and build on it.
India’s concerns are different, at the field level because it is the same, as China’s aspiration-
wise. While she has a lot of well-advertised advantaqes, those very advantaqed can also be her disadvantaged. This is where the future is going to be interesting. Hopefully, both will win for their peoples, and not over each other’s people.


Sayeesh Pillai, works at Kochi, Kerala, India

Originally Answered: Who will win India vs. China?

This question has two parts economic and military In the economic part till now China was surging ahead with massive infrastructure investment and low cost manufacturing. But China is losing out on the low cost manufacturing since wages has increased many folds in China and it had become uneconomic to manufacture in China.
While India has the lowest wages, except for Africa even low wages when compared to Vietnam, Bangladesh or Sri Lanka. India if it manages its labour laws and infrastructure bottlenecks will do better or as equal as China in the near future.
Chinese economy is also suffering from high debt to GDP ratio of 230% ie for every one rupee earned China has to pay back rupees 2.30. Then there is the issue of bad loans which are to the state owned companies and also the overcapacity in the chinese industries.
Militarily China is not at all superior to India to win a war with India. It remains a fact that China is technologically slightly better and equipment wise much better to India , while this is enough to flex muscle, it is not enough to win a war against India. If China was so confident in its stealth technologies it would not have bought SU 35 planes from Russia as recently as a few months back

在军事上,中国并不比印度更能赢得与印度的战争。事实仍然是,中国在科技上略好一些,在装备上对印度好得多,尽管这足以展示实力,但不足以赢得对印度的战争。如果中国对其隐形技术如此自信,就不会在几个月前还从俄罗斯购买SU 35飞机。

Asimendra DeChaudhari, former Senior Telecom Assistant at Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited(1978-2014)
Originally Answered: Who wins, China or India?

Do you mean winning a war? Because wining can have different contexts, winning a war, winning hearts, winning a competition, winning in establishing peace and social wellbeing ano equality within and outside the country, winning in economic development etc. No one wins in everything or loses in everything. We should not always think of competition. But also cooperation. Even competition should be a healthy competition. India should never give up the war of principles. If we stick to highest principles we will always win.
Our national anthem declares that God himself is our commander-in-chief and declares victory of God and not of the country. If God is our commander-in-chief, who can defeat us? Only condition is that we should follow God’s commands and instructions scrupulously. Jana GanaAdhinayaka (God, the commander of India) Jaya He(Victory to Thee) Bharata Bhaqya Vidhata (
who is the decider of India’s fate)
Coming back to reality from idealism, India has a strong military to defend itself and it has no intention to occupy another’s tertitory. At present China is ahead of India in military anc economic power, but this status can change in future and India can emerge as stronger.
Nothing in the world is permanent. England was superpower once and now America, and who knows who is next? History tells that prosperity is followed by decay. But through all these changes God will perform the work of establishing a better world order and India may play a role it as predicted by some of our sages. Personally I am very hopeful about India’s future in spiritualizing the world as aqainst the present blind materialism where money is everthing, which is leading to strife, inequality. wars and terrorism in the world.

我们的国歌称神是我们的总司令,宣扬神的胜利,而不是国家的胜利。如果神是我们的总司令,谁能打败我们?唯一的条件是我们必须严格遵守神的命令和指示。Jana Gana Adhinayaka(神,印度的指挥官)Jaya He(胜利属于你)Bharata Bhagya Vidhata(谁是印度命运的决策者)从理想主义回到现实,印度有强大的军队来保卫自己,它无意占领别人。目前,中国在军事和经济实力上领先于印度,但这种地位在未来可以改变,印度可以变得更强大。世界上没有什么是永恒的。英国曾经是超级大国,现在轮到美国了,谁知道下一个是谁?历史告诉我们,繁荣过后就是衰败。但是,通过所有这些变化,神将履行建立一个更好的世界秩序,而印度可能发挥我们的一些圣人所预测的作用。就我个人而言,我对印度将世界精神化的未来充满希望,而不是盲目的崇拜物质主义,认为金钱就是一切,这会导致冲突和不平等、战争和恐怖主义。

Kshitiz Mishra,B.A Engineering&Anime,Malay College Kuala Kangsar(2018)
Originally Answered:Who will win if India and China fight?

Indian prime mininster has developed the ties with 6-7 different major + minor countries to…
now if we talk about this..UJ.S.A is on side of india..also…india has borrowed many of the enourmous energetic missiles,jet and tankers..from U.S.A.also india has thier own like AGNI
..the missile which was invented by dr A.P.J abdul kalam.also india has the radiowave catching signals tool in thier arsenal.for checking track to what is chinese army doing and where the are.also indian army is very very highly trained…it includes several commando’s of high level which are able to defeat 4 men alone.so now if we talk about china.it is heavily powerful but the thing here is THE MIND AND STRATEGY OF Leaders china also has less ties with countries so it could not borrow much but INDIA grew the ties and is capable to borrow so much from the outer strong countries.so according to this fact i think india would WIN.

Sarthak Jadhav,Business Analyst
Originally Answered:Who will win,China or India?

In what?
Lifting people out of poverty?CHINA Building cities that put western cities to shame?CHINA(already done).
Becoming a Superpower?CHINA(on the verge of it)
Fighting over religion?INDIA Electing vision less politicians?INDIA Building the tallest statues in the world?INDIA Condemning its citizens to low quality jobs?INDIA There you go.

Samyak Pradhan,Generally a sensible person
Originally Answered:Who will win India ys.China?

In a full blown,all resources utilised war between the two countries,China will defeat India.
On other parameters such as economic development,standard of living and the status of the country on a global level,China has far exceeded India and India is playing catch up.
I guess some of my more enthusiastic brothers will point out India’s rising status and will make hyperbolic claims of India’s might.I,however,believe that there is not point in bombastic claims.What is more important is to know our real status and consistently strive to reach the higher standards that we aspire for.

Nath Tagore

No one will be even close to WIN China trying to play the role of its Spoiled child E.g.Pakistan&North Korea when the whole world recognizes the HAND behind both of the above countries as CHINA.
This will create ante aqainst China and it’s products across the globe..and will lead to ownfall of Industrial&Economic Growth.


Impact of War
Let me project an Broader answer..The Chinese will Loose much..
1.Chinese already have issues with several countries in South China Sear(All will try to take Advantage).
2.It has Economic cheating offences and grudge by Lankans&UK&European Countries.so all will try to take advantaqe.
3.Chinese Dream of achieving Global Power status and As Asian Brother status will be LOST Forever.
4.CPEC project to transfer exports will be used for IMPORTS damaqing Chinese Economy.
5.It is a Visible truth that PAK needs Chinese investment but neither it’s culture or high handedness towards PAK so Muslim leaders will take advantage over CHINA.US will use this opportunity to remove its Chinese debt in possible way.

Anirudha Thantry
Originally Answered:Who will win India vs.China?

War is a dangerous death of humanity.but for sake it is China we can say that China will fallinto a trap that they could nt expect from India our approach could drastically break Chinese nerves because we are naturally protected by Himalayan and higher altitude ranges which gives us more time to think because China with its forward thinking prepares for a brute invasion where their calculation could go completely wrong.invasion requires optimum weaponry systems and more personal s by this they would neglect some destructive weapons which will cause them dear as we are good at welcoming we will welcome them with open hands and set our allies invade main land China which is their soul brain and weakness bothVietnam and Japan will invade tactically with Russia liking to protect Siberia will help to neutralize China indirectly mean while Chinese soldiers in India will be over throne by army by superior intelligence through our technology and our ideology will play a major role China has out number ed military personnel but lacks in country to country co ordination And India believe in team work because we are vishwa quru.China has been the worst copy cat and they try to replicate us military but India has its own mind by decreasing weapons and increase intelligence

Swati Kadyan,lives in India

India can win but only if it think thrice before doing something which affects China becauseobviously China is a powerful nation and taking wrong steps can lead to some more conflicts.
More conflicts means more attacks from both partners China and Pakistan.
Therefore,when India is sure of its development it can declare victory over China and for that matter Pakistan too because Pakistan is supported by China so having authority over China will show Pakistan and USA of what actually India is made of.