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In tit for tat,India increases customs duty on 29 US goods

印网友热议:印度提高29种美国商品关税 世界看中国-第1张

NEW DELHI:The government on Friday finally decided to impose additional customs duty on 29 products,including almonds,walnut and pulses,imported from the United States-a move which came nearly a year after India had decided to retaliate against Washington’s move to raise import duties on some steel and aluminium products.
The Union finance ministry will soon issue a notification to this effect.The increase in import duties will be effective from June 16.India’s move to impose retaliatory tariffs comes 10 days before foreign minister S Jaishankar is to meet US secretary of state Mike Pompeo,the first high-level interaction after the new Modi government took over.Official sources in Delhi said that the government had informed the US authorities about the decision to raise import duties.
The government had held off on imposing retaliatory tariffs in the hope that the two countries would negotiate a resolution.
Some other products on which duties will be hiked include some nuts,iron and steel products,apples,pears,flat rolled products of stainless steel,other alloy steel,tube and pipe fittings,and screws,bolts and rivets.

Rajesh·9 hours ago

Foolish trump is pushing all countries towards china and russia.

Rajesh·2 hours ago

@gaana user-If all countries unite against USA,then USA has more to lose.

Amna Doc·31 mins ago

Hindus loved Trump earlier!

Amna Doc·31 mins ago

Where are all those Indian Hindus who were praising Trump earlier?

Sl·Secunderabad·5 hours ago

This is Trump madness n insanity n modi has to face it.

Siva Kumar·Chennai,Tamil Nadu·7 hours ago

Like this the govt.should charge high custom duty on chinese products like pens,dols and other plastic items which will help people to prefer domestic products.No use of complaining that our products are inferior.People should think to develop the quality of our products.

Monkeybaat.Rajendra Nagar·5 hours ago

Quality will not improve just by protectionism.Quality only improves when there is competition.

Anands·Pune·5 hours ago

Only imposing high custom duty will not make much difference.Our government should encourage Indian indutries to compete in quality by which our product match their standards.We have qualified engineers who should be encouraged to manufacture world standard product so that we can export.

Amna Doc·35 mins ago

Hindus are known to blame others for everything.They want scapegoats

pasricha·6 hours ago

Earlier govts didnt have such guts to take such actions on tir for tat.A strong leadership in centre is makking it possible

Pradeep Rai·9 hours ago

USA cares for only itself.

Nabanita Banerjee·5 hours ago

Doesn'”t the US realise that its days of international bullying is over?

hodana murthy·4 hours ago

We can live happily without almonds and walnuts.

Shaun Xalin·4 hours ago

impose hikes on chinese products too

Anand S·RAJAHMUNDRY·3 hours ago

wud it dare..?

Abhijit·Hyderabad·4 hours ago

This is not going to be good for India.

Balidan·New Delhi·5 hours ago

This big bully America needs to be a taught a lesson.

TheBuddiesForever·Location·5 hours ago

Better we asian countries India,china,russia,thai,japan form a good union for trade and completely start ignoring USA.We can also get close to EU.All countries Plan to stop using USD for international trading.

hello there·4 hours ago

You cannot ignore US because your exports to US are more than double the imports.
So US has more leverage..

Rajesh·9 hours ago

If trump had some brain he would have cornered china first.Once china bent the knee all others could have been pushed later and would have yielded immediately.Instead he has united them all against USA now.

Harpreet D·3 hours ago

US can change sides in an instant for their self interests.They are only using India to counter China.It'”s right time India should act strong instead of timid and retaliate like Turkey did.
US is not Russia who will be on our side all the time

ONE LINER Challenge·8 hours ago

Lets now watch and see what TRUMP does!!

Ash·2 hours ago

At last modi has shown some guts to counter buffoon

Santosh lyer·4 hours ago

An effective way to tackle US bullying is to boycott US products!

Rajesh·5 hours ago

India also show courage to negotiate with supw power