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中资银行要求印度信实通讯偿还21亿美元贷款,印网友不爽:中国的钱不要还 世界看中国-第1张

Chinese banks demand $2.1 billion from tycoon Anil Ambani’s RCom

NEW DELHI:Chinese lenders,including China Development Bank,Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and Exim Bank of China,have demanded at least $2.1 billion from embattled tycoon Anil Ambani’s Reliance Communications Ltd,that slid into bankruptcy earlier this year.
State-owned China Development Bank,with loans worth Rs 9,860 crore($1.4 billion)was the biggest creditor to the indebted telecom company,according to a filing made by the company to stock exchanges.Exim Bank of China sought payment of Rs 3,360 crore,while Industrial and Commercial Bank of China claimed Rs 1,554 crore,as per the filing.
The bankruptcy court is hearing lenders,and the former billionaire’s telecom firm as it attempts to find buyers for the company’s assets and pay debt.Anil Ambani’s older sibling and Asia’s richest man Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd had earlier offered topurchase RCom’s assets in a Rs 17,300 crore deal,which would have helped partly pay off lenders.The deal fell through after encountering regulatory hurdles.
Mukesh Ambani had in March helped his younger brother avert the risk of being jailed by making an $80 million payment on his behalf to the local unit of Ericsson AB for past maintenance services.

中资银行要求印度信实通讯偿还21亿美元贷款,印网友不爽:中国的钱不要还 世界看中国-第2张

Following is a list of Reliance Communication’s top seven lenders as of June 13.Chinese banks account for about one-fourth of the total claims.

Investment bank VTB Capital of Russia has also featured in the list with a claim of Rs 511 crore while Standard Chartered Bank(London),Deutsche Bank(Hong Kong),DBS Bank and Emirates NBD Bank are among other foreign institutions in the financial creditors chart.
俄罗斯投资银行VTB Capital也在榜单上,索赔金额达51.1亿卢比,渣打银行(伦敦)、德意志银行(香港)、新加坡发展银行和阿联酋国民银行等外国机构也在这份债权人名单上。

Surat·1 day ago

Dont pay to China

Gupta Virupaksha·jn·2 days ago

It make me amused,how these banks lend money?
If ordinary citizen go for loan to banks,they don”t give.

Srini·hyd·2 days ago

Because his loans are facilitated by Modi

Paagal·1 day ago

any reliable source?or just figment of your imagination?

Rohit·2 days ago

remember my father used to go to bank for a month to get home loan,then education loan for me.
how difficult it was,his plea used to turned down coz he was a farmer.
rich moves the world.

Vivek·Chandigarh,India·2 days ago

Can some one pls explain the procedure to take loan from China banks!!Besides how does SBI give loan worth 4k crores?I don’t even get a single crore leave thousands!!

News Club·1 day ago

The procedure is simple you have to finance BJP”s fake agenda in next elections include the salaries for IT cells.Then all the National banks will open the doors for you include the Govt guarantees for foreign lenders.Chowkidar chor hai and befriend him by bribing him.

thakur ravi kumar·2 days ago

OMG this guy how he lost so much money in the span five years?I read once he is the richest person in India..Where did all the money go?

News Club·1 day ago

He transfer the assets to his brother then declare bankruptcy for public money,his brother is richest in Asia and he still govt Rafael deal from Govt.

Middle Class·2 days ago

I think this Anil has Congress contacts..otherwise instead of so many Japan and US banks which offer low interest he went to Rogue country banks..…

NRI Musical·1 day ago

He has got NAMO contact.Otherwise who in the world will give defence contracts of a country.

Hem Nath·1 day ago

I saw a property which was giving a rental of over 0.8%of loan on monthly basis.I said bank that they can consider my salary and the rental income and give me loan.They declined!They said my income does not meet their criteria.How on earth did they give 1000s of crores to Anil Ambani?

Savitha KL·Bangalore·2 days ago

Our useless govt banks have different rules for us and the rich n famous

Aaaa·1day ago

Keep an eye on all →flights flying to London or England、、

ibhu Bansal·2 days ago

Banks are open to giving billion $ loans without due diligence

g chandrasekar·Chennai·2 days ago

How come anil ambani was chosen to collaborate with defense ministry in the manufacture of rafale aircraft.all anil ambani connections with the deal needs to be scrapped

Excabar Poseidon·Kolkata·2 days ago

Now Moron Bhakts willsay Anil did a surgical strike on China and should be forgiven

someshwar·pune·2 days ago

he has 30 thousand crore,why cant he pay off?

Sheik Mohamed·1 day ago

NAMO may ask public sector banks to lend money to this firm enabling it pay to Chinese Bankers.

Ashish Jain·Delhi·2 days ago

Anil Ambani walked into a debt trap setup for him by international banks.Now he will be both humiliated and destroyed.

Wkr·1 day ago

How the rich manage to get huge loans

Pais Hilary·1 day ago

There is no need to worry.Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Rafale will see him through.

Amar R·2 days ago

So does RBI have any policy limiting Corporate indebtedness to China banks?By this route China creditors can take over Indian corporate assets.

Mariana·Others·1 day ago

Now that’s something good,use Chinese loans and don’t pay back.Atleast somebody managed to swindle China.More Indians should do that and Indians should not be extradited to China for that crime.

Dinesh·1 day ago

no worries..these loans will be written off like earlier.only the tax payers are at loss.the public money will be used to pay theses loans.only question is how can someone like him can get involved in Rafael deal.??

Shahenshah·Kolkata·1 day ago

My goodness what he did with all that money.Where it has gone?

Brijesh Chougule·1 day ago

His Greed and arrogance had destroyed all his business.